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Deathstar Shop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Haipho, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Haipho

    Haipho Love Maker

    Deathstar Shop!

    All credit for the Banner goes to Mew_

    Kinda geeky as me and my broski are geeks.

    This shop is ran by me and and my friend: Goatmanjaro
    So please message here or Pm anyone of us if you'd like to trade!

    Important: Goatmanjaro will take over when I am on vacation so all trades will be with him.


    Yes we have them here. But it is kinda TL;DR :/​

    - All standard sppf rules apply
    - No hack pokemon. >.>
    - That's pretty much it.​
    Lets get to the Pokemons!
    Yellow means new.

    Absol Ut - Level 48 - Hasty
    Aipom Ut - Level 1 - Hardy
    Archen Ut - Level 25 - Jolly - Flawless
    Axew Ut - Level 31 - Relaxed - Mold Breaker
    Bulbasaur Ut - Level 1 - Modest - Eggmove Giga drain/Leaf storm/Petal dance
    Charizard T - Level 71 - Bold
    Duskull Ut - Level 28 - Relaxed
    Eevee Ut - Level 1 - Timid - Eggmove Fake tears/Stored power/Yawn/Wish - Flawless - 16 Iv in attack - Dw ability
    Golett Ut - Level 30 - Jolly - Klutz
    Gyarados LOR Ut - Level 30 - Quirky
    Heatmor Ut - Level 37 - Modest
    Karrablast Ut - Level 1 - Adamant - Eggmove Megahorn/Pursuit/Knock off - Near Flawless - 30 Iv in attack/24 Special Attack
    Koffing Ut - Level 15 - Rash
    Lapras Ut - Level 20 - Timid
    Latios Ut - Level 40 - Timid
    Ponyta Ut - Level 40 - Docile
    Sandile Ut - Level 1 - Jolly - Flawless
    Shuckle Ut - Level 52 - Careful
    Solosis Ut - Level 1 - Bold - Eggmove Imprison/Trick - Flawless - Magic guard
    Unown Ut - Level 25 - Impish
    Virizion Ut (NN'd; Viridium) - Level 42 - Timid
    Voltorb Ut - Level 28 - Modest
    Vulpix Ut - Level 1 - Timid - Eggmove Hypnosis - Flawless - Dw ability - Jpn.

    Lets get to the Items!

    Life orb
    Choice scarf
    Yeah those are probably what you guys are interested in, just ask if I have an item because I have some more.

    Yes I do want stuff :)

    Cool Eggmoves
    Flawless Shinies!
    Flawless good natured pokemon!
    Competitive battling items!

    Choice spec.
    Flame Orb
    Choice Band

    I bolded the stuff I want most ;D

    Im VERY lenient so feel free to offer ^^ but don't offer me things like a patrat for a shiny. srsly.

    Coming Soon

    Give aways (yes, you can get entered if you trade with us :D)​
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2011
  2. Haipho

    Haipho Love Maker

    Bump! ;)
    Time to trade !
  3. sama

    sama Boop-boop-de-boop

    Would you trade me your Shiny Axew or Shiny Flawless sandile for:
    Lv.100 Pikachu/Beedrill
    Armor fossil-Sheildon
    Claw fossil- Anorith
    Helix fossil- Omanyte
    Old Amber- Aradactyl
    Skull fossil x2- Crandios
    Pass Orb
    Shiny Stone
    Yellow Flute
  4. Rayce

    Rayce _

    Archen Ut - Level 1 - Jolly - Flawless
    trade for a shiny EV'd mamoswine w/adamant nature?
  5. $h1ny Hunter

    $h1ny Hunter <-- Future Target

    Hey I'm interested in your Shiny UT Rash Koffing. I can either offer you one shiny pokemon (depending on who) from my trade shop, or up to 3 of the egg move pokemon in my shop. Post in my shop to see what I got that you like/are interested in. Cool shop btw.
  6. Haipho

    Haipho Love Maker

    @Sama: Not really interested in those. sorry.

    @Rayce: What are it's Evs?

    @$h1ny Hunter: I'll take a look and thanks :)
  7. Swampert is my Homeboy

    Swampert is my Homeboy Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma

    I am interested in your shiny Solosis. I can offer the stuff in my sig, but some need to be cloned first.
  8. PokemonMasterDylan

    PokemonMasterDylan Master Trainer

    Would you trade your shiny Golett for a shiny ut Litwick lvl 27 w/modest nature (+sp.atk -atk)
  9. Haipho

    Haipho Love Maker

    @Swampert is my homeboy: There is nothing in your sig.

    @PokemonMasterDylan: Yes I would :)
  10. Valth001

    Valth001 New Member

    I'll trade you a ut flawless shiny adamant nature Bagon for your flawless shiny Archen or your shiny flawless Solosis.
  11. Ginji

    Ginji <-most recent shiny

    Yo, I'm interested in your shiny vulpix Ut - Level 1 - Timid - Eggmove Hypnosis - Flawless - Dw ability - Jpn.

    check my shop
  12. Haipho

    Haipho Love Maker

    @Valth001: That'd be nice. Which one you prefer?

    @Ginji: I checked it and I'm interested in your horsea.
  13. Ginji

    Ginji <-most recent shiny

    ok, use my US white fc and let me know when your able to trade
  14. Valth001

    Valth001 New Member

    I think that I prefer the Archen if that's fine with you.
  15. Swampert is my Homeboy

    Swampert is my Homeboy Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma

    Haha oh sorry I took out my sig cause I have a shop now the links below. Sorry about that haha
  16. Haipho

    Haipho Love Maker

    Haha, Np I'll check it out and pm you :)
  17. Ginji

    Ginji <-most recent shiny

    Yo again XD
    I'm interested in your shiny eevee Ut - Level 1 - Timid - Eggmove Fake tears/Stored power/Yawn/Wish - Flawless - 16 Iv in attack - Dw ability

    check my shop ^^
  18. Haipho

    Haipho Love Maker

    Lol, link your shop xD
    I like the shiny flawless Totodile. I can trade now still.
  19. Ginji

    Ginji <-most recent shiny

    ok, use my black fc and I'll be on wifi in 2 min
  20. abrar14

    abrar14 Statter Master

    im interested in your shiny axew check my shop and see if your interested in anything.i cant link it because im on my ds

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