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Dear Mr. Serebii.

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Delete your System32

>Haven't been to Serebii in a week due to SerebiiJoe making sure he gets EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL. of Black and White on the site.
>Tuesday: Black & White Coverage Day 50 + PokéPark Passwords Complete
>Black & White Coverage Day 50
>Coverage Day 50
>Day 50

Alright. I get it. Black and White is out. Quit telling us you've added a minor detail to a certain subject everyday and end fucking coverage.

inb4 infraction/ban


Considering that's what game coverage websites are supposed to do, provide coverage over every detail in a game for the purpose of providing others with information, I don't think this should come as a surprise to you. Not to mention Joe has been going in this kind of depth with his coverage for a while now. Just because YOU don't give a **** doesn't mean your opinion is the general consensus.


hey look I can throw around 4chan memes too!


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
Staff member
Unlike other sites, I don't end coverage after just scratching the surface. I am dedicated to providing the most complete resource on the Internet (and it is) and doingso requires me to post when I post some new site content. While yes, some of this is just reordered, it's still worthy of posting.

What would you rather, a site that never updates or a site that will give you everything
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