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Dealing Solace [AgainstShipping, PG-13, Valentine’s OneShot]


Dealing Solace [AgainstShipping, PG-13, Valentine’s OneShot]

My gift for the Valentine’s Day Secret Cupid to CyberBlastoise. I hope you like it ;)
Oh, and some info for you, it came from the spleen mostly. *nods*

I’m sorry if you think the quality is poor, I really have done my best to imagine a suitable situation for these two characters, meaning Paul and Zoey.

Reviews by any member is always welcome :)


Dealing Solace

It has been nearly a month since the Grand Festival was over, and the young scarlet haired coordinator still wasn’t over it.

She frequently couldn’t find solace in her sleep, as nightmares would come to haunt her as regularly as a metronome’s beat. And its beat was fast paced. Zoey tried to think positively concerning the matter, but to no avail…She knew that her life would be filled with tasks and hindrances like the one she has endured, but God was it ever so painful…

Even now, as she was somewhere in Pokémon Centre in Sunyshore City, she felt pain, anger…disgust when looking at her reflection in a mirror.

“How could you ?…” she spat at herself.

She had tried taking a shower, but to no avail. The result of the burning water on her skin was no different than the icy water yesterday or the warm water the day before : her spirits remained the same ; crestfallen.

Time would erase the feeling of loss she had endured, but she was not so sure as to what would occur to her mind.

Examining her appearance reflected on the polished surface, she again had to suppress the need to vomit ; she literally couldn’t stand the face she was seeing. She looked pale, to say the least. Her wet fiery locks still keeping their vigour, but it was the only thing from Zoey that remained crafty.
The pink towel entangling itself around her could have matched her eyes, as they were bloodshot and at a loss for everything. What was beautiful and captivating just a few weeks ago became a shivery void. Even the skin on her face, though still tender, smooth and nurtured seemed hollowed to an extent.

Gazing absent-mindedly, she noticed through the window afar on another island the main stadium of the Sinnoh Pokémon League, built to resemble a temple, reminiscing a Gothic cathedral.

She thought how just yesterday, Ash Ketchum, travelling companion of her once confidant and friend Dawn, managed to defeat his opponent in the final and become Sinnoh Champion, his first major achievement in his blossoming career. She remembered watching on television how, upon receiving his trophy, he confessed his love to his dear childhood friend back in Kanto, Misty Waterflower, nearly screaming through his tears of joy that even with his trophy, his life felt empty without her. A touching moment, but the young coordinator was not phased, since at the time, what she had endured was still engraved in her mind as clearly and vividly as if it were happening.

The sun was rising, a new day had begun, and yet the pain and regret was still there.

She hadn’t talked to her since the Festival. Ever since that upshot for which the Snowpoint native was the cause, they haven’t had a chance to speak.
She never actually asked her what she thought about the matter. What did she feel while her best friend was harbouring such pain ?
She let herself fall on the bed.

“Not the best way to begin Valentine’s Day, is it ?” she asked the ceiling.

Thankfully, the idea of Dawn maybe sharing her agony seemed to relieve her a tad. More than one person could very well share such amount of weeping.

“Well, no use of staying like this all day. I’m clean, I’m still pretty, and I’m single, let’s go out and see what goes on in town today.” she told her faithful friend, the wooden ceiling.

Dressing herself in some jeans and her usual burgundy long sleeved shirt but without her orange sleeveless jacket, she gestured towards the nightstand and her sunglasses, but after shifting her gaze through the window once again, spotting some clouds coming this way, she sighed and left them on their designated spot.

“Money, and my Pokéthc. That’s all I’ll need for today…And I’ll tell nurse Joy to keep my Pokémon until I get back.”

She looked around the rented room for the last time ; a bed, a TV set, a couple of sofas, a table and a bathroom, before stepping out and closing the door behind her.

Suddenly, only a few seconds after closing the door, Zoey marched through the threshold in the opposite direction, grabbed her sunglasses and hastily put them on before exiting the room for a second time. This time, for good.


The sunglasses soon proved to be vital.
The infinite number of sunbeams upon her face seemed to be harassing her constantly.
But then again, why would the citizens have built solar panels for roads if the sun were not particularly generous on this part of the world ?

The city was decorated for the occasion.
Ribbons, pink, white, yellow, any bright colour you could think of were hanging from any building you walked by.
Angels, hearts, flowers, it was all very attractive, but at the same time, very ostentatious.
Zoey gave no second thought about it.
She had decided not to spend time alone on a day such as this one visiting the numerous attractions, but has decides to make peace with herself and spend the day drinking espressos at either the Sunyshore beach, or the Vista Lighthouse.
Tough decision, but she opted for the later.
After all, her year as a coordinator was finished, she was alone with herself at the moment, and she felt she could afford a few weeks of rest.

A slight breeze caressed her cheeks, carrying with it the fresh scent of the forest and the nearby lake. It was a feeling Zoey appreciated very much, the gentle touch of an invisible hand upon her face, comforting her, bringing relief to her aching heart and mind. She again thought about her issues, while behind her sunglasses, a few tears had formed and one had slipped on her left cheek before she could sigh and contain them, marching towards the brink of the Sinnoh continent and the beginning of the ocean’s realm, spotting at long last the tall and impressive structure of the city’s lighthouse.
Zoey sat herself at a nearby café, choosing to sit herself in the back of the terrace at a table for two. So that just in case somebody bothered her about being alone, she could just lie and say she’s waiting for somebody who would, eventually, fail to come.

Directly in front of the lighthouse, the small café was elevated on a wooden structure ; similar to a stage, but only a few inches from the ground. Metal tables were spread around and leather chairs were complimenting them. To protect the customers from the sun or rain, a cloth canopy of canary yellow was covering the whole area. When she sat down, she felt the chairs were surprisingly comfortable ; large, cushioned, inviting, she knew she would be spending the day here. The sun had risen completely now, and she was looking directly at it now, staring into the calm light blue toned ocean. A metal fence was surrounding an advanced part of the cliff, on her right and several feet away. It was a piece of land just large enough fro two or three people, as it looked like the beginning of a natural bridge into the body of water, becoming shorter and shorter as it went on. It offered the feeling of looking into nothingness and into everything at the same time when staring at the vast ocean.
One was able to witness dawn and dusk from that single point, turning his head left then finally right, if he or she were to wait on the edge the whole day.
Before she knew it, she was getting comfortable in her chair and laid back for a moment, closing her eyes and tilting her head on the side.

When she opened her eyelids, what it seemed to her a second later, the sun was no longer where it was. It had journeyed all over the sky and settled itself behind her, now painting the ocean a golden blood colour. Nobody was on the terrace anymore, yet she was covered with a woollen blanket. The café was closed and her chair was chained to her table with a note from the owner stamped on it.

“It hadn’t crossed my mind to wake you young lady, so when you’re done resting, put this blanket simply in front of the door, will you please ?
Happy Valentine’s day.”

Frustrated that she had lost a whole day doing nothing, but relieved at the fact that she was able to sleep peacefully for the first time in weeks, she glanced to that edge of land with the fence. And spotted a man staring at the setting dusk.

The man seemed tall, strong, confident, but with a shocking ease, Zoey could spot in his eye the same look of lost hope that she was feeling. She gasped as she felt the truth hit her : he was just like her.
She saw his back, his purple hair just covering his neck. He was wearing a cerulean green T-Shirt with some grey baggy jeans and blue toned shoes, but he was looking sideways to his right, and Zoey could spot in his black eye a familiar look of desperation. He was leaning on the fence.

Getting up from her chair, stretching for a moment and then walking towards the man, she stepped off the wooden floor and on the dirt that covered the cliff, hastening her pace to reach him and leaned on the palisade as well. She breathed heavily because she felt this man might somehow know the answers to her worries, at least she could confide in him.

“You…” she began, raising her sunglasses above her eyes, knowing he had noticed her “…look like you had your dreams taken away from you.”

He turned his head towards her, his body immobile; his arms still crossed over the fence, and examined her.
At first thought, she was cute, but he quickly saw in her eyes the same void as he saw in his own lately.

“Well…so do you.” he bluntly replied. The wind had started blowing but it was very warm outside, some Wingull were flying nearby, and the gust of wind brought a strong scent to her nose, something that came from the man she was facing. Alcohol.
She could now see clearly that he had a red flush on his face.

“Are you drunk ?”

“Haaaa…” he smiled and looked up “Today, I receive a package from my brother, and inside was a note and a bottle of sake. The note read, “This will be either to congratulate you, or to comfort you”. Turns out it was the later. And today, on this forsaken day, I’ve gotten drunk for the first time in my life…” he sighed with a smile.

“But why ?” This man intrigued Zoey by his story, and tossing aside all morale, she wanted to know what caused this man’s misery. She was feeling a mix between shock and curiosity.
He paused.

“…have we met before ?” he asked her.

“I don’t think so.”

“I’m sure I saw you somewhere with the blue haired coordinator who travels with…him…” he swallowed at the last part.

“Dawn ?!” she asked, taken aback.

“Yeah. Her…well… in any case. Why was I drunk ? Why am I drunk you ask ? I am drunk because I am trying to forget what has happened to my life.”

“…maybe I should try getting drunk then.” she thought.

“And does it work ?”


“Scratch that idea…”

“I saw you in the Pokémon League, now that I think of it. Come to think of it, you were beaten by Ash.” She told to herself out loud.

“And how do you think that that is possible ?” he hissed menacingly, wanting to scream. “After so many years of journeying, so many battles fought, so many years dedicated to training my Pokémon to perfection, to make them work for their rewards. So many challenges faced by beating my opponents and showing the strength of my Pokémon…”
He paused and started sobbing.

“…how could I lose to somebody who spoils his Pokémon beyond belief, encouraging them to do their best, not demanding anything in return !! How could I have lost to somebody who has never seriously trained any Pokémon, and worst of all, how could everything that I thought was real and true, shatter and break before my very eyes, without me being able to do anything about it ?”

He was pleading for an answer to Zoey, who stared at him but couldn’t speak.

“I saw the last three years of my life, of my existence, of my will…crumble and fall apart…I was alone all this time, for nothing. I made my Pokémon hate me and respect me, for nothing. Cynthia was right. Ash was right, and now, he’s the one with proof that he was better than me. That his ideals were better than mine. His friends were stronger than me. His love was something I couldn’t understand…” he stopped and looked at her as if trying to read something in her eyes.

“I was wrong. It was wrong to judge people. It was wrong to isolate myself, and it was wrong to seek nothing but pure strength…and today, since I’m still young, I decided to start over. Maybe will it have better results.”

Zoey opened her mouth, but she was cut short.

“Do you know what love is ?” he asked her suddenly.

“…I thought I knew what it was.” She breathed gently.

“Oh, could it be that your state so similar to mine has something to do with love ?”

She blushed, but answered honestly. “Yes.”

“Tell me more.” He demanded with a grin.

“No !” she backed away “Why should I ?” she told him with a defiant look.

“Because now that I’ve told you what’s killing me, I feel better.”

“Really ?” she asked hopefully. He nodded, and in response received a deep sigh from her.

“Fine. I’ll tell you over dinner.”

She was hungry, and so was he. She could hear his stomach asking attention. “You’re good…” he mumbled as she looked at him with a smile. “Come on, I walked by a ramen stand on the way here.”

He stuck his arm out promenade-style to the coordinator’s utter shock.

“It’s Valentine’s Day. Get with the program girl. I am buying you dinner after all.”

She smiled and placed her arm around his, and walking along the edge, she placed her head on his shoulder seeking comfort. The lavender haired trainer gently kissed the top of her head.

For the first time in a month : she had found it.

“Happy Valentine’s Day by the way…err…what did you say your name was ?” he told her with an indifferent tone.

“I’m Zoey, nice to meet you…?”


“Paul…” she repeated looking at him relieved.

“So, tell me about your worries !” He said before tightening his embrace on her arm.

“Ok…well, it happened after the first knockout round of the Grand Festival, when I lost to this guy named Nando, and…”

And she told him her story as they walked into the sunset ; the dusk of their old lives, the dawn of their new one.

The End


Done and done…
How could I have made them come together other than destiny sheer coincidence ?

Anyhow, some of you may be wondering what actually caused Zoey’s state, for those of you who read this fic regardless of the ship and are curious about the plot…

I had at first considered keeping on writing this, their dinner, Paul listening to Zoey’s story and Zoey passionately telling him and thus it would be her healing therapy. But it would have been a much longer text, with no relation whatever to Valentine’s Day, and with close to no relation to shipping at all.

So I decided to cut it now as it has decent length and incorporates the situation in which these two could meet and interact : their shared sorrow, and comfort.

I’ll leave it to your imagination, but it has something to do with Dawn (duh) and something that you can only experience once in your life…
If there are a few demands, I’ll spill the beans lol

Thank you for reading ! ;)

Happy Valentine's Day !

Cyber Robert

Shockingly Lovely
I loved this story, shadow. Thank you for writing it. The fact that Zoey had some weird thing happen to her, plus the fact that Paul finally acknowledged why his downfall happened was just amazing. I wonder what happened to Dawn that caused Zoey to be like that...