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Deceit & Assist (399)


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Though there really isn't any good reason for the characters (especially Caroline, who hasn't been around and thus has no way of knowing what kind of training May's done with her Pokémon) to immediately jump to the conclusion that it's Munchlax at this point. Bulbasaur would've been the more obvious (though incorrect) guess to make.


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I still don't like Harley very much, he can be quite the jerk. At least this episode had some great May/Drew moments. If I can say anything good about Harley, it's that he's making really good material for contestshipping. :)

Even though May nearly messed things up completely for getting further in the Grand Festival, I think she did do a good job with Skitty. Seeing all the different attacks was pretty interesting (I do love assist), and I liked the comment that it showed the abilities of May's different pokemon. The reaction to the solar beam from out of nowhere was pretty funny too. :) [SPOIL]Given that Munchlax knows metronome now, I wonder what would happen if Skitty got that if she was still on May's active team and used assist. That would be interesting. LOL I'd love to try that with a skitty and a togepi.[/SPOIL]

Also, Jessie having to impersonate Anthony was pretty funny. I liked James, Meowth, and Ash's reactions when swalot swallowed Jessie. :D

Overall, 8/10, knocked down mostly because of Harley.


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A few things that made me laugh and surprised:

- Jessie wearing the Anthony costume and not James(he never gets a big role in these plots).
- Skitty using Solarbeam. Yeah probably was Munchlax.
- Snorunt still hasnt quite gotten Ice Beam down pat yet...
- Is it just me or does the judge left of the 3x nurse joys sound exactly like the voice of the show's narrator. He's the guy that reminds of Simon from American Idol.


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HoennMaster said:
For the last part, huh?

In the contests there is usually 3 judges: 2 guys and a nurse joy. In this contest there were 3 nurse joys and 2 guys. The second guy from the right sounds just like the narrator of the show.

If someone could give me an image of the introduction of the judges, this would be much easier to explain.


Cobalt_Latios said:
In the contests there is usually 3 judges: 2 guys and a nurse joy. In this contest there were 3 nurse joys and 2 guys. The second guy from the right sounds just like the narrator of the show.

If someone could give me an image of the introduction of the judges, this would be much easier to explain.

That's because Mr. Contesta is voiced by Mike Pollock, the same guy who does the narrarating.

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Sorry if I'm going at Jessie (as usual) but she really went over line from stealing ribbons to trying to fight for them.


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A very good episode both May's and Drew's contest preformences were amazing, very well executed. May is definitely a natural at Pokemon Contests but she still has alot to learn about contests. Nice to see that she barely made it through to the next round of competition now she just need to defeat Harley and Drew and win the competition.


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I loved this episode! I love May, Harley, Drew, the appeals, the contestshipping moments, Harley's plans backfiring, and the Grand Festival stadium!


Harley's backfiring was the best part in this episode, I loved the expression on his face!
May's Skitty was just amazing in this episode, and I must admit I enjoyed every second of their awesome teamwork.


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I love the whole contest aspect of the show! I love it, it suits me much better then the battling lol.


It's always funny when Harley's schemes fail. Though I think the writers get confused with Petal Dance, in some episodes it confuses the user and in others they have it confuse the target. Apart from that, alright episode.


Skitty was great, although it was confused for a second.

And i loved Drew's appeal, amazing.



So it's finally time for some action at the Grand Festival now that everything's been settled. May has her Pokemon healed and checked one last time before the main battles and she met Harley again. She was being very nice to him despite him being creepy and sadistic. Drew was there too with his Roselia and Masquerain, they were so cute. Probably the funniest thing about this episode was the part where that fat guy gets hit with Snorunt's Ice Beam during training and Torkoal has to melt away the ice from his behind. Teehee.

I liked it when May's Skitty was practicing Assist and it turned into a pretty Silver Wind from Beautifly. Even Harley praised it although he was probably just playing along as he always does. The appeals started off with a bang thanks to Harley! His Banette looked creepy but it's Will-O-Wisp and Shock Wave combo was good enough to earn Harley a decent score. The Jessie gets discovered as a fake posing as that fat guy Anthony by Swalot. But then Anthony's appeal with Swalot was kind of bland seeing as Swalot hardly knows any dazzling moves.

When Skitty took the stage for it's appeal, it was so freaking cute! Though May messed up big time. By having it use Assist randomly to trigger random effects like Razor Leaf, Solar Beam (to my surprise), and Petal Dance, it all lacked originality even after Skitty suffered Petal Dance's confusion effect. She barely managed to save herself with that ice pillar move. Looks like Drew was able to see through Harley's malicious scheme, right before he hit the stage with his Masquerain to make a bubble-based appeal that was the best so far! Robert and Milotic were good too but we didn't get to see much from them. The battle between May and Harley promises to be intense, 9/10 :)


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This episode was cool. May definitely used Assist way too much in the appealing round. May's battle with Beautifly and Bulbasaur vs Harley was really cool, their combos were great. It was surprising to see Skitty using Solarbeam with its Assist move.