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Dec 25th: M23 - Pocket Monsters the Movie: Coco (Feb 28: Story/profiles)


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If this is just going to be Ash and Pikachu, then I'm not really interested in the movie. Though I do like the mythical Pokemon (just not enough for a main role type situation)

I don't like it when Ash ONLY uses Pikachu in these movies.

I wonder if AU Ash will have Dragonite, it would be kind of cool to see.
Dammit, they fused Tarzan's warrior status with her mother's caring side. We know Ash is Jane and Pikachu is Professor Archimedes Quincy Porter.

Who's gonna be Terk.


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God if this manages to pull my heartstrings more than Movie 21, I’ll be surprised
The scene of Ash and Coco traveling to the past to see how he was left in the forrest practically writes itself if they go with that angle.


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Let me also point out how it’s good that they are actually showcasing Gen 8 Pokémon in this one aside from the Mythical unlike the last 3 movies. Dunno what was the deal with that

1. Kanto. Cross had Alola Pokemon, which was fair game.... but then Ash had two companions, bargain bin versions of Brock and Misty who had Sinnoh Pokemon of all things and not you know, Alola Pokemon? Falsely misleading the DP remake fanbase into thinking that was happening
2. No idea. So many characters and there was only ONE Alola Pokemon in it that wasn't Zeraora....
3. Remake lol with Wingull added in for some weird reason

I'm glad they're actually using a fair amount, hopefully there's even more. And hopefully Ash has something aside from just Pikachu this time, I'd love to see Dragonite or one of the other Pokemon like maybe this universe's Sceptile?


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Oh, this movie is another in the I Choose You timeline. I was not expecting that. Figured those were over after they did a Mewtwo remake instead of another movie in the timeline. Also figured that having movies not line up with the series was going to be an Alola gimmick. Then again, I partly assumed that because of how hard it would be to nail down a movie taking place in Alola given it's... unique format, and the next series looks even more "unique" in those regards.


Nodqfan said:
Feels like you could add Phil Collins soundtrack from Tarzan to the trailer and it'd be a perfect match.

The first thing that I thought of when I saw the new trailer was Disney's adaptation of Tarzan. And although I'm a huge Disney fan, I didn't really care for that movie [although its soundtrack was quite amazing]. But I can't say whether or not this movie's similarities to Tarzan bode well for it. I like the fact that Coco was raised by Zarude however, which also reminds me of The Jungle Book.


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I don't think that cramorant belongs to TR. Considering the last scene where it seems to playfully play with Pikachu, I believe TR tries to steal it but fails. Also no sleeves Jessie looks so so good.


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So beautiful! But I can’t understand one thing - why isn’t Yajima now the chief director for the main series?! Everything could be better with him!

Yajima is great at creating drama and action-packed stories, suitable for movies. My guess is that the Pokémon anime can afford to be a lighter slice of life for new directors to experiment on, while the Pokémon movies badly need someone who understand stakes and characters. Yajima is able to make movies out of TV series with XY with great acclaim while the XY movies were flopping at the box offices.


Dammit, they fused Tarzan's warrior status with her mother's caring side. We know Ash is Jane and Pikachu is Professor Archimedes Quincy Porter.

Who's gonna be Terk.

I want to know who's Cheeta. Pikachu?