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DBII: Sacred Fire (Advanceshipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by EarthBorn, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. EarthBorn

    EarthBorn ConVulATiON

    Destiny Bond II: Sacred Fire
    Advanceshipping, PG

    Destiny Bond I: Aura Sphere

    - - -

    Chapter List:




    Chapter One: Goldenrod
    Chapter Two: The Essence of Infinity (I)
    Chapter Three: The Essence of Infinity (II)
    Chapter Four: Phoenix
    Chapter Five: The Adamant Orb
    Chapter Six: Thermals




    Chapter Seven: Ice Cream
    Chapter Eight: Setting Off
    Chapter Nine: Reconciliation
    Chapter Ten: Awakening
    Chapter Eleven: Apprehension
    Chapter Twelve: Rainbow Valley




    Chapter Thirteen: The Shimmering Path
    Chapter Fourteen: Blue Lightning
    Chapter Fifteen: Summit

    - - -


    \EarthBorn nervously steps in, and assumes a false, confident tone\

    Hello Everyone!

    \EarthBorn uncomfortably takes note of the various different glares coming to him from every direction\

    Ah, yes. Let me present Sacred Fire, the erroneously delayed sequel to Aura Sphere readable on Serebii Forums and .

    New readers…hi! Thanks for reading my previous fic, and if you haven’t, I strongly suggest that you do so as soon as you can. Be advised – If you don’t like Advanceshipping, you probably won’t like the Destiny Bond series either, as the shipping is of primary importance in the series. Anyhow, thanks for your interest. ?

    Older (not chronologically in one sense but the other) readers... Hello again! I won’t make you wait any longer, so to aid you in skipping some random Author’s Notes, I haven’t written any. Actually, it’s because I don’t know what to write anyway. Alright, just one more thing – there might be a little retroactive continuity (retcon) in the story, and my modifications are hopefully for the better, so just try and bear with me there. Now I’m wasting time, so here you go…

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Chapter One: Goldenrod
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    "To see a World in a grain of sand
    And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
    Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
    And Eternity in an Hour"

    -William Blake

    Most conversations wouldn't begin if it wasn't for the weather. What then, stops me from starting a story with it?

    If you’ve lived in Goldenrod City for most of your life, you probably know how hot it gets here in mid-June. Sure, it isn’t nearly as scorching as the Hoenn summer sun, but it isn’t quite tolerable in any human sense of the word. Pokémon were a different story of course – a Charizard or Magmar would consider this climate as slightly on the chilly side!

    Despite this, there were some people who did stay outdoors in this weather; for even the heat of the Sun cannot outgrow the passion of battle, and the spirit of adventure. Mid-June happened to be the time when the annual Johto Grand Festival was held. Coordinators and their Pokémon, as well as the anticipating spectators couldn’t care less about the heat as they witnessed some of the most spectacular of sights, imagined by the mind of the coordinator, and created by the abilities of their Pokémon. The intense power of their combined efforts, as well as the burning ambitions of both the old and the young, created a symphonic illustration; a harmony unparalleled as they directed their energies into creating some of the most beautiful of artificially made sights. Those who sat in the stands – admirers, well-wishers, or simply spectators who preferred to watch these marvels in real life rather than HDTV – became oblivious to their surroundings while witnessing such exhilarating demonstrations.

    But now, the year’s Festival had come to a close. Indeed, it was a daughter of Goldenrod City who was universally considered to be a master of the art of Pokémon Coordination, and she, along with five teenagers, casually sat on a comfortable couch, in the much needed revitalizing air-conditioning of the Pokémon Center. So, we head off to Goldenrod’s Center – A; the one located right next to the Grand Festival stadium. Incidentally, this stadium was often nicknamed the “Golden Stadium”. Sure – one could say that it was named after the city, but in reality, it was meant to be the polar opposite of the “Silver Stadium” where Johto’s Silver Conference was held. The immense interconnection between “Gold” and “Silver” was never quite apparent on the surface, but deep down in the cobwebs of ancient wisdom, the connection was pure and simple.

    And that daughter of Goldenrod seemed to know that. However casually she sat on that aforementioned couch, there was always the layer of intellect…this process of curiosity which ran about in the neural networks of her mind, analyzing, abstracting and trying to constantly rationalize the irrational; A process we all posses, however involuntary it seems. She did know that some things were just too irrational to be understood by human intelligence, but still calmly pondered about them, lost in her own being as she absent-mindedly listened to the teens conversing in front of her. Her name, by the way, was Bliss Aurora, and her description is not one which can be given in a few lines – in fact, no one deserves that. Every character is unique and has his or her own story, and a part of that story is this one. This is the story of how certain events changed their lives and that of others, forever.

    Recently, two of the teens who were currently chatting in the Pokémon Center had become quite famous, for slightly different reasons. One of them – the slightly older, masculine teen with a Pikachu perpetually on his shoulder had gone on to win the Sinnoh Conference. Naturally, an achievement of this magnitude at his age was considered commendable; After all, the Sinnoh League was widely considered to be the toughest one in the Eastern Hemisphere.

    The other one – emerald hair, eyes and personality in general – was the runner-up of the Johto Grand Festival. Now devoid of extreme temperatures and the ongoing pressure the Festival imposed on him, Drew felt free to chat with some old friends, as well as simultaneously getting the opportunity to meet Bliss in person. One friend in particular, he was pleasantly surprised to meet. She had darkly blue hair, electric blue eyes and was overall, the youngest of the lot. Her name was Dawn, the very person whose mother – a Top Coordinator - had inspired Drew to follow that path. How was that?
    ‘Hold on,’ Ash said, he and Pikachu looking at Drew and then Dawn in turn, ‘you two actually know each other?’

    ‘Sure we do.’ Dawn replied. Drew nodded and then took over the explanation, ruffling his emerald hair in the process. ‘You’ve all been to LaRousse City haven’t you?’

    The group nodded, and in the corner, Bliss gave a flicker of a smile. If Meir would have been here, he would somehow find a way to hijack the conversation. It was something about an intense rivalry between LaRousse and Sunnyshore that, despite all attempts of rationality, was not quite solvable. Ironically, many LaRousse and Sunnyshore engineers had worked together, putting Rangernet into operation. For Drew’s misfortune, it just so happened that he was on his way to Goldenrod right now.

    ‘Well all those hi-tech changes like the monorail, the wind turbines and the moving sidewalks happened only few years ago,’ Drew continued, ‘And my Dad was one of the chief architects for the project.’

    ‘So while they were working,’ Dawn said, ‘Drew had come over to stay in Twinleaf – it’s his mother’s native hometown you see.’

    ‘Yeah, parts of the city had to be cleared and stuff, so I stayed in Twinleaf for two years.’ Drew explained, subconsciously flicking his hair again. ‘During that time I got to know Dawn and her mom - when she was still coordinating.’

    ‘Johanna was a pretty decent Coordinator alright.’ Bliss commented. She still looked a bit dreamy, but was listening to the conversation.

    Dawn nodded while Drew gave a consciously respectful acknowledgement. Dawn had become pretty comfortable around Bliss after the Kyogre deal was over – not to mention that Bliss was a judge in the Johto Festival. ‘Watching mom, me, Drew and Kenny decided to become coordinators.’ She said, adding, ‘I haven’t met Drew since then.’

    ‘Well I should be leaving.’ Said Drew, turning towards the center’s automatic glass door. An orange hue had drawn across the outside landscape, signifying dusk. It was then that someone in the room, still pondering along the corridors of thought, came to a sudden, yet subtle realization.

    ‘Just a minute Drew!’ said Bliss. Her expression was perfectly normal, but there seemed to be a glint of inquiry in her sapphire gaze. ‘If you really want to defeat Solidad the next time, I think you should give one last battle today.’

    The emerald trainer halted, and turned around – with a curiously interesting expression on his face. Sure, it wasn’t like he had any logical objections to the challenges – he was a coordinator after all – but it did seem a little unusual for Bliss to suggest a battle right now. What he didn’t know was that Bliss wasn’t thinking about battling him herself at all. Of course, she sensed that obvious misconception.

    ‘Oh, not against me.’ The Grand Coordinator said, smirking slightly. ‘I’m just suggesting this because our new Sinnoh Conference champion –‘she nodded in Ash’s direction, ‘- hasn’t had a good challenge lately.’

    ‘I’m back!’ interrupted a rather sugary-sweet voice. This voice belonged to May, who had managed to place in the Top Four of the Johto Festival. Of course, it wasn’t an improvement over her placement in the last one, but this time, Solidad barely scratched a win – the match-ups being nearly identical to the Kanto Festival. Anyhow, a single second is all it takes to determine the difference between a win and a loss – and ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if that close win or loss really matters at all. May figured that it did, but there was a factor of luck and unpredictability which would influence the outcome without regard for a Trainer’s ability.

    ‘Oh, hi May, and you Brock, you sure took a while.’ Dawn said, welcoming the tanned, thin-eyed Breeder and the blue-white clothed coordinator, both of them bursting with shopping bags. As you could guess, they had gone shopping for essential supplies and fresh clothes – something they would need on their next journey, wherever that may lead.

    ‘Yes, but at least we got everything.’ Brock replied with a note of slight exasperation in his voice. Obviously, he hadn’t enjoyed the experience of shopping, with May consistently distracting him from buying the essentials. Ultimately, they ended up going in different directions until they met up again at the Pokémon Center’s entrance, almost at the same time.

    ‘So what did we miss?’ asked May. She looked around, and suddenly felt empty, as though she was missing something that should have been present here. After a moment, she realized what, or rather, who, that was.

    ‘Where’s Ash?’

    ‘Getting ready for a battle.’ Bliss said, motioning to the Pokémon center’s counter. There, both Ash and Drew had finished collecting their Pokémon. Unfortunately for Drew –

    ‘Sorry,’ he said, turning to Ash, ‘but it’ll have to be a one-on-one battle. You see, Butterfree is the only Pokémon that’s completely healed now.’

    ‘That’s fine with me!’ replied Ash, readying a Pokeball in his hand.

    ‘But not with me.’ Bliss interjected. The two eager battlers looked at her in surprise. Brock, watching from the sidelines looked a little puzzled. In the little time he had known Bliss, she hadn’t acted like thisat all. It was evident that this battle had some kind of ulterior motive behind it. That suspicion was made all the more sensible by her next comment.

    ‘Why don’t you have a tag battle guys? Drew with Dawn against Ash with May.’

    The trainers merely shrugged in approval while the two girls nodded in acceptance. Although the four of them didn’t quite realize what Bliss was up to, Brock sent her a questioning glare. All he got in reply was a silent, ‘Just wait a little longer’.


    The big and small flashes of light could be seen from the safety of the bush, along with all the characters involved in bringing them about. Of course, Pokémon battles are a lot more than flashes of light. They are strategy, quick thinking, aggressiveness, the fiery spirit, and the connection between a trainer and his Pokémon – all rolled into one. Understanding that is an art of the highest order, mastery of which is a near-impossible feat.

    The three figures peering through the bush were attending not only the battle, but also another figure of interest.

    ‘Oh look there’s the Grand Coordinator!’ the red-haired woman exclaimed dreamily.

    ‘Yea, what’d it be like if wevs got her Pokémon?’ asked the Meowth, his slit eyes scanning Bliss Aurora from the safety of the bush. Of course, Team Rocket couldn’t have known that Bliss had already sensed their presence.

    The third member of the group asked a rather more sensible question. You see, Bliss was not really watching the battle at all, but rather, she was holding a peculiar device in her hand which she was furiously analyzing. All this time, her eyebrows seemed contracted in concentration.

    ‘What is that she’s holding in her hand?’ was the question. Naturally, James didn’t know, but it was Bliss’s PDA. What was so great about this particular PDA was that it allowed her to track the Aura around her, with her own body powering it in the process.

    Why was she so interested in doing that right now? The answer lies in the tag battle, raging on right in front of her.

    However, before Bliss got a clear answer, or the battle got a clear pair of winners, a gush of wind blew over the battlefield, with a streak of fire soon following it. This caused a layer of dust to disperse from the ground into the air, severely limiting visibility. A shadow of two humanoid figures appeared, while the same streak of fire went on, making everyone there sweat, caught and in general, feel uncomfortable.

    ‘Meir and Cynthia.’ Bliss sighed, slowly getting up from her position under the tree. ‘Trust them to make an entrance.’

    - - - - - - -

    \EarthBorn rereads chapter\

    Yeah, I see it’s kind of vague. ?

    Anyhow, I was unable to start writing this chapter until three weeks after I finished Aura Sphere, so forgive me, but I’ve got to regain continuity with the story. I hope the next one feels more “at home”.

    See you then! Don’t forget to review!
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2010
  2. Mayziken

    Mayziken Advanceshipping<3

    Yay, I got first review in this story:D

    Not from me

    What a great day to read fanfictions:) First I get to read a new chapter in "Guardian Solaris" and now i get to read the first chapter of the sequel to Aura Sphere:D

    A great starting chapter for this sequel EarthBorn and I really like how you had Drew and Dawn now each other from when they was children (I'm not a big fan of Drew, but I liked it anyway).

    Are you going to put BelleShipping into this story also??
  3. mr_one_eye

    mr_one_eye Active Member

    aswome, i never reviewed your first story, but i loved it. and this is an awsome opening chapter, cant wait for the next one
  4. EarthBorn

    EarthBorn ConVulATiON

    Hey, congratz!

    BelleShipping, and how I made Drew stay in Twinleaf was something I had thought of even before I began Aura Sphere! You see, I'm not a big fan of Drew either but the only Dawn ship I like is Pearl which...has no place in this story.

    So yeah, consider Belle as canon here, but you'll see the hints after a Loooong time!

    Thanks. I'd love it if you start reviewing this fic from now, so please try. :)
  5. Manix

    Manix Another round?

    Aaagghhh! I missed the first chapter. Only sifting through the shipping fics did I see this. Also, fear me, for I'm back to review once more!
    Whoa, lack of confidence? Naa, no complaints from over here.

    Now to review...

    Oh boy. This is the second start.

    What is she up to...I wonder?

    Oh great. Who?

    That answers my question.

    Okay, now I'm worried. Doesn't seem like Bliss. There must be a motive.

    A) Team Rockets here again.
    B) That motive, must here something to do with that...thing.

    Point taken, Bliss. Trust them to make an entrance.
    Not sure about the vague part. *rereads chapter*
    Also, this is going to my subscriptions. Yay for stories!
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2008
  6. Shadow_Shaymin

    Shadow_Shaymin Gotz Burglarized

    I also never reviewed your first story.....or did I?

    Well, the matters not. All I have to say is that I am enjoying this one, seeing as I have read the last one and I enjoyed that, (weird as it was) and so I am looking forward to the next chapter making an appearance soon enough. Keep up the writing, and make sure it always remains better than the disgrace of my writing.
  7. Ariel_Anderson

    Ariel_Anderson Just some Random

    *Waves happily* Y-ay! New story!!!
    Silly EarthBorn-kun! I could never be angry over a delayed story! I am actually very paitient when it comes to the important stuff (much to everyone's surprise). You worry too much about everyone!
    Everyone seems to really like this quote. First, I read it in a book, then I saw it in a mock exam, now I find it here! *Becomes suspicious* Maybe... it's stalking me?!! Ahhhh!!!
    Ho-oh and Lugia!
    Eh? What do you mean by, 'emerald personality'?
    You know, I always figured that Drew's parents would be rich and/or important... (the whole fancy exclusive Hotel business and everything...)
    I wonder if Drew's the fourth person... oh, speaking of which, who's the fourth person in Meir, Bliss and Cynthia's group?
    You guys annoy me to no end. Just die.
    Aw, cute! Now everyone's paired up! Yay! (Except for Brock. But who cares? He's old (and should have better things to do than hang around and babysit a bunch of (much) younger kids (who aren't even related))
  8. EarthBorn

    EarthBorn ConVulATiON

    More replies!

    More like an overreaction for nothing significant. :(

    The quote isn't actually a part of the story. Well, it is, but it actually isn't. You get the idea.
    Recall a little something called Operation Firebird.
    / Impersonates GlaDOS/ What is it? It's not the surprise. Never mind. It’s a mystery I’ll solve later.../Impersonation.

    Yay for reviews!

    >>Shadow Shaymin
    Weird? No wait, different. Yeah I prefer that word.
    Thanks for reading, and keep writing. You'll get better. Trust me.

    *Waves back* I'm excited too!
    Important stuff? THIS? Thank you. :)
    Yeah, I worry too much...sometimes. Especially about my writing - and especially when I post it on the intrawebs.

    I love this quote too! It's so...meaningfully meaningless!

    I mean whatever your imagination wants it to mean. Seriously.

    No comment...yet. Actually, I still haven't finalized, since he's a bit of an odd match. (Yes he - they have opposite genders - but just wait for the next chapter to find out about all that.)
    Brock, the oft ignored. I won't ignore him, but for now it's true. :|

    New chapter up soon! If you know what I mean by "soon" that is...anyway, thanks for your reviews. :D
  9. EarthBorn

    EarthBorn ConVulATiON

    Here's Chapter Two, with answers for you!

    / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

    Chapter Two: The Essence of Infinity (I)

    \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \

    Rangernet, June 16th - 2050

    Title: Operation Firebird


    Bliss Aurora – GC Class I, (Umbra Certified),

    Goldenrod City,

    Johto (F)

    Meir Aurora – WC Class I, (Umbra Certified),

    Sunnyshore City,

    Sinnoh (M)

    Ash Ketchum, Class III Trainer (Penumbra Certified)

    Pallet Town,

    Kanto (M)

    May Crestora, Class IV Coordinator (Penumbra Certified)

    Petalburg City,

    Hoenn (F)

    Status: Awaiting level-two authorization...


    Bliss cocked her head to one side, eyeing the dusty figure, who, apart from being the World Champion, was also her husband.

    ‘You seriously need to give Moltres a lesson on “How to land while carrying humans on your back.”’

    Meir didn’t look back, as he was busy brushing off the dust. When he finished doing that, he murmured, ‘You think that she’d let me teach her? Honestly, it’s not that easy.’

    Bliss shrugged, but helped him de-dust himself, giving him a peck on the cheek. Cynthia on the other hand wasn’t so dusty – an advantage of riding on the back seat – and proceeded to help the teens get back on their feet. Drew’s Butterfree completed this process with a mild dosage of its Gust attack.

    ‘Hello Ash, Dawn and Brock! It’s been a while.’ Cynthia said, with a small smile on her face as she helped them up. ‘You too, Pikachu.’ She added, spotting the yellow rodent. The quartet plus Drew were of course, surprised at this sudden appearance, but for now they were helping themselves up and making sure that the Pokémon were unharmed.

    ‘By the way Bliss, the crazy landing was Meir’s idea.’ Cynthia said an amused edge in her voice. Meir pretended that he hadn’t heard anything, and Bliss only replied (with a slight sigh), ‘I can tell. What, he wanted to test out some crazy physical law or something?’

    ‘Something like that.’

    Our quartet soon turned their attention on the new faces. They exchanged hellos with both the Sinnoh Champion as well as Meir. Of course, since they didn’t know the latter (except by reputation, of course), Cynthia introduced him.

    ‘Ash, Dawn, Brock and you two are – May and Drew, am I right?’ asked Cynthia. The two rivals nodded silently, and Cynthia continued. ‘Meet Meir Aurora.’ She motioned to the now-cleaner World Champion who nodded back in acknowledgement. A series of questions, hi and hellos soon followed, and Meir got on nicely with the five others. There came a predictable wave of astonishment; the result of the fact that three of the most powerful trainers of the Eastern Hemisphere being gathered at one place. Another slight distraction was Brock’s inevitable “reaction” to Cynthia. The encounter ended this time, not with Croagunk performing his routine “antidote” of Poison Jab, but more with Cynthia’s tactful response.

    ‘Cynthia,’ the Breeder announced dramatically, ‘it is with you that I –‘

    ‘You what know Brock,’ Cynthia interjected, before Brock could quite complete his sentence. ‘I would love to hear what you have to say, but I don’t think it’s polite to interrupt someone while they are talking.’ She motioned toward Meir.

    Bliss had whispered something in his ear.

    ‘I think,’ she said, ‘that you better tell Drew too.’ Meir quirked an eyebrow, and although Bliss didn’t see that motion, she could feel how he felt – a consequence of sharing his unique Aura signature, through a complex interplay of the Law of Entropy. ‘It’s possible that Drew might become Variable Four.’

    ‘Look here everyone.’ Meir announced, giving Bliss a barely noticeable nod in the process. He had resolved to do what he had come here to, even though it was going to be difficult explaining something as complex as Auradynamics to the young teens, but it had to be done nevertheless. Only if they agreed, could he embark on initiating the normally-impossible Operation Firebird.

    ‘I’m going to be giving you some answers.’ Meir said, earning looks of slight surprise and then expectance from the quartet. Drew was confused, not having been a part of the events that transpired in Sinnoh, but the eyes weren’t on him, although Meir noticed. ‘Don’t worry Drew; your friends will explain everything.’ The coordinator nodded, and the quartet proceeded to start their story, following Meir subconsciously as he led them through the Festival grounds, heading to a more secure destination.

    It was already quite dark now – the Sun was no longer visible in the sky. A dim path of silvery moonlight led the group of eight as the proceeded along a sparsely lit path out of the blinding lights of Johto’s largest city. The ambient sounds of Hoot-hoots and Noctowls proceeded in making their journey a little spooky, but still pleasant. The temperature was a welcome change from the afternoon’s furnace.

    As the long walked continued, Drew was told not one, but two tales. Apart from the recent events in Sinnoh, Ash and Brock narrated the Sea-Temple incident which had transpired last year. Drew had never before been so actively involved in his “rival’s friends’” journey, but he found that the adventurous trip perked his interest. He also found himself becoming increasingly conscious of Ash’s, let’s say, unique character. He seemed to be a magnet which guaranteed adventure, but at the same time, Ash always remained the approachable, amiable, confident - and sometimes silly - self. He now realized why May chose to take Ash’s advice when he had asked her ... well that doesn’t really matter now. If there was one thing Drew could tell, it was acceptance – no matter how much of a thick, impenetrable layer lay on top.

    ‘That’s a lot you guys have been through.’ Drew said, as Dawn finished the story. How anticlimactic the ending seemed as they dozed off in the lobby of the Sunnyshore Pokémon Centre!

    ‘I know that you helped saved my hometown once Ash.’ He said referring to that time when the electromagnetic disturbance Deoxys had created caused the block robots to go haywire. ‘When Rayquaza came and started on LaRousse’s –‘

    Meir froze, causing the party to come to an abrupt halt. ‘I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that.’ He said quietly. Briefly, May looked up, and was immediately drawn towards Meir’s chartreuse eyes. It was ironical how similar they were to Drew’s yet possessed almost none of that emerald polish – only a strange perception of warmth, and a seemingly infinite depth of experience and good faith. Ten more paces later, Meir announced, ‘We’re here’.

    Looking around however, there was nothing to be seen. It was simply a continuation of the mildly forested land...trees and a few empty spaces.

    ‘I can’t see anything.’ Dawn said, looking around. Piplup was following her gaze as he sat on top of her hat. ‘Or are we supposed to chat over here in the open?’

    ‘I agree Dawn, there isn’t anything around here.’ Brock said. He was wrong this one time though. However, Dawn’s assertion of not being able to see anything was correct.

    ‘Really?’ asked Cynthia. ‘Ash, May, what about both of you?’

    The duo didn’t reply. They weren’t sure, but they could sense a weak presence. How? That was something they couldn’t quite tell yet. It was as though something tingled in the back of their mind, telling them that this was an illusion. There was a brief moment where their thoughts became so perfectly synchronised that they could almost feel how the other felt – a feeling so mystical yet close that there was a sense of deep connection, interwoven between the mild mental networks around them. Another sense awoke...one that could almost hear the Universe talking...slowly, quietly...

    They were brought back to their natural senses by a sudden jerk. ‘It’s alright,’ Cynthia told them – apparently, she was the one who had shaken their shoulders, ‘Don’t overexert yourself.’

    ‘Pika!’ added the rodent; its expression was a one of worry.

    ‘What just happened?’ asked May getting up. She noticed that they were still in the woods, and that hardly any time had passed at all. Despite that, she and Ash had obviously collapsed – causing the other members of the group to look at them in worry. Well, everyone except Meir.

    ‘I’ll explain once we get in there.’ He said, pointing to the clearing up ahead.

    The others, following his finger, looked at the clearing.

    ‘But there’s nothing ther– oh wait.’ Drew halted his mouth opening along with the rest of the teens. Right in front of them, an oval-shaped structure had materialized...out of thin air. Whatever that structure was, they seemed to be standing directly in front of the front door. On the front door was engraved what seemed like a symbol...an emerald coloured tornado. Whatever the building was, it was evident that it seemed a little old, and unused for at least a decade. The overall makeup didn’t posses a modern-finish, although one could tell that it must have been cutting-edge construction when it was built.

    ‘Team Whirlwind’s Johto base.’ Bliss announced, walking towards it. ‘You see, me and Cynthia managed to confuse them enough so that they ultimately split into two groups – the ones you know as Aqua and Magma.’

    ‘That was more than ten years ago, we were only nineteen or something.’ Cynthia remarked, also heading towards the base.

    The quartet was in awe. ‘You’re saying that Team Aqua and Magma were once the same?’ Brock asked, his eyebrows furrowed in thought. ‘Maybe that does make a little sense though, since their bosses seemed to know each other...from what Ash told me.’

    ‘What I want to know is how it can turn invisible like that.’ Dawn said.

    ‘Oh, it doesn’t turn invisible.’ Meir grinned, ‘It’s something called a perception field – you can only see it if you know exactly where it is and what you’re looking for.’

    ‘That makes sense,’ Brock said, ‘Otherwise; their members wouldn’t be able to see it either.’

    The group entered the building as the doors slid open, admitting them with a loud groan. Inside, it was quite obvious that the place had been uninhabited for a decade. Despite that, however, the building was still powered, and watered too.

    ‘This place became a kind of secret lab and base for the three of us, whenever we were in Johto.’ Cynthia explained.

    ‘Actually, it was more like Meir’s hiding place from my parents.’ Bliss said amusingly. Meir didn’t reply, but put on a small, wry smile. The building wasn’t all that big, but it was large enough to contain a covered Pokémon battle field, a dozen rooms, a control centre, a parking lot and finally, what seemed like a classroom – which was their final destination. Team Whirlwind – being native to Hoenn, didn’t maintain a significant presence in the Johto region.

    Teeming with even more questions, the group finally settled down, sitting in the chairs scattered across the “classroom’s” floor. Only now, it was apparent that it wasn’t actually a classroom – but more like a laboratory. The various equipments in this particular room hardly looked outdated. On the contrary, they seemed to be cutting-edge, never-before-seen instruments. What their function was, it was still unclear to the teens. However, they could tell that the place hadn’t gotten a fresh coat of paint for quite a while – although the general structure of the room was still fine, along with the rest of the building.

    After everyone - except Meir - sat down, the World Champion, looking surprisingly at-home despite the place not being his popular element (that is, being in a Pokémon battle field rather than a mysterious, hi-tech lab) took a deep breath and started to speak. His tone didn’t lack confidence, even though it was apparent that he was having a small degree of difficulty in choosing his words.

    ‘Alright everyone.’ He started, ‘What I’m going to tell you all is just a very probable theory. I may be wrong in almost everything that I say, but for now at least, all evidence – experimental or otherwise, points that I am...correct to a certain degree. Are we all ok with that?’

    His question was obviously pointed at the younger section of the group – Bliss and Cynthia were merely listening, but they seemed to know what he was going to say. Ash, May, Drew, Dawn and Brock all nodded, and Meir continued.

    ‘Now, the first thing,’ He said, eying the teens carefully, ‘is that since what I’m telling you is sensitive information, I...’ He trailed off searching for the appropriate terms, ‘...don’t think that we should openly discuss it – especially when we’re in a place likely to be overheard.’

    The listeners nodded, and even Ash was able to understand what Meir was hinting at, given the seriousness in his voice.

    ‘Lastly,’ Meir said, ‘what I’m about to tell you is complicated, and you may not understand it the first time. That’s perfectly fine, because none of us – ‘he motioned to Bliss and Cynthia, ‘ – could either when we were your age.’

    He paused for a while, and nodded to himself. It was time.

    ‘First, I’m going to ask you a question Ash.’ He said, looking right into the trainer’s amber eyes. They showed a little surprise, naturally, since it was a rather sudden question. Nevertheless, he nodded.

    ‘I’m sure you’ve heard about the term “Aura” for quite a while now,’ he said quietly, although the silence served to magnify his words, ‘I want to know what you think it means.’

    Ash blinked. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see May and Dawn looking at him intently, waiting for his answer. Meir’s chartreuse gaze was still on him – he was surprised that it didn’t make him feel uncomfortable at all. He only felt warmth, and an unspoken encouragement. The trainer began to think – he didn’t usually need to think hard and fast unless he was in the middle of a battle. Pikachu gently got off his shoulder in the meantime, thinking it would make his best friend more comfortable. Finally, he gave his answer.

    ‘I’ve...never thought about it, but I ... remember something about it being,’ He paused to remember, and then carried on, ‘a...kind of energy existing inside all things.’

    ‘Well he is right you know.’ Cynthia said. ‘That is what Aura is, after cutting down the details.’

    Meir nodded thoughtfully. ‘I agree with you Cynth, and so Ash, you’re right, but all of you don’t know the details we’ve discovered after all this time the world has known the existence of Aura.’

    ‘Details?’ May interjected, a little puzzled. ‘What do you mean?’

    ‘Any physical law,’ Bliss explained, ‘can be broken down, rearranged and applied when you learn it in detail. But you don’t need to worry about that right now – it becomes insanely complicated and I don’t think even Meir understands it completely.’

    ‘I never claim to understand anything completely,’ Meir replied, ‘it would be a downright lie if I were to claim that I know everything about Pokémon battles and strategy – I don’t even though I’m World Champion.’

    ‘Erm, can you continue explaining now?’ Brock said tentatively. Meir and Bliss immediately regained their focus.

    ‘Yes, of course.’ Bliss began. ‘As Meir was saying, the definition of Aura has been changing ever since we first knew about it from the very first Pokémon – Dialga and Palkia – right down to the specialized sub-species of Riolu and Lucario. It’s – what was it again?’ Bliss turned to her soul mate.

    ‘Aura is the “Quantum harmonic oscillatory motion of hyperspatial superstrings.”’ Meir recited. Noting the confused looks her was getting from everyone, he quickly added, ‘You don’t need to remember or understand any of that, I was just formalizing the introduction. What I wanted to explain is how those strange things happened a couple of weeks back at Valor Lakefront.’

    A sudden vision of remembrance passed through the minds of the quartet. Once again, Ash and May felt that strange “bind” – that force which seemed to connect them so harmoniously, giving a real sense of depth to their emotions. It was strange how that shield had cropped up on the beach...protecting them from the derbies of Team Rocket’s destroyed “Groudon”.

    The “explanation” truly began when Meir drew that same diagram which his laptop had produced. It was a square with two diagonals. At the four vertices were the letters “C”, “M”, “A” and “D” in clockwise order. Branching from the “M” was another line to the letter “B”, and much in the same way, another line branched out from the “A” to a new “M”.

    What was this strange square?



    Sorry for the rather abrupt ending, but there is another part to this chapter (if you haven’t guessed from the title). Anyway, I’d like to make sure that I’ve done this one correctly before I go on to the “real explanation”.

    And yes, Operation Firebird is only Ash, May, Meir and Bliss. :D

    Review please!
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    That square thing will be explained in the coming chapter.

    Team Whirlwind will become a tale which I'll tell somewhere in the middle of the story. Oh, and it was Bliss and Cynthia alone who broke them up - Meir was busy at that time..

    Thanks for the reviews!
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    I'm glad. :)

    I enjoy replying to your reviews. :D
    A little confused...I'm writing well.
    Very confused....shame on me. :\

    Anyhow, I hope it's the former, but I'll try to explain the best I Meir can.

    Meir is turning out like I hoped he would. That's a good sign!

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    For a very stupid reason. More on that (boy do I keep on saying this) later.
    Yes - Meir is crazy. Come on, he commands these things which keep on repeating their own name for god's sake! AND he's a maniacal scientist - of course he's crazy! (This isn't sarcasm).

    Also, my perception of invisibility is something that no-one can see, rather than a selected group. Blame Hitchhiker's - it's based on the Somebody Else's Problem Field (SEPF).

    Yeah, Meir was becoming like a typical Mary Sue. Time to spice him up a little...

    I do not consider my chapters long. I can't push them beyond 3000 words ( :( ) and I really want to...
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