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December 10th: PM2019 090 - Winter Special #2! Dialga & Palkia! The Decisive Space-time Battle!!

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Legends Arceus shall be a masterpiece
From Animedia, an interview with Tomiyasu that's partially centered around this arc and Shirona's return.
The entire issue has a recurring theme of "It's Christmas, so tell us why your angels are the greatest in the world" as an interview subject for the staff of various shows, so that's the primary topic here.
The Cynthia section so true I love how the main anime writers like me are Cynthia simps, true people of culture :p
This article WAS very cringe in its wording tho lmao, the goh Chloe parts were cute in some ways. How the hell is Grookey angelic lol?
Also very unpopular opinion.....but I get what the writer means by JN30 Pikachu and I agree lol.....he was OOC but he was very cute in that episode and the episode in general was so cute that it's one of my fav JN episodes....yep shoot me :p
Also that Iris reference in the end, and how she's a celestial madien, so true <3
It's interesting how they went out of their way to point out Iris got the most change out of any returning companion tho
XY Ash is the angel.
Pfft the only angel in this anime is Lillie :cool:
A person of culture you are :p


Justice for Avi!
I'm sure there's already stuff like that anyway.

If it exists...;)


Some ppl have the insight of a Magikarp
It'll probably be a few more weeks.

Though we do still have those Pokemon from that magazine spread a while back that haven't appeared yet.


That's about 3 or 4 unannounced episodes right there.
Yeah. Another Alolan episode for sure. Say doesn't Brock have a Chansey? And something with space Jirachi and Elgem.. That Slaking tho... Norman or Sawyer?


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