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Dec 25th: M23 - Pocket Monsters the Movie: Coco (Feb 28: Story/profiles)

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It's crazy there was no new movie for 2 years and 2 new games.

Some people consider the Arceus Specials as a movie replacement.

What's even stranger is no new Mythical since Zarude.
They should've made Enamorus a Mythical and include her somehow in the Arceus Specials. Also Gen 8 is the 1st gen since gen 2 with only 1 Mythical (unless you consider Meltan as Gen 8).
It's good they cut down on Mythicals, a lot of them just fade out of existence for years and getting 3 new ones every generation was getting bland. Zeraora and Zarude are some of my favorites but really what's stopping them from being in the games? Zarude live in packs, would have been cool to have the species dwelling on the Isle of Armor

I much prefer new Legendary Pokemon being an actual part of the games like Kubfu/Urshifu, the Tundra Trinity, Enamorus, etc. It makes the Pokemon feel more special and like they're actually part of the game.

Besides the movie formula got stale. Ash meets new Mythical Pokemon, Ash and Mythical Pokemon team up to stop the bad guy, Ash and Mythical Pokemon go their separate ways, the end! I'm glad they at least dropped the box Legendary from being a necessary inclusion to the movies, it's nice seeing those guys in the anime proper now. But if they weren't going to adapt Armor/Tundra in the anime then they easily could have taken some of those concepts and turned them into a movie. Calyrex and Peonia essentially fulfill the typical Movie Pokemon and Movie Sidekick roles
Let me guess. The theme would be once again speciesism on humans.


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Or maybe the villain is the one who is a racist human, being absolutely spiciest towards all Pokemon because he's a strong believer in humanity's position as the dominant life form on Earth.


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I say do what made in abyss and demon slayer did and make a canon arc into a movie.

Or if that to much then go with the recent one movies route.


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This may or may not be hints of a new movie in the works. What say you?
I’d say I hope it isn’t about a legendary being wary about humans and stays a half of the movie as a prick, or a power hungry human who want the titular pokemon.

But, they used almost every trick in the book and always ends up like a variation of one of these. With some exceptions.


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I know it's early to say, but I predict the human villain being a genocidal racist who considers all Pokemon "vermin".

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I know it's early to say, but I predict the human villain being a genocidal racist who considers all Pokemon "vermin".
I’m thinking that Calyrex, Glastrier, and Spectrier will all be in the movie being the main Legendary Pokémon as they are the only Gen VIII Pokémon pre-Legends left to debut in either the anime or movies.
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