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Dealing With Defensive Types! (576)


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Yeah and Buizel did horribly for a veteran. Chimchar did great for a veteran. Pretty ironic how this will be Buizel's last Sinnoh Gym battle unless if Ash VS Volkner is 6 Pokemon. I think it is ironic because it lost in under 3 minutes with out dealing any damage. It lost to Screech, Bind and Iron Tail, in that order.
wasn't that a slam attack?
When I saw this episode, I found it interesting how much punishment Gliscor can take. Considering it was his first full battle since he lost to Paul's Gliscor, it was surprising that he was able to withstand so many attacks and still keep getting back up. That made my day because I just love that goofy little Gliscor.
Also, I noticed that when Ash sent out Gliscor Dawn asked "if Ash wanted to attack from above, why doesn't he use Staravia?" Is she really that stupid? Bastiodon vs. Staravia would end in five or less seconds. Staravia has no moves that would do any noticeable damage, whereas Gliscor at least has Fire Fang.


Great gym battle. Chimchar wasn't the star, but it was very strong. Gliscor's first gym was good.


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OK battle. Byron is annoying, and Chimchar practically got handed the badge. Gliscor rocked.


One of the worst gym battles in Sinnoh. It wasn't as fierce as I had thought.

Byron had energy to spare but his team wasn't as impressive as it could have been. Easy victory for Ash. 4/10


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The only time Gliscor has ever defeated a pokemon is when she won the gym battle for Ash. Which means the only pokemon that has ever been defeated by Ash's Gliscor is Bastiodon because when Gliscor was in all other battles, Gliscor was always easily defeated in less than one minute except for Barry's Roserade which ends up in a tie and Paul's Torterra when she almost defeated him, until he suck out most of her life , and later, she was slammed down faced down by Torterra. Ash never won against Paul and he will never ever win against Paul IMHO. It is because all of Paul's pokemon are level 100. In the middle of the Snowpoint City Gym Battle, Gliscor was knocked down so easily, so painfully by Snover in less than 30 seconds, IMO, she was rushed to the hospital.

Ash's Gliscor is the most rarely seen out of any of the main character's pokemon in pokemon history. So rarely seen that she is the only ever main character's pokemon that never participates in Pikachu's Adventure. IMHO, Gliscor is more likely a minor character rather than a main character. Gliscor's rarity of appearences might be similar to Sandy Cheeks from Spongebob Squarepants.


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This gym was everything that resembles Canalave.. there was nothing to it, besides some minor details. So you gotta take it for what it is, a mediocre battle, with few highlights.

Those being when Chimchar pulling through where Buizel got stomped (I really liked the use of Screech though), the way how Gliscor evaded/glided away from Bastiodon's beams and how Gliscor tackled/Firefanged Bastiodon. One thing that I disliked was the reusage of images, they used at least three scenes twice, those being Gliscor gliding, I think it was sandattack, and the Fire Fang, but the second time they put a sandlayer over it...

@ CptScorpion, don't think that because it lost to some pokes that it was weak, not even for an instant. You say it only beat Bastiodon, wrong it beat Roserade as well, it just went down along with it, that still means it took it down. About when it faced Paul's Gliscor, it was his first battle, against his former packleader in which he was the biggest slackoff off all.. It actually did quite decent against Torterra, but once again, it's the starter of a very seasoned trainer so it's chances were slim. The only chance Gliscor had is when it used a move like SandAttack to get close. A special move would've done it good. I can't argue on the Snover loss though, but that was probably due to giving Chimchar one final moment of shine, and because of its 4x weakness...

and about what you spoilered, that just you ranting.. I'm not even going into that


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I've never really been into the gym battles as much as the filler episodes, they don't have as many great lines or much beyond battle after battle. At least Byron makes things interesting. I love his personality, which was great in both his episodes. :) At least Ash pulled off a difficult win as well, considering he had only a couple of pokemon with really good moves against steel types.


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
Wobbanut.. You like fillers? That's new :p

I still think that Byron was the best part of this episode. Then his Steelix brutally ending Buizels Gym career.. Then maybe Bastiodon tripping, we all were shocked by that move, I know :p

This battle just wasn't fast enough.. but what can you expect, Byron fights with heavy steel types, the only thing he had that could move fast was that Bronzor.. and that was his worst pokemon in my opinion, eventhough Raindance was a punch in the face for Chimchar..


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Buizel was a total waste in this episode. Otherwise, this was a pretty decent gym battle. Not spectacular, but not bad. Gliscor did really well too.


I've never really been into the gym battles as much as the filler episodes, they don't have as many great lines or much beyond battle after battle. At least Byron makes things interesting. I love his personality, which was great in both his episodes. :) At least Ash pulled off a difficult win as well, considering he had only a couple of pokemon with really good moves against steel types.

Exactly, Byron made this battle to look even better. I think it was the best gym battle in Sinnoh, better than the battle vs Maylene & Lucario. I think it was a great battle because Byron's Bastiodon didn't beat 2 of Ash's pokemon like almost all the rest leader's final pokemon.


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This episode was good, and Ash using weak and strong Pokemon to battle. Even weak Pokemon like Chimchar were still able to take down a Pokemon like Steelix.


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Meh, this was a pretty mediocre Gym match. Buizel did terrible, who gets hurt by screech?, Chimchar did fine, and Gliscor was way too repetitive for me. This episode was alright, nothing special.

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Lol, Dawn wondering why Ash didn't use Staravia against Bastiodon. Of course, he wouldn't use Staravia against Bastiodon. It's a rock/steel type, all of which Staravia's attacks won't do anything to it at all.
Wow, some of you hate/aren't too fond of Buizel in this episode.

Don't worry, I'm not angry with anyone.

Personally, that litttle sea weasel/otter (whatever you wanna call it) is one of my favorite Pokemon.

Again, I'm not angry with anyone.

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On topic...
I enjoyed this episode. I enjoy any episode with a gym battle in it.
I'd have to watch the episode again to go into more specific detail, since It's been a while since I've last seen it.

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It was nice to see that Chimchar did the finishing.....


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So this is the last review for this Christmas break.

This gym battle marks a changing of the guard in terms of Ash's strongest/star Sinnoh pokemon, with Chimchar taking over for Buizel.

The end of Chimchar's and Bronzor's battle completely reminded me of the way Meowth's and Pikachu's battle ended at the Hoenn League-except the difference here is that Ash's pokemon is the one who manages to stay on its feet. Ash says at the end of this battle that Gliscor's spunk is what allowed it to win its battle against Bastiodon, and the same goes for both of Chimchar's wins in this match. There were times in this match where I felt there was a difference b/w the way Ash's pokemon cared for him and the way Ash treated them in this match; and what I mean is that Chimchar, Buizel, and Gliscor are both battling to get their trainer's recognition for what's like the first time. Ash, though, has done this gym battle journey quite a few times. And there were a few times that I really could feel the contrast in experience levels. Like when Chimchar walks back to Ash after having beaten Bronzor; it's totally proud of itself, and it feels like it really accomplished something. But Ash has been in this position before, and I think this was especially demonstrated with the way he instantly urged Chimchar to get up once it and Bronzor had fallen down as he was aware that Roark was watching closely to see if the pokemon would be able to continue. Ash has won before in this situation, as well, and I really did not sense overwhelming enthusiasm from Ash for the wins, unlike his pokemon (Chimchar's happiness is a bit of a quiet happiness, I think). Ash's pokemon grow from this battle because this is their first time in this sort of situation; Ash really does not, since this is pretty much a standard gym battle for him.

Once Buizel faints, Ash becomes much more decisive in his battling style, catching Byron by surprise as he quickly subs in Chimchar and lands a flamethrower hit. It's hard to know whether Ash purposely had Chimchar use Dig to weaken the battlefield to lead to Steelix causing a collapse. I want to say he did, b/c otherwise his moves seem pretty stupid (using Dig again right after Steelix had proven it could counter it). The writers really aren't clear on that, though.

Ash's finishing move at the last gym was having Chimchar get behind Drifblim, allowing it to land a clean hit b/c Drifblim could not react in time. Byron proves to be much better at countering that tactic. Bronzor is able to dodge Chimchar's flamethrower earlier in the match, and also Gliscor has trouble landing a clean hit that way against Bastiodon. Ash starts off the latter battle trying to get Byron to lower his guard by first having Gliscor use a weak move (Byron blocks with Iron Defense) and then attacking with Fire Fang, but Byron is ready with Flash Cannon to land a pretty nice hit. This allows Bastiodon to really take command at the start, before Ash uses Gliscor's gliding ability to dodge a flash cannon (I think) and land on Bastiodon to get in a couple of Fire Fang's. Bastiodon knocks Gliscor off and has a clean look at a Flash Cannon, but once again Ash takes advantage of Gliscor's physical construction, this time having its tail knock Bastiodon off balance. Ash then makes a gamble of a move (like when he had Turtwig try to use Razor Leaf as defense against Rampardos's Head Smash at he first gym; though what Ash was trying to accomplish here, it's hard to know), going for a power struggle with Gliscor's X-Scissor, but Gliscor loses it easily, and Gliscor takes a tough hit. This is where you'd understand if a KO had occurred, but Gliscor hangs strong. We have a repeat of the sequence earlier where Gliscor dodges an attack by gliding away from it, and Gliscor lands the finishing Fire Fang (Ash uses Sand Attack to mask Gliscor's behind attack, having realized that the tactic needed something else to really work).

So Ash could easily have lost this battle; there were definitely instances where a Chimchar or Gliscor KO would have been believable. But his pokemon hang strong (and it feels like they hang strong b/c they want to prove something to Ash; this is Gliscor's first gym battle, and Chimchar has also been training extremely hard the past few episodes), and that's why he wins. There were also 2 crucial dodges Chimchar made to avoid Steelix's Iron Tail, and Gliscor made 2 similar types of dodges against Bastiodon's Flash Cannon (although I find Gliscor's dodges believable, since the force of the attack would have allowed it to glide away, I think). I really think what Ash says at the end is appropriate: Gliscor's (and Chimchar's, too) spunk, and not his tactics, really won the battle.


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This episode was very cool. It was cool to see Chimchar and Gliscor taking start roles in this episode. It was cool how they showed and explained Bronzor's ability Heatproof and how Chimchar's Fire attacks won't deal as much damage. The Chimchar vs Bronzor battle was very intense. They both took a lot of damage from each other's attacks, but I'm glad Chimchar stayed up afterwards to win. Buizel didn't do much at all against Steelix, and got knocked out very easily. It was cool how Ash had Chimchar use Dig to weaken the field making it tougher for Steelix to move/attack. As expected, Chimchar went down to Bastiodon very quickly. The Gliscor vs Bastiodon battle was great. Gliscor had a lot of trouble landing hits, and Bastiodon's defend then counterattack was very effective. It was clever to have Gliscor grab onto Bastiodon to land powerful Fire Fang attacks. I'm glad Ash won his 6th badge.