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Dec 8th: SM6 - Zing Zap Togedemaru!

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Dephender, Nov 7, 2016.

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  1. WaterShuriken

    WaterShuriken Well-Known Member

    Comment for the sketch thing. You guys remember that Umbreon that totally belonged to Don George in that early BW concept art?

    Comment for Togedemaru. I wonder what other moves this thing has. I know it has Zing Zap but I want to see more Steel-type moves.

    Edit: As I typed that I realized this thing can only learn Gyro Ball. This thing is just as bad as Dedenne. What is the point of these secondary typngs?
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2016
  2. satopi

    satopi SM Ash is best Ash! All hail Champion Ash!

    Seeing that the anime doesn't have to follow closely to the games mechanics, Togedemaru can learn many moves as much as the writers please. Togedemaru won't be as bad as Dedenne.
  3. 345ash-greninja

    345ash-greninja Prince Of Balbadd

    But Togedemaru can't learn any Steel type moves other than Gyro Ball, so what can the writers do in this aspect?
    LilligantLewis likes this.
  4. Captain America X

    Captain America X Well-Known Member

    When was the last time the writers allowed one of the main cast pokemon to have a move it doesn't learn and keep said move for a long time?

    Their gonna follow the moveset the games gave
    LilligantLewis likes this.
  5. Satomine Night

    Satomine Night The Power of Z!

    I wonder if Mimikyu only seemed so powerful because it was up against its archnemesis Pikachu and its power was strengthened by its hatred for the mouse. It may prove to not be as strong against another Pokémon. That could actually be a rather interesting insight into Mimikyu's psyche. I'm sure Team Rocket will find some way to take advantage of that extreme hatred. (Hey, it looks like the TRio has a chance to posing a legitimate threat to Ash and his friends this time.)

    Togedemaru already has one advantage over Dedenne: it's owned by someone who is old enough to be a Trainer. I think part of Dedenne's problem was that he was essentially Bonnie's Pokémon (even if Clemont was technically his Trainer), and since Bonnie wasn't old enough to be a Trainer, Dedenne rarely got the opportunity to battle; and whenever the opportunity did arise, he was asleep half the time.
  6. 345ash-greninja

    345ash-greninja Prince Of Balbadd

    If game movesets weren't followed in case of main character's Pokemon, then Pikachu would've had Extreme Speed(a move it can lean via event in Gen 5) instead of Quick Attack.
  7. satopi

    satopi SM Ash is best Ash! All hail Champion Ash!

    You think I keep a record on what Pokémon can and can't use certain moves? I'm just saying, Togedemaru will learn new moves even if it's limited to one Steel Type move and you have no clue in what's in store for the little guy. And no, I don't think they're gonna follow the games' moveset. It isn't required, it's flexible, and it isn't necessary. It'll benefit Togedemaru if it can learn more than one Steel type move just like Magikarp finally did something with its Splash attack on Ash's face.

    Jessie, in this case, already is. Seeing that it gets a boost from its hatred of Pikachu, it'll be a reliable ally for taking down Pikachu. But I don't think Mimikyu would like the idea of Pikachu being captured and sent off to Giovanni. That'll just add more salt for the Pikachu glorification wound it so desperately wants to erase.

    Even with that handicap, they should've done more for Dedenne. There wouldn't have been any difference had it been released aside from a good farewell moment.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2016
  8. Satomine Night

    Satomine Night The Power of Z!

    You make a good point. Mimikyu wants to defeat Pikachu, but it would probably loathe the idea of Pikachu being further glorified by being sent to Giovanni as a prize. Mimikyu might even think Jessie tricked it and that she, and James and Meowth, value Pikachu more than they value it. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound!

    I can foresee an episode where the TRio manages to capture Pikachu (for more than a few minutes), and Mimikyu ends up feeling betrayed. If James had been the one to catch Mimikyu, then I could easily see him realizing Mimikyu's true feelings and bonding with it, because that's the kind of person James is. But I don't know about Jessie. She can be pretty nasty. :/

    Oh, I agree. In fact, giving Bonnie to Dedenne was a good opportunity for this future Pokémon Trainer to get a taste of Pokémon training and battling, but the writers missed out on that one.
  9. Mew2

    Mew2 Team Rocket's Enemy

    I'd love to see an arc with this. Maybe once Team Rocket gets Pikachu and talk about their plans with him, Mimikyu feels betrayed, especially since Jessie would talk about how Pikachu was captured and even tell Giovanni how Mimikyu was only strong against Pikachu. This causes Mimikyu to find Ash and friends and lead them to Pikachu so TR can't send him to Giovanni and, thus, it will still be of value to Team Rocket. I'd also love it for Mimikyu to eventually betray Pikachu and try to kill him because of its hatred of Pikachu, only for Pikachu to finally beat him, throwing all pity and compassion to the wind, which was the real reason why Pikachu had such difficulty beating it since he felt sorry for it. Once beaten, Team Rocket, or at least Jessie, abandons Mimikyu, leaving it a broken shell of what it used to be with Ash and friends also not trusting it or bringing it along with them because of how it treated Pikachu, Mimikyu finally realizing that its issues were all its own fault and how it has to become a better Pokémon in order to be worthy of anyone's accolades.
  10. satopi

    satopi SM Ash is best Ash! All hail Champion Ash!

    THis would be a great arc for Mimikyu. Learning the error of its ways. ^^
  11. Satomine Night

    Satomine Night The Power of Z!

    This would be a VERY interesting arc for Mimikyu. Jessie in particular strikes me as the type who would go on and on about how great it is that the TRio finally captured the brat's boy God-chu and what a great gift it will be for Giovanni, without taking into account Mimikyu's feelings at all, leaving Mimikyu feeling betrayed. Rather than leading Ash and his friends to Pikachu, however, I think it's more likely that Mimikyu would help Pikachu escape from Team Rocket.

    I never thought about the possibility of Pikachu feeling sorry for Mimikyu, but that could actually add a rather interesting dynamic to their rivalry.

    LAWLZ FUNNY MAN Pokemon Trainer

    Is Litten in this episode or the next?
  13. 345ash-greninja

    345ash-greninja Prince Of Balbadd

    Most probably in this episode.
  14. satopi

    satopi SM Ash is best Ash! All hail Champion Ash!

    Speaking of Litten, seeing that Ash and Litten will have a heart to heart conversation, we'll learn something personal about Litten as well. Like it's struggles and why it acts the way it does. Ash deserves to get scratched by Litten but I think Litten will learn something about Ash that'll change its mindset on the little guy. Like Ash opens up to Litten about his fear of being lonely and why he loves Pokémon so much because he's always been surrounded by them, etc. This might be a half focus on Togedemaru, half focus on Litten. I know the Popplio episode will be focused on Lady Lana and Popplio. I guess this episode can't be all about Togedemaru until they focus on something interesting on it or its Trainer.
  15. Captain America X

    Captain America X Well-Known Member

    All you would have yo do is google said pokemon to see it's moves lol.

    The writers rarely give Pokemon moves it can't learn in game.And the times they do give them illegal moves said pokemon are not recurring Pokemon or if they are recurring Pokemon they get rid of said illegal move in the following episodes.So yeah the chance of Togedemaru having moves it can't learn in game is extremely unlikely.

    Why would the writers who have been following the in game movesets since AG suddenly decide to not follow it?
  16. Ilikepiex7

    Ilikepiex7 Well-Known Member

    Likely next episode will be Ash captures Litten episode
  17. 345ash-greninja

    345ash-greninja Prince Of Balbadd

    Well I guess he doesn't have a good knowledge of the games and only follows the anime.
  18. lemoncatpower

    lemoncatpower Cynical optimist

    I really really am excited for Litten to be captured eventually, wouldn't even mind if he was still getting to know Ash at this point (even though he's seen sitting right in his lap..) but since I've used Litten in the game and it's fam, they're probably my favorite Alola pokemon. I'm hoping for powerhouse Incineroar way more now!
  19. Satomine Night

    Satomine Night The Power of Z!

    I would like to see that - Ash opening up to Litten, and perhaps Litten opening up a bit to Ash, or at least changing its mind about the boy. (No, Litten, Ash does not have a vendetta against your tail.) Perhaps Litten will choose to be with Ash, just like Rowlet did. Now that I would really like.
  20. johno1995

    johno1995 Well-Known Member

    I'm a bit tired of the "become friends and join Ash" schtick at this point. I want to see Ash catch something that he finds interesting and then work from there in terms of personal growth and becoming friends; like trainers in-game have to. I'd be more interested to see Ash catch Litten against its will and then work from there, but that's just me!
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