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Death and Glory (PG 13)



Death and Glory


WARNING! Rated PG 13 for some violence

The town of Littleroot was in flames, bodies lined the streets, and a horrible smell of burning flesh wafted through the town. It had been struck by Death, and nothing within their power could have predicted or prevented the attack that happened that night. Cowering in the corner of his Laboratory, Professor Elm pleaded with his attacker.

'Please...p-please d-don't hurt me. W-what have I done?" he quivered, trying to keep the beast occupied as he reached into his pocket.

Slowly, he drew a small ball, and enlarged it. Pressing the button in the centre, he released a Pokémon that resembled a Pokéball.

"Voltorb, Flash!" he cried, and a blinding light burst into the room.

Professor Elm rose quickly and ran for the door, making it just as the beast realised what was happening.

The beast took after the Professor, who was much further ahead.

It will tire soon. Humans cannot run for long it thought to itself.

Elm ducked into some bushes on the side of the path, and took out a small metal object that resembled a grenade. He pulled the pin, and allowed the smoke to bellow from the insides, floating to the sky and creating a large shape. The shape was Mew.

NO!the beast cried to itself, and leaped into the bushes where Elm was hiding.

There in front of him was Elm, smirking at him.

'You will be gone very soon. They will eradicate you, you know that' he laughed.

Not as soon as you, Professor the beast said, and drew its claws.

Elms eyes widened with terror, and scrambled to get up.

Only a blood-curdling scream was heard that night, and that was the last cry Professor Elm ever took, his head falling to the ground shortly after.


Winona looked to the sky, searching for the signal that would cause her and all her friends to finally join each other, and rid the world of an evil known as ‘Death.’ Although she did not know what ‘Death’ was, she knew it was bad, and that it was here to destroy human life on the planet.

The stars glistened in the night sky above Fortree City, more beautiful than Winona had ever seen before. She had seen more shooting stars than ever before in this night, and she pondered whether the rumors were true, that Death had finally found its way to earth, and that it had started destroying life on this wonderful planet.

Winona stood upon the tree tops for three hours, waiting patiently for the signal that it was time, but it never came, and with that she turned to climb back down to the ground, to have dinner with her family. As she turned, she heard a fluttering of feathers, and turned to see a flock of Taillow emerge from the trees, and fly towards a shape in the sky. Her eyes widened as she realized what it was. There, in the sky before her, was a ghostly image of Mew. It was time, the rumors were true.

‘Go Swellow’ she whispered softly, releasing a large Pokémon that resembled a swallow.

‘Take me to Rustboro City’ she commanded, and with that, the bird flew into the sky, and disappeared out of sight.


Meanwhile in Sootopolis City, Wallace watched the sky in awe. He had flown from the Elite Four to witness the horrible sight, along with Juan, who had since taken over his position.

The city looked wonderful at night, bright lights lining the streets, and the gentle tide lapping the shores of the beach. Everything was peaceful, nothing had changed. You could almost say that nothing was wrong in the world, nothing would ever seem to be wrong…

‘Is this truly as bad as it seems?’ Juan asked, looking at the disturbed expression on Wallace’s face.

‘Yes. I am afraid so. We must set sail for Rustboro immediately’ Wallace replied. He could sense that something awful was going to happen, and it was going to happen very soon.

Wallace and Juan boarded a large Wailord that had been released from a Pokéball, and the Pokémon took off at an amazing speed, especially for a creature as big as itself. As they sailed, the signal in the sky became brighter.

‘There is trouble ahead, isn’t there?’ Juan asked, even though he already knew the answer.


That was all he could say.


Well, there is the Prologue. Chapter 1 will be up soon, comment, fix etc. JUST NO SPAM PLEASE!!!!

~Phanpy~ ;231;


Chapter 1

Okay, here is Chapter One *drum roll*....

~Chapter 1: Possession and Power~

The night had finally passed, and Winona was now making much more progress than she had been. She was sitting comfortably on the back of her Swellow, who had not yet tired from the journey.

‘I think we’ll be there in around three hours, if we continue at this rate’ she told the Pokémon, after looking at the ground.

Winona looked ahead, and could see that they were approaching Lavaridge Town.

‘We’ll stop here to see Flannery for a while, I think that she’ll appreciate some help’ Winona said, and with that, Swellow fell into a swoop, before landing graciously on the ground.

“Swellow, return” Winona said, and the Pokémon disappeared into the Pokéball.

Winona headed towards the village, which was still quite far away. Oh well, the exercise will do me good she thought, and continued down the path. There weren’t many people about, and the whole area seemed deserted.

‘Hello’ Winona called out, ‘is anyone there?’

There was no reply, so she tried again.

‘Hello, is anyone there?’

This time, a young boy emerged from the grass. He looked scared, and seemed surprised to see someone there.

‘Hello, who are you?’ Winona asked, approaching the boy, who squealed and ran back into the grass.

‘I’m not going to hurt you…’ she said, and approached the grass. She could see the boy standing away from her, and he seemed to mumble something to her.

‘Um, what was that?’ Winona asked.

‘I said, I know, but I’m going to hurt you!’ and he lunged forward, leaping onto Winona’s neck.

The boy opened his mouth, and Winona could see many razor sharp teeth.

‘Hey I don’t want to hurt you’ Winona cried, trying to break free. She looked into the boy’s eyes, and could see they had turned a blood red colour.

‘Winona, watch out!’ a voice said, and Winona felt searing heat sweep a few centimeters above her face.

The boy was thrown off her body, and she sat up, looking to see who had saved her from the vicious beast. Standing a few metres back was a large tortoise like Pokémon, and a young girl.

She had striking red hair, put in a pony tail, and wore a shirt and baggy jeans.

‘Flannery?’ Winona stammered.

‘Hi Winona!’ Flannery smiled, and leaped forward to hug her. Winona, unsure of what she was doing, stepped backwards, causing Flannery to fall flat on her face.

‘Sorry’ Winona apologized, helping Flannery up from the ground, ‘didn’t know what you were doing.’

‘That’s okay, I guess you are still about overwhelmed’ Flannery replied.

Winona turned to look at the boy, who was still lying unconscious on the ground.

‘What happened to him? Who is he?’ she asked.

‘That is Jonathon Smith. He went to Littleroot Town to visit his Grandparents, and I haven’t seem him until just now’

‘Well, why is he like that?’ Winona asked.

‘Like what?’

‘He had razor sharp teeth, and his eyes went all red when he attacked me’ Winona explained. She could tell Flannery was shocked at what had happened.

‘Something has happened… we can take him back to the gym, if you like. Then we’ll go to Rustboro together!’ Flannery exclaimed.

‘Um, okay if you want to…’ Winona replied.

‘Torkoal, take Jonathon to the gym’ Flannery ordered her Pokémon. The turtle slowly approached the boy, and placed him on his back.

‘Are you sure that’s a good idea?’ Winona asked.

‘Yes, why?’ Flannery replied, confused.

‘Well, he is a tortoise, and they move rather slow…’

‘No, my Torkoal is super fast, I gave him heaps of Carbos, so he’s really fast’ Flannery replied.

‘Whatever you say’ Winona said, and she began walking towards Lavaridge Town.

‘Hey wait up!’ Flannery called, and ran to catch up as well.

It took Winona and Flannery about half an hour to reach the gym, but unfortunately for them, Torkoal took a further three hours to make it there.

‘Super fast, eh?’ Winona remarked.

‘Shut up’ Flannery replied.
The gym itself was rather pretty. The outside was made of the same grey brick, but Flannery had created a masterpiece inside. It was quite warm, and there were a few holes on the ground that would take you to the next floor, much like a puzzle.

‘You’ve done a nice job’ Winona commented, looking at the reddish paint smeared on the walls.

‘Yeah, I know. Took me ages to do though’ Flannery replied, ‘shall we?’

Flannery led Winona through a hidden door at the back of the first floor.

‘I though you said there were many floors’ Winona said.

‘Yes, but I can’t be bothered showing you through them all. Takes too much time’ Flannery replied.

The room in which Flannery stood was the most beautiful in the whole building. Gold carpet was laid on the floor, and the walls were painted a luscious red, with many photos of people and fire Pokémon hung on the walls.

‘They’re all from my family’ Flannery said, looking at the last photo on the wall. ‘That is my grandpa; he owned the gym before he gave it to me.’

‘Really? Well, I think we better see what is wrong with the boy. Shall we?’ Winona said, turning to see the boy lying on the ground.

In fact, this is not what Winona saw. She saw the boy standing a few metres away, glowing with a bright red aura.

‘Um Flannery…’

‘Yes, this one is my great, great, great grandpa’


‘Oh and here is-’


Flannery turned to see the boy lunging once again at Winona.

‘Torkoal, Flamethrower’ she said calmly, but nothing happened.

‘Torkoal, Flamethrower’ she said once again, turning to face the Pokémon.

‘OH MY GOD!’ she cried, as Torkoal was glowing with the same red aura, and his eyes had gone black.

‘Torkoal, Flamethrower’ Jonathon said, his voice sounding hypnotic.

The Torkoal stepped back, and produced a huge burst of flames, spewing them into the room. Flannery dove out the way, pulling two pokéballs from her waist, and throwing them.
Out of the first ball came a Pokémon that looked like a camel. Its humps looked as if they were made of rock, and the Pokémon cried ‘Camerupt!’
The second was not as big, instead it was much smaller, and resembled a dog.

‘Groooowllitheeee’ it howled.

‘Go Altaria!’ Winona said, releasing her Pokémon. The large Pokémon appeared, and it looked like a bird that had been merged with a cloud, as a large, white cloud surrounded much of its body. The Pokémon was also floating in mid-air.

‘Altaria, take this boy out with a Dragonbreath’ Winona said.


‘I said do it!’ Winona cried angrily, trying to throw the boy off her. She could see that Altaria was preparing to shoot the young boy, but was hesitant.

‘What are you waiting for?’ Winona asked.

<He is just a little boy>

‘And your point is? He is trying to kill me! Do it!’ Winona cried once again, closing her eyes. This time she could feel the attack pushing Jonathon off of her again. He was flung into the wall, like a rag doll.

‘Thank you. Now, can you watch him, and be careful he doesn’t possess you as well…’


‘Long story’

Meanwhile, Flannery was having fun fighting her own Pokémon. She never realized how smart Torkoal actually was.

‘Camerupt, Rockslide!’ she cried, and a pile of rocks suddenly fell on Torkoal.

‘Now Growlithe, Bite!’

Growlithe lunged forward, enclosing its jaws on the neck of Torkoal. It cried out in pain, and then fell to the ground. The aura slowly disappeared, and Flannery was stunned.

‘That was fun’ she remarked, returning all her Pokémon.

‘Yeah heaps of fun, now lets get on with it’ Winona replied, stepping over the boy, ‘You take him. I don’t think I can handle another attack’

Flannery dragged the boy into the next room, and lifted him onto the table. Jonathon looked peaceful now, as if nothing was wrong.

‘So what do you think actually happened?’ Flannery asked.

‘I’m not sure. I’ll take a look’ Winona replied, and she began to look for the cause for Jonathon’s erratic behaviour. She looked all over his body, until she found a small puncture mark on his neck.

‘Look at this’ she said, taking a pair of tweezers from her pocket. Flannery gave her a funny look.

‘What? I get lots of splinters climbing trees’ Winona replied, and she slowly put the tweezers into the neck, pulling out a small black bug.

‘What is that?’ Flannery asked.

‘It is a bug, from Death’ Winona sighed.

‘Death? What are you going on about?’ Flannery asked. Winona pulled a piece of paper from her pocket, and handed it to Flannery.

‘Read it’ she said.

Flannery looked at the letter in her hand.

Dear Winona,
It seems that our worst fear has been realized. Death is now upon us, and it may strike sometime in the near future. We must prepare for the worst. That is why I am calling a meeting at Rustboro. So far only you, myself and Roxanne are aware of what is happening, but try not to tell the others, I don’t want them to worry. The meeting is at the School in Rustboro, eight o’clock sharp. You must be there, if not, the world may perish…

Your friend,

Flannery looked up at Winona.

‘Wallace?’ she asked.

‘Yes. That letter was given to me a few days ago, that is why we are going to Rustboro’

‘That still doesn’t answer my question though. What is Death?’

‘Take a seat, and then I will tell you’ Winona said, beckoning Flannery a seat on the ground.

‘We have suspected for some time that Death would eventually make its way to Earth to destroy the human race. Death itself has never been seen, and all that we actually know of it is that is was an experiment gone wrong. Many, many years ago, Scientists at Cinnabar Island tried to recreate Mewtwo, by cloning the DNA of all known legendaries. The problem is that they left one legendary Pokémon out. That Pokémon is Mew. We all know that Mew is the most powerful Pokémon known to have existed, that is why we must enlist the help of it. Mew is the only one who will allow us to finally destroy Death, and allow the world to live in peace for the rest of eternity’

‘Why were the scientists trying to recreate Mewtwo?’ Flannery asked.

‘They believed that if Mewtwo was created again, then it would hold much greater power than the original Mewtwo. That is why they were going to call it Mewthree, who would be able to cure any disease known to mankind. This was their belief, it was very compassionate, but too far out of reach. They created a disaster.’

‘Then why do we need Mew? Why can’t we just use the other legendaries?’

‘The other legendaries may be able to help, but they will only be able to banish Death for another hundred years. Then it will be back. Mew is the only one who can rid the Earth of Death for ever. We gym leaders hold power over the legendaries, so we are able to talk them into helping us. If we all band together, then they will see what the earth will become without their help. Even they will perish, if Death gets its way’

‘So what are we going to do?’

‘We have closed down all gyms from today, and have Pokémon spirits that will protect the public from death. At the moment, we only have one town to be protected’

‘Which is…’

‘Littleroot Town’

Flannery went into shock. She now knew what had happened to Jonathon.

‘I believe its too late’ she said sadly.

‘Why is that?’ Winona asked.

‘Well, Jonathon went to Littleroot Town, didn’t he? And look what he had, the bug of Death. That means…’

‘Death has now struck. That is where the signal came from, come, we must get into contact with the others’ Winona said, and with that they left the room.

‘How will we contact them?’ Flannery asked.

‘With this’ Winona replied, holding out a small microphone. She placed it in her ear, and it produced a small hologram on the floor. Six people slowly appeared.

‘Hey, that’s…’

‘Tate, Liza, Brawley, Roxanne, Wattson and Norman. Yes, other gym leaders’

‘What is going on?’ Wattson asked.

‘Can’t tell you now. Someone get into contact with Juan and Wallace, and we’ll meet you in Littleroot Town. You need to get there as fast as you can. We must go’ and with that, Winona and Flannery left the gym, and boarded the Swellow waiting outside.


There we go, Chap 2 will be started tomorrow.

~Phanpy~ ;231;


Still no reply, eh, oh well, here's Chapter II, Part I

~Chapter Two: the Last of Littleroot (Part I) ~

‘So what do you think actually happened in Littleroot?’ Winona asked as she and Flannery flew through the sky.

‘Well, Jonathon went to Littleroot Town a few days ago, and then he turns up here looking like a serial killer. You find a bug in his neck, and then say that the only place not protected by these ‘Pokémon spirits’ is Littleroot Town, so if you put two and two together…’

‘You get one giant catastrophe’ Winona sighed, looking into the sky. What had she done? It was partly her fault that Littleroot Town was now probably smoldering in the aftermath of last night’s events. It was partly her fault that Jonathon had tried to kill her twice.

‘All those dead people’ Winona sighed again, ‘they could have been saved’

Flannery, sensing Winona’s sadness, made an attempt to console her.

‘There is nothing you could have done, it’s not your fault’ she whispered.

Winona didn’t reply, instead, a teardrop fell onto her left cheek.

‘I said it’s not your fault. Please try and get that through your head. No one could have known…’ Flannery whispered, wiping the tear away.

The Swellow suddenly swooped, and began flapping ferociously to get itself on the ground. It was heading to a small clearing that seemed to be a fair way into a large forest.

‘Ah, we must almost be there’ Winona smiled, looking down. She had never felt so happy to be heading back to solid ground.

‘That’s not right’ Flannery replied, ‘according to my knowledge, we still have a while to go. This looks like the Petalburg Woods. Littleroot is at least another hour away, and that’s by flying.’

‘Then why are we landing?’ Winona asked.

‘How am I supposed to know? It’s your Pokémon, not mine’

‘Oh, right. Swellow, pull up. I SAID PULL UP NOW!’

But it was too late. Swellow’s talons suddenly struck the ground, scraping along the hardened dirt, causing a flurry of dust to bellow into the night sky. After skidding along the ground for a while, the bird came to an abrupt halt.

<Sorry ‘bout that one guys> the Pokémon apologized.

‘Not to worry. I thought it was fun. At least now we can stretch our legs for a while’ Flannery replied in between a series of loud coughs and sneezes. ‘Sorry, I have an allergy to dust’ she said, looking at the expression Winona was making towards her.

Flannery got off the Pokémon about as graciously as an elephant attempting to dance ballet. As she stood up, her right leg went numb, causing her to fall to the ground with a great big THUD! This however, was a funny sight to both Winona and the Swellow, who began chirping uncontrollably after the incident.

After Flannery’s little stunt, Winona graciously stepped off the left wing, landing gracefully on the dirt. She didn’t even create any dust. She began stretching, to which Flannery copied, but unlike Flannery, Winona was soon sitting on the ground.

‘Aren’t you coming for a walk?’ Flannery asked.

‘Nope. I think I need to do some yoga to get myself relaxed for a while. You go ahead, but be back in half an hour’ Winona responded.

‘Suit yourself’ Flannery said, and left Winona in peace.

The forest itself allowed a lot of light in, especially when compared to the Ilex Forest of Johto, and the Viridian Forest of Kanto. The trees here were also much nicer to look at- none of them were dead or dying, and every single tree that Flannery could see had many white flowers upon the end of the branches. To Flannery, they reminded her of her grandmother’s wedding dress.

Flannery continued walking until she came to a small, winding path. She cautiously entered the forest, and as she continued, the light seemed to get blocked by the trees, as if they were trying to protect it from the secrets that the forest had kept for so long.

Flannery had been walking for what seemed like forever, when she came upon a small statue that was surrounded by many pink flowers. As she walked to get a closer view, she could see that the statue also had a plaque at the base of the statue.

Flannery looked at the statue. It resembled a young boy with a small Pokémon by his side. The Pokémon was…

‘Mew!’ Flannery gasped. The Pokémon next to the boy was Mew. Mew, the only creature known to be able to defeat Death.

She turned to go find Flannery, but was unable to get back onto the path. A large creature was blocking her way. The creature was tall and resembled an over-grown human that had giant silver horns upon its head, and three, long, sickle-like claws on each hand.

Flannery’s eyes screamed with fear. She was unable to say anything. The creature smiled, showing gleaming white teeth that looked sharper than a Sharpedo’s.

Yes, young girl. It is I. I am Death. You will not escape the creature spoke. Flannery did not see the mouth move, but heard only voices in her head. The creature jumped into the air, but did not return. Flannery looked up to see hundreds of caterpillar-like Pokémon in the trees above.

‘Wurmple?’ she said, and she was correct. They had all wrapped Death in a white substance.
<Go Flannery, we cannot hold him for long. He will break free. Run from here, find Mew, and run from here!> A Wurmple cried out.

Flannery did not need to hear the orders twice. She turned and ran back onto the path, heading out of the forest. She ran and ran until her legs grew tired, but still she ran until she reached the clearing.

‘Winona! Get on the Swellow. Death is here!’ she yelled out to Winona, who was still relaxing and seemed deeply hypnotized.

‘Winona, let’s go!’ Flannery panted as she reached the bird. Winona’s eyes opened, and she stood up.

‘What was that? Sorry, I was meditating…’

‘I said Death is here, we have to go!’ Flannery replied again, still struggling to catch her breath.

‘Okay, we leave now. Hop on’ she replied, and the two leaders leaped on to the Swellow.

‘Littleroot Town, Swellow’ Winona said to the Pokémon.

<Not a problem> Swellow replied, and lifted them from the ground. Just as they disappeared into the horizon, Death appeared from the forest, and gave an almighty roar…


‘So Wallace, where exactly are we heading?’ Juan asked. They were still resting on the giant Wailord.

‘Littleroot Town. I have heard news that it has been totally destroyed. Wattson informed me that Winona had been attacked at Flannery’s gym, and that they had defeated the young boy. She found a black bug in his neck, meaning he was attacked by Death. That is why we are going there, to finally put an end to all this’

‘All this what?’ Juan asked. He still wanted to know much more.

‘You needn’t worry about this now. We must rest, as we have one hell of a journey ahead of us…’

‘Alright Wallace, but as soon as we arrive…’

‘All will be revealed’

And with that, the two leaders lay under the stars, and slowly drifted off to sleep.


‘Almost there’ Winona said. She could see many embers on the ground in the distance.

‘I was right. The town is gone’ Flannery said, and she stared at the ground. There was nothing worse than this.

<We’re here now> Swellow said, and she gently touched down on the ground.

‘Well, that was better than before’ Winona said, climbing off the back. Flannery followed, trying to be graceful, instead she fell to the ground.

‘Ugh! I’ll never get this!’ she remarked.

‘Don’t get so frustrated!’ Winona replied, yet she knew that Flannery was right. Her mother had been just as clumsy as Flannery, even at her age.

The town looked horrible. The luscious green grass that once flourished throughout the town had disappeared, a black, scorched ground in its place. No houses had been left standing; instead there were piles of rubble, and timber frames smoldering from the devastating fire that had ripped through the town.

‘I’m guessing that no one survived’ Flannery remarked, looking at the horrific sight before her.

‘Yes, I believe you are right Flannery’ Winona replied, ‘this place looks like it has been hit by a nuclear holocaust.’

‘We may as well look around for a while, see if we can find any survivors’ Flannery said, and the two women set of on foot into the desolate streets.

‘This is terrible…just terrible’ Winona sighed as they traversed through the ghost town. There were no signs of survivors, just bodies littering the streets.

‘We’re not going to be very successful, are we Winona…’ Flannery said, Winona nodded in agreement.

They continued walking for some time, until they could see a figure moving in the distance. Beside it stood the shape of a dog, which looked very powerful and quite small. The figure itself was quite large, and reminded Winona of a balloon. Then it clicked. The figure they could see was Wattson, leader of the Mauville City Gym. The creature beside him was his prized Pokémon, Manectric.

‘Wattson!’ Winona called out, and Wattson turned to see them. He began to walk quickly towards them, and the Manectric followed eagerly.

‘Fancy seeing you two here!’ he bellowed, and hugged the two leaders. ‘I thought I was the only one who was here… Tate and Liza said they would teleport using an Abra, but I have not seen them yet’

‘Well, who else is still to come? Let me see… Norman will be here soon, and Roxanne is coming as well, they will probably arrive together, unless they teleport as well…’

‘That’s right! Winona, Tate and Liza were getting everybody else, and bringing them here, so I guess that it is only you, Flannery and myself until they arrive’

‘What joy’ Flannery muttered under her breath. She had never liked the old man, ever since he “accidentally” set his Voltorb to electrocute her. Since then she had been unable to face an electric Pokémon, out of fear that its attack would somehow miss and strike her instead.

‘Well, we may as well head back to the front of the town, so they can see us when they arrive’ Winona said, and the three leaders left the street, walking back to where they had arrived.

‘So how did you figure out it was Littleroot that the signal was set in?’ Wattson asked as they walked slowly down the streets.

‘Well, it’s actually Flannery’s idea-wait, take a left here’ and they turned down an alleyway.

‘Are you sure we should be down here?’ Flannery asked, she was beginning to get the feeling that something bad was going to happen.

‘Yes, we’re fine…Anyway, Flannery put the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together, and then we arrived here, and it turned out she was right…’

Winona and Wattson were too deep in conversation to realize that something was following them. Fortunately, Flannery was paying much more attention to her surroundings.

‘Guys…’ she stammered, as they walked. The thing following them was gaining speed.

‘Anyway… Flannery was right’ Winona repeated.


‘Yes Flannery, what is it?’ Winona asked.

‘Um, you might want to run. I think Death is here’ she said.

Winona and Wattson took one glance, and began to run. The beast, having realised that he was seen, began running too, and he could run much faster than the three human people. The beast sneered and took off even faster, knowing that the old man would be caught soon.

Wattson was tiring quickly; his age had not been beneficial to him while running. He could feel his legs straining, and he felt a stitch coming on in his right side. He was puffing continuously, and could feel his asthma kicking in. He decided he had to stop. Winona and Flannery, not noticing, continued running.

Ah, now I have the old man… One down, Two to go… the beast said, and stopped running.

‘You won’t survive this’ Wattson yelled, drawing three Pokéballs from his pockets. All enlarged, and he threw them simultaneously.

The Pokémon that appeared in a flash of glowing light were his Manectric, Ampharos and Magneton.

Ampharos was an odd looking creature; it was like an oversized sheep that stood on two legs. It had a banded tail, and was coloured yellow. Magneton looked like a machine, it was made entirely of metal, and had magnets attached to its outside. Manectric resembled a blue and yellow dog.

<Finally… I haven’t battled in ages> Manectric yawned, stretching his legs.

<Let’s get this over with already> Ampharos replied, she was not in the mood to battle at the moment.

<Chicken Fantastic Squish> Magneton said. It hadn’t gotten a grasp of proper English yet, so it spoke the best it could.

‘Alright, Manectric, Quick Attack! Ampharos create a Light Screen, Magneton, paralyze it! Thunder Wave attack!’ Wattson ordered calmly.

Ampharos’ body began to glow a dim pink colour, and a force-field around the three Pokémon suddenly appeared.

‘Now your attacks won’t penetrate’ Wattson said, looking at the expression on the beast’s face.

Ah, but you are wrong the beast laughed, and shot a ball of fire from its mouth, directly at Ampharos. The shield seemed to break the flames, but the shield had broken as soon as the flames had died down.

Manectric leaped into action, disappearing from sight and suddenly reappearing in a blue and yellow blur, slamming into the beast.

Ugh! The beast cried as it was thrown backwards, onto its back.

‘Magneton, now!’ Wattson said, and the Pokémon shot a small spark of electricity at the winded creature, causing it to stay paralyzed on the ground.

‘Now use Tribolt!’ Wattson called out, and the three electric Pokémon shot a Thunderbolt into the air, which seemed to merge with each other, forming an orb of pure energy, circling in the sky. The orb then exploded like fireworks, creating a brilliant flash in the sky, causing the biggest thunderbolt Wattson had ever seen to come crashing to the earth, electrocuting the beast. Wattson watched as the beast writhed on the spot, unable to escape the pain.

‘Come on!’ Wattson said through gritted teeth, ‘you can do it!’

No, no nooooo! The beast cried, writhing in agony while Wattson watched on. It could feel its death coming, and decided to let nature take its course. The beat lay motionless, until the last beat of its blackened heart was done. Then, the beast lay motionless on the ground, for the entire world to see…


Well, there's the first bit of chapter II. Stay tuned for more (if anyone will EVER review my story :p )



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~Chapter Two: The Last of Littleroot (Part II)~

Meanwhile, Flannery and Winona had made it back to the edge of the desolate town. Night was now falling, and Wattson had not yet returned.

‘What do you think happened to him?’ Flannery asked. She too was beginning to worry about Wattson’s whereabouts. He had been gone for over two hours, after they lost him whilst running from the beast that followed behind them.

‘We can’t look for him now, it’s getting dark, and Death may become present… darkness is when it strikes, so we must stay aware.’ Winona said, trying to calm Flannery down.

‘So that means no sleep?’ Flannery asked. She had never gone a night without sleep in her whole life, and she didn’t want to change that.

‘That means no sleep’ Winona replied, taking a seat on the burnt grass.

Flannery sighed and took a seat opposite Winona, and tried to get comfortable, she ended up lying on her back looking at the stars.

‘Wonder where Wattson is…’ she pondered, watching the stars glisten brightly in the sky.

‘Wattson is here with us now’ Winona replied, she was still sitting upright and looking behind Flannery.

‘Yes I know that, he is here with us in spirit but not in body… crap like that. I know what you mean Winona, I’m not five anymore’ Flannery replied sarcastically.

‘I know that, but Wattson is here now, look behind you’ Winona said, pointing into the distance.

Flannery sat up and looked behind her. Sure enough, walking through the ruins of the town was Wattson, the Mauville City Gym Leader. Beside him were two smaller people. They were thin in the darkness, and Flannery could not recognize who they were until they spoke.

‘Hi Winona! Hi Flannery!’ they said simultaneously. Their voices were high pitched and squeaky. Flannery sighed to herself. Tate and Liza were here as well. Neither of them were eighteen yet, and their maturity had yet to reach the age of thirteen. They bickered at least three times a day, over the smallest of things. Flannery could remember when they fought over who’s turn it was to clean out the Gym. The verbal abuse went on for over an hour, and when Flannery tried to stop it, she ended up with a broken nose and a black eye, one injury from each twin.

‘Hello Tate, hello Liza. How are you two doing?’ Winona asked.

‘Yeah, we’re fine. Liza got us lost on the way here. I don’t mean any offence, but you should never let women tell you directions. Especially when teleporting. I know that from personal experience now’ Tate replied. He was quite short, and had short blue hair that was quite spiky. It looked like a porcupine with a cold had decided to move in on his head.
‘Well, if you hadn’t gotten my directions mixed up then we wouldn’t have ended up two hundred metres under the sea’ Liza restored. She was not happy with what Tate had just said, and Flannery saw good reason as well.

‘You ended up in the ocean? How stupid can you get?’ she said, defending Liza.

‘Hey, it’s not my fault she said Littleroot, and it came out like Kyogre’s Lair’

‘Kyogre’s Lair! How on earth did you get that, my lad?’ Wattson said. He had been listening for a while, without saying anything.

‘Umm… my ears were blocked…’ Tate lied. He hated being wrong, especially when it involved his sister.

‘I hate to break up the reunion, but we better have a look for Norman and Roxanne, they would have to be here now. Who knows what may happen to them…’ Winona said, and she led the group back into the town.

‘Are you sure this is a good idea? You said that it was dangerous going out at night at the moment.’ Flannery asked. All she wanted to do was sleep. It had been a very long sleep.

‘As I said, we have to look for Norman and Roxanne. Anyway, didn’t you get enough sleep on the way here? It certainly looked like it’

‘I only slept for an hour’ Flannery replied. She was sure that it had only been an hour.

‘Try four’ Winona replied.

‘That’s not long enough. I still need eight or nine, so I think I am entitled to another four or five hours’ Flannery said.

‘Well, you’re welcome to stay here’ Wattson said. He was growing impatient of Flannery complaining. ‘I mean, you can stay here and see what happens while your by yourself. Death may be here.’

‘No I think I will go with you’ Flannery said. She didn’t want to be alone.

‘Now that’s settled, can we go?’ Tate asked. He and Liza had taken a seat on the ground, they too had grown tired of Flannery.

‘I think it’s safe to say we may leave now’ Wattson replied, and he led the group back into the smoldering town.


Meanwhile, Wallace and Juan were still traveling towards Littleroot, still asleep atop the great whale. The sun was rising now, and the tide was starting to come in, dragging the whale towards the coast. The morning sky was clear, like a blue sea that stretched on forever. The last bit of night was now fading into the distance, not much more than a dark blue seen on the horizon.

In the ocean below, the Pokémon of the deep had already started their day. A large school of Remoraid was resting beneath the Wailord, hiding from a Sharpedo that had been hunting them for the past hour. They were invisible, as the shadow of the great Pokémon covered the whole school. They waited patiently until the shark Pokémon had left, and then continued on with their business.

On the sea floor, Staryu and Starmie were gliding gracefully through the water, searching for their food. Krabby patrolled the sea bed, hunting down anything small that came into their territory, leaving the bodies lying on the sea bed for a hungry Sharpedo to eat if it were unsuccessful in its hunt.

Also lying deep beneath them, hidden in a cave was a mystical creature. It was sleeping peacefully, unaware of the troubles happening on the land. It was coloured a deep blue, with a red line that seemed to outline it. It had large fins that protruded from both sides and the back of it. It had been many years since it had awoken, but it was about to change. A small tremor rushed through the sea, causing the water Pokémon to panic. The creature did nothing but remained asleep, and once the tremor had stopped, it awoke and gave an almighty roar, before leaving the sea cave.


‘Well, Roxanne and Norman haven’t shown up yet, so are we allowed to sleep yet?’ Flannery asked.

Winona sighed, ‘alright, but one hour only’ she replied.


‘One hour only.’

‘Alright, I guess I can make that work’ Flannery replied.

‘Well lass, you’ll have to make that work. You ain’t got anything else to work with’ Wattson said, laughing. His stomach bobbed up and down, much like jelly. He reminded Flannery of Santa, all he needed was a red suit and a beard.

Flannery lay down on a small patch of grass that had survived the blaze. She closed her eyes, and drifted into a deep sleep. The other leaders sat on the grass, and began to talk.

‘Something has happened to them, I can sense it’ Liza said.

‘You can sense it!’ Tate snorted at his sister’s remark. His sister was not psychic, she had never been psychic, and never would be psychic. She was born without the gene from their mother, only Tate had.

‘Yes I can sense it. Have a problem with that Tate?’ Liza asked.

‘No, it’s just that you’re not psychic, I am’ Tate replied.

Liza shuddered. Her brother had just told her secret. Now they would kick her out, as she was of no use.
‘You’re not psychic?’ Winona said, her voice had gone into a whisper.

‘No. I ‘missed’ out on the gene. Tate is the only psychic one, mum and dad only let me become a leader because the family gym requires that twins run it, and I am the twin.’

‘Well, it’s not a bad thing; at least you don’t have other people’s problems on your back’ Wattson said. He had sprawled out on the grass, and took up much of what was left of it.

‘I know, it’s just a bit embarrassing’ Liza said, and she sighed, ‘I always wanted to be psychic…’

‘Well, don’t worry about it, how about we rest for a while. I need to do some yoga, to clear my mind. Stay here though, don’t wander off’ and with that, Winona crossed her legs and began to meditate. Although she didn’t notice, she fell asleep a few minutes later, and fell into a dream.


‘Winona! Winona, get here now!’ a voice called. Winona looked around. Where was she? She looked around, and seemed to be standing in a small room. The walls were painted a dark red, and photos were scattered on a small brown table in the centre of the room. A marble fire place was near the door, and in front of it a black leather couch. She could see a small girl standing near the fire. She was wearing a white lace dress, and had dark hair that was tied back in a ponytail. She had a fringe that covered her eyes, and she looked scared.

That’s me! Winona thought, looking at the girl. Sure enough, it was her when she was eleven. The lace dress, the hair, everything was how she used to dress. She was even wearing the white shoes her grandmother had made for her.

Oh no Winona thought. She had fallen into a nightmare. The young Winona remained in the same spot, while the voice continued to call for her to come to wherever ‘here’ was. She stood there, and only moved once a blood curdling scream was heard, and then she ran into the other room. Winona followed unwillingly, and saw a gruesome sight. The young Winona was standing over the body of her mother, who was dead on the floor. Blood was trickling from her neck and dripping into a large puddle on the floor. Winona turned to see the wall, and written in her mother’s blood were the words


Winona began to scream, and she did not stop screaming.


‘Winona! Winona, wake up!’ she was being shook by someone. Winona stopped screaming, and opened her eyes to see the leaders standing around her. Roxanne and Norman were among them, they must have arrived while she slept. Flannery let go of her shoulders, and stepped back.

‘Are you okay?’ she asked.

‘Yeah, just a nightmare, that’s all. When did you two arrive?’ she said, changing the topic and focusing her attention to Norman and Roxanne, who seemed to be puzzled.

’About ten minutes ago, and then you started to scream. Are you sure you’re okay?’ Roxanne asked. The answer was the same. ‘I’m fine.’

‘Well, you’re lucky you didn’t get caught by Death. He sent one of his minions after Roxanne and I on the way here’ Norman said.

‘A minion?’

‘Yes, one of his workers. They are quite weak, so we were able to defeat him with Tauros and Golem. They fall easily, and then they die. They are servants to Death, and will lay their own lives in order for it to succeed.

‘What about Juan and Wallace?’

‘They’re still on their way’

‘They better arrive soon, or they’ll be in trouble.’


The waves tumbled, taking the Wailord with it. Each wave rose ten feet high, and crashed back down.

‘Hold onto something!’ Wallace yelled in between each wave. Juan had nothing to hold onto, except the strap that was tied onto the Pokémon, and he was losing his grip.

The ocean had turned into hell. Rain was pouring down from the skies, the clouds appearing only a few minutes ago. The sea had become vicious, tossing them about, trying to drown them.

‘What’s happened?’ Juan yelled out to Wallace, who had a firm grip on the strap.

‘I believe the sea god has awoken. Kyogre is now awake and searching for something. Until he calms down, it will remain like this’ Wallace explained.

What are we to do then?’

‘Hold on for life, my boy, just hold on for life’


‘Are your wife and kid okay?’ Flannery asked Norman.

‘What? Oh, yes. They managed to escape using May’s Swellow, and they flew to Petalburg to warn us. The whole city is now in the protection capsule.’

‘Good, so we know they are safe. We must go to all the other towns, before they become like Littleroot’ Wattson said, and began to plan.

‘Well, I guess this is it, isn’t it?’ Winona whispered to Norman.

‘Yeah, I am afraid so. This is the last of Littleroot, and probably all that Littleroot will be forever’ Norman replied with sadness. The two listened to the plan that Wattson had devised, and both wondered when Wallace and Juan would arrive.

Well, there is chapter 2.2, chapter 3 is coming soon, and will feature a special guest from Kanto!

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Elm ducked into some bushes on the side of the path, and took out a small metal object that resembled a grenade. He pulled the pin, and allowed the smoke to bellow from the insides, floating to the sky and creating a large shape. The shape was Mew.

Hold on, Elm had a Mew! He released the Mew, which rose into the sky and stood by doing absolutely nothing even as its master was killed? it seems all really random to me, as in Elm having a legendary for no aforementioned reason, which was released with little fanfare, and stood by doing absoltely nothing as its master was killed? Wouls Elm not have tried to command his pokemon to defend himself, before actually appearing that cocksure? It seems like a leap of logic too many, right there.

On the topic of "Death", we all know that it probably is not too nice a thing to have around, but what exactly are the reasons?

Also, a lot of speech. You need to describe the surroundings a little better, and flesh out your characters more. Especially those anime characters, who need to have a little something extra to make them differentiated from their anime counterparts, and yet being believable at the same time. That is what you need to take note of the most, right now. Your paragraphing can also be worked on, as a lot of the fic is just a scramble of singular lines. bunch some of them together.

Other than that, the anime characters were reasonably within character, and you have your piece about global calamity. It should be interesting t see how it pans out eventually. Good luck!


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