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DDJ's and WM's shop

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You people dont have to worry anymore! Zephyr Flare is taking the case and maeby banning Mystic Penguin. So dont worry and return to normal life.


Stupid Penguins. Soory SFB, I didn't mean RIGHT right now, I just meant any in general. OK, Now that the problem is fixed...Any Requests???
WTF o_O, I was wondering why it was taking so long?

That's what I get for reading a comic with a thousand pages. >_< I'm pretty much done with lucario, but he's pretty hard. After that I'll start on rioru.

Spriter2, if your looking for requests, how about this:
Custom trainer form:

What you want changed:The blue parts purple, the red parts pink, her socks and shoes white, and if you could get rid of the hair clip and make her hair a bit longer I'd be really grateful.

Oh and DDJ, you should check out spriter2's forum, there have been alot of posts.


OMG! your an mod there! Geez! anyways im expecting more comic Spriter2 ;)

BTW. I might start a comic. Havent gotten many ideas just some random ones and thats getting some comedy.
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Sacred Fire Blaziken

Brotherly Gattai!
Let me see the Lucario sprites!
I made them back on page 37:

Wanted to see if I could do these, so they're my firsts. ^_^
[IMG*]http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l25/lindz398/umbreon.png[/IMG] Just remove the * from the codes

And SFB, remember rule #1, I'm not going to post them until they are all done.
I'm back from school! ^_^ I hate that place so much, but atleast now it's the weekend. To answer a few questions:

Rune the 1st- The banner looks good, something irks me about the text, but I can't tell what it is. Also you might want to put ho-oh up abit so his face isn't being covered by the text.

DeathDJango-Spriter2 has been working here for ...4 days I think? He PMed me asking so I accepted him on.

Also, some sad news, I "fired" Mew_monster20. He hasn't shown up or done a request since he asked if he could work here, so I thought it was time to "let him go".

More bad news, someone stole one of my sprites!!!:mad:

I was here everyday, and THERE WERE NO REQUETS FOR ME.



Here ya go WM, do you like it? Also, DDJ, WM became a mod because, I needed a revamped picture of Lake of Rage, (and I think I made a request here???). I never got one so...I posted an announcement saying I needed one or my comic couldn't continue and if someone gave me one, I'd rank them up, and WM posted a Lake of Rage by Skater100, So I ranked her up. Aslo (again), New episodes SHOULD be coming this weekend. :D


Ok thats razonable for me. Anyways does anybody knows which size should be my comic when i upload it? cuz i uploaded it and putter a link somewhere and my comic came too small. Usually i upload them in size 320x240 but i tried a lil bit more like 620x480? anyways again too small. Does anybody know?


Nice Xilaa, but on the next one, make sure it does not explode, Torch is still recovering.
The next one I need is a nobody Alakazam, my team needs to learn how to fight nobodys

Hmph. Torch should learn to be more careful.


There's your Nobody Alakazam. Not only can he fire rectangular psychic blasts, he's got a nice uppercut too. Don't worry, Luxord doesn't need those teeth he got knocked out.

Name it what you will.


Novice Comic Maker
Can you Make me a trainer Overworld.
Overworlds: Trainer
I have my own sprite. I hope you can make him for your comic.
MD or FRLG: I dont think there are trainers is MD so FRLG

Spriter when are you going to do this. Also Make sure to fit me in on your new comic parts. I put the sign up on your board.
I finally got the lucario sprites done!!! here they are:

Mew_Monster20- Actually there was a request for you. He asked you to make an attacking pokemon, but you didn't respond so he asked someone else to do it. :/

Spriter2-I love it! Looks just like me!(in real life) Now I just need to find fome overworlds that look like that, alter them, and then I can make an application to your comic. :)

PikamasterZ-Remember rule #1!


I know it's been awhile since I requested something, so...

I need 200 pounds of bacon, 33 chilli cheese dogs, A bobble-head or Abriham Lincoln, A book titled Plate Tectonics for Idiots, 14 pens and a Gameboy SP... :D ...Just joking! Any more requests for me?


I NEED HELP WITH MY COMIC! Yo Lindsay (if i can call u so) or anybody who has a comic and photobucket, how can i upload them. They appear so small.


Hmmm. Well, Post one, tell me where it is and I'll see.
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