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Death God, Preview [PG-15]


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Well, I haven't posted what I've written in awhile. I am hoping that I will get some response from users on here; I was wondering what others would think if I gave the legendaries voices. I have a reason . . . but I guess that's for my story to tell why, eh? Anyway, this is rated PG-15 for death, some occasional gore, dark themes, and moderate/heavy language. Yeah I didn't want to show the rest of the prologue so I cut it a bit short to save the next part for later.

Death God

Infuriated roars filled the lifeless forest. The black trees reeked of a decaying scent, fear ringing off of their trunks. Intense flares of purple energy radiated as its blood red eyes wildly expressed its malevolence. A creature of grand stature overlooked its magnificent cemetery, the denizens of the dead rising from the black soil like ghastly beings from the depths of the underworld. Such violent roaring was the spirits' requiem as they gently floated, fading away. The purple air slowly glittered, slowly falling out to reveal a completely starless sky, protected by solely a full moon. Its light was not white, tainted by the blood of the dead, it radiated the red strife of its spirits, who were now floating away.

Soon, the spirits disappeared completely, only radiating glittering shapes of white light falling from the sky. Silence filled the air as the beautiful shapes filled the deathly air, slowly falling to the black soil. The immense creature calmed down, and began moving, the loud noises of its six heavy feet crushing the black soil below. Spreading out its black wings, the creature revealed three red spikes on both wings, barely visible due to the red moon overhead. Its yellow headpiece brightly glowed as the white specks of light fell to the ground, piling up, and slowly burying the soil. The creature's red eyes softened as it looked at a glowing white light, accumulating a few meters in front of it.

The light slowly molded, bending and shifting into a humanoid form. The female shape slowly walked out, making the monster back away a slight bit to give the girl room. The light disappeared, revealing the girl. Her beautiful, ashy blonde hair hid the girl's weeping hazel eyes. A giant gash ran down her right arm, a black substance seeping out slowly, trickling off of her fingers to the ground. A few more tears ran down the girl's left cheek before she began to speak.

"W-w-what is this?" the girl asked, her high-pitched and panicked voice alerting the creature she was standing in front of.

"You are . . . in the World of the Transitioning," the monster spoke, its deep voice ringing in the air, almost making it vibrate.

"Does that mean, I'm going to be dead?!? I don't want to die!" the girl screamed before she could even get an answer.

"You're not going to die, you're just going to go very far . . . far from mortal life," the creature explained, its deep voice showing no actual emotion.

"But, but, but, but . . . " the girl started stammering as she looked down at the ground, her eyes widening as she realized what was happening to her.

"Nobody can stay in the world of the living forever, young girl. Unfortunately, it is my job to take people away when it is the right time." the creature explained. "I, Giratina, am the one who travels between the world of the living and the dead do not think that I shall pity you," Giratina responded, its voice slightly agitated, but mostly monotone as usual.

"Bu . . .!" the girl was cut off.

"Goodbye," Giratina interrupted, its eyes not showing any sign of satisfaction or disdain towards its decision to take this girl to the world of the dead.

The girl’s eyes widened, her lips curving downward and moving outward as she tried to scream, only to silently stare. Giratina’s eyes showed no sympathy, their dazed, crimson red color tuning out as the girl was soon surrounded by black feathers. Her body quickly became covered by the lustrous black objects, the darkness now hiding the tears that were streaming down her glistening eyes. Soon, her face was a mere distant memory to the dragon as she faded away into the void that existed within the cloud of dark feathers. The cloud slowly floated up before shattering into many crimson red petals. The red petals coated the white ground, a murdered soul resting. Giratina looked away, and then slowly proceeded to flap its wings, ascending into the now brightening red sky.
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Lil' Jirachi

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Oooo... creepy, and yet, I like it. I've always like dark fics. I would like to correct something here: Giratina have a total of six legs, not four. I just thought you should know.