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DC Comic Fans

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There's one for Marvel so why not DC? :D

Since rules are required here are some easy ones:

1. Follow the main forum and club section rules.
2. Do not ask for co-ownership.
3. DC discussions only. For Marvel go here: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=319693
4. All spoilers in tags. This is for discussion of any movie, show, comic, or other form of DC merchandise yet to be released. Exceptions are allowed such as completely obvious things like Joker being in the upcoming Batman movie.

And now for the required 'who's your fave?' first topic: Who's your favorite DC character?

Mine would have to be Garfield Logan. AKA Beast Boy or Changeling. As with Ororo (Storm), my main reason is I love powers with multiple abilities. For Gar he can change into animals which allows flight, speed, strength, heightened senses, etc.

Coincidentally, the wide abilities in powers isn't the only thing Gar and Ororo have in common. Apparently they both also lived in Africa and were childhood thieves among other things. These don't have to do with my their my fave but I find the fact that they relate to both of them interesting. :D
Not open for further replies.