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Death Thread


Well-Known Member
In the Misc. Discussion, there is alot of Blabla Died today or something like that. I think there should be a death thread where people put the info of someone who died. Also to pay their respects. This would help clear up the misc.disc.


Oddish plzkthnxbai
I was just thinking about the corruption of "*Insert dead person here* Died!" threads. Or maybe a "Celebrity recent happenings" thread.


Super Gamer
I think that people should be able to make threads about it - but there should only be one thread per celebrity who died. If you disagree with my opinion you can just **** off. Let's stop the whining and *****ing about topics please. Have a nice day.

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Well-Known Member
Well for one thing this isn't the misc. This is site discussion and the thread would have been better put in the misc instead. Besides from the way you said it, even though I know it wasn't intentional, it still sounded a bit informal for making a general death thread.
People who are worth caring about don't die every day, so it is kind of redundant to have a sticky for something that is only going to happen every now and again, or fill up with stuff such as;

"My dog just died."
"I'm Praying for you/My thoughts are with you."

In the end it will result in a lot of spam. Personally, I think that there should be a rule against people posting stuff about their family issues, unless in the advice thread, because all it really is is a little bit of attention whoring, and fills up with spam. Famous deaths are fine and all, but personal deaths are a tad blah.

-Josh :)


Err...no. Things are just fine. It's not like there are tons of threads like this. I haven't counted more than 3 or 4, so it's not like there's a huge outbreak of these threads. I say ignore them, since no one's forcing you to look at them or post in them. ;/