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debit cards and the government?

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by joker0187, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. joker0187

    joker0187 my rolfcopter goes..

    this question goes to people living in the u.s, but others are welcomed to answer

    the question is that is it right or moral for big banks to distribute debit cards for the people who are filling for unemployment, which these banks can charge fees to the unemployed? this is done in collaboration with 30 states in the U.S to "help" out the unemployed

    i myself find this as a very stupid, if not, immoral way to help out needy people in desperate times. funny thing is that the big banks were one of the people who trigger this national, my bad, internation depression and now they want to "help" us. then whats the point to file for unemployement if you have to pay fees for it, wtf?
  2. BigLutz

    BigLutz Banned

    Well for one just saying it was the banks that triggered this is a bit wrong, it had many sources, granted one of the biggest ones were the banks. As for the debt cards, I see no real difference than normal credit cards maybe you could give a better description as to how they differ.

    If anything while amassing a horrible amount of debt is bad, if you are laid off, and you need to pay the bills, and provide food, and if bad turns to worse receive medical care. You do need to turn to credit cards as a way to provide finances. Until you can get that next job.

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