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DazedMinezumi's Overworlds


Patrat don't exist

This is a place that specializes only in overworld sprites (Since there seems to be a lack of those.)

I can revamp old overworlds to B2W2 standards, recolor, fuse, or make you your own based on a description of what you want or a picture you provide. This isn't a shop for Pokemon overworlds themselves, but for the Gym Leaders, Elite Four Members, Trainers, Professors, Other people, etc.

I basically don't have any of my own rules. Just follow the Serebii rules. You'll only get banned for being obnoxious. Please try to limit your requests to 3 or less at a time, but after I provide them, feel free to request again. Allow at most a day for your overworlds due to school but it should never take me that long :) There's no waiting list either so no need to worry.

Here's a sample of my old overworld revamps:

Samples for the others are to come once I've gotten requests for them.

Once I've supplied your overworlds, use them as you want. There's no need to give credit unless you just want to out of the goodness of your heart. :) Claim them as your own, for all I care. I just love helping people.

P.S. Even if you don't request, I'd love to hear feedback as to what you've seen me do in this thread. Good or bad. Also, anything I could do to improve.

Thank you for shopping with DazedMinezumi.


loanshark prince
Can you help me make an overworld sprite of my character then ? Here is his ref sheet this u v u

please and thank you in advance !


Patrat don't exist
I'd be happy to. But i'm sorry, that link doesn't take me to an image. Would you mind uploading it another way?

EDIT: Nevermind, I got the software that let me see it. I'w working on him right now :)
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loanshark prince
Ooooh it looks quite nice, how cute u v u thank you ! I will come back for more request when times come ^^