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December 16th: PM2019 136 - Satoshi and Go! Setting Off Anew!!


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You know what thought I had about all of this JN finale stuff and new arc? I am actually very annoyed that the leakers did not give us any bombs on if Go is staying or not, or even what's the new arc about. It's almost like they are keeping everything under wraps. I thought they would stop fooling around after the Leon battle and PM, but NOPE, they are extremely silent on if Go is leaving or not; or even what the premise of the new SV anime will be about.

There is a chance they don't know, but in the off chance they do know, then it's not helpful to be so silent about that. I just want a clear answer from the leakers so that we can at least end this debate of 'go leaving vs go staying'. I get it, we are leaning toward Go possibly leaving, but I want the anime to just outright say it now so we can stop arguing


What is the airspeed of an unladen Swellow?
Only 3 days left to find out about the anime's future.
Only three days to wait to learn that they’re kicking the can down the road another week.


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I don't want to quote Mooty, as I realize it could be a load of bs given he's already unreliable, but have we seen the new logo before? This was apparently from their discord:

They used to have the JN 2019 logo, but not anymore now.

(Insert "Uhhh Go fans, what does it mean?")

EDIT: Did a little more digging. There was another merch a few days ago that had both that type of logo and JN2019 logo, but this time the new merch from hours ago does not have the JN logo.
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Pokefans Taiwan said that Ash may be going to an anime exclusive region


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After all the Vrains comparisons for this, I'll just say this, at least Vrains had the decency to end after getting some goodwill with Revolver vs Soulburner and Yusaku vs Ai
The Offscreenia Region, which will be introduced as a way for the show to write Ash off without ending his journey
sounds like paradise

-ash will follow his dream for sure! At some point he will be a pokemon master now his journey continues in offscreenland where he will have other battles or whatever

-Now, let's continue with the story of a new main protagonist in Paldea, Goh and Chloe/ New Protagonist A & New Protagonist B!
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The Offscreenia Region, which will be introduced as a way for the show to write Ash off without ending his journey
It gives me an idea for it. Who are the Trainers in Offscreenia Region and what is their origin story?

I'll find out next time on Dragon Ball Z Pokémon The Series: Scarlet and Violet!