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December 16th: PM2019 136 - Satoshi and Go! Setting Off Anew!!


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1.Mallow lost her mother at a young age, worked herself at a young age helping her father, then had a goal to cook well. Maybe this goal is mundane but everyone has some goals besides cooking is not bad, there are many anime about cooking that conquer almost every pokemon character
2. Lana is closed in herself, only later she opens up to people more, her father is almost not at home, her mother brings up two children.
3. Lillie's childhood trauma and then gradually overcoming it
Just because each of these characters isn't aiming to become Miss Pokemon or Pokemon Master doesn't mean they're bottomless or weak.
One of the few seasons that clearly dealt with friendships and relationships, and the only one that dealt with the psychology of the characters much deeper.


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Whoever wrote Goh and Project Mew, I hope they get replaced or get support from someone who understands good writing.

Give me a fresh writer who will write Goh and his storyline properly.
I disagree with Goh's case. He's a good character and had been improving a lot in a short time. I don't care about Project Mew's case though, but it did contribute to Goh's improvement.


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He was wrong about alot of things
Cynthia episode being only one
135 being the end and goh and Ash part ways
Villain arc after after Ash vs Leon
And the list goes on.
Moot should stop being used as a "source"
Oh. My bad. I am a bit sick today and thought they were talking about Gryphon being wrong.

There goes my hopes for JN136 to be false


I watched Pokemon anime for 20 freaking years
Unlike the likes off @UnovaMaster @GohMaster! and @Niormon I can acccept Goh staying, I only dislike people like them who have such toxicity that have to impose this characters to us cause probably they are mild like him.

The big problem of this series for me was not Goh, It was how it lied to us, It was how it was written, It was how Team Rocket has a 50% appearance rate and they did nothing with them, It was how they threated them, how they were desecrated with that Gatcha thing specially after how good they were in Alola

You three made people chooses sides and that's a dangerous thing to do cause when It goes good for you you will feel like you won the World Cup, but when things go bad then a sh*tstorm really big rains on you. If Goh leaves I do not think that the main problem o f the anime is solved

to make clear my make position I will do the following, you've been advised.

If Goh stays Team Rocket stays but it's the same old format as Journeys.

I will destroy this series week in week out

-If Goh stays Team Rocket stay, but we got a new format with more Paldea and Team Rocket having their own mons, and Goh beeing more adventure oriented: Congrats we can reach and agreement

I will criticize this series if it's due, but also congratulate it a lot

If Goh leaves and Team Rocket stays only to be the same they are in Journeys.

Well guess we both will loose, I will be happy the first month but as weeks pass I will retturn to my salty self, probably the quote I miss Goh will appear sometime. I won't enjoy this series and destroy it week in week out

If Goh leaves and Team Rocket are amazing like in Alola or Sinnoh

Flawless Victory for me, probably will make fun of Goh stans the first weeks, but I promisse that I will not kick the dead horse.

I can addapt because Goh is not my main problem, you are. You are making people hate Goh, and you say that you love him, but instead off giving good reasons you laugh at us, so off course this sets an spiral of toxicity from both parts, even me.

Goh leaves, Goh stays, Goh kisses Ash. Well that's already decided, but you can change your attitude to people who dislikes people you like, this next three years could be really easy, if we just don't be jerks to each other.

I will try to make this ammend when the Paldean episodes start.

The journeys set off anew and so do I.


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It's not even the fact they are 'criticising it'
But posts like Kukui is a pedo for being shirtless, misgendering the characters all the time, making classist remarks against the alolan girls and constantly degrading them, being a 3 year old child by thinking bastardising their names is some peak comedy, continuously calling them ew and what not and being obsessed with just being toxic about a series is so freaking irritating, esp when a character bashing rule exists in this forum but is never used for that user, but low and behold if someone criticises Ash and Serena's bond, that thread is getting locked
I have to agree. The pairings can be made by the fandom, it doesn't do harm unless it evolves into a war between two pairings, which becomes toxic over time. And if you already know that, unlike Naruto, Pokemon hasn't been featuring (the endgame) for a very long time, why bringing it up continuously?

But looking at the posts now, it makes sense that the Pokemon fandom is going overboard in certain topics.

Tabasco Boshi

I understand santiagus' pov. I also want Team Rocket to be treated better because so far this has been a disgrace. However, having Goh or not shouldn't have any connection to that. If Goh stays, you should just ignore him. That's what I do. As I always say, he's a good character in the wrong anime that was artificially shoved in. You should complain about Team Rocket's treatment no matter what happens with Goh. That's what I would do.

Ashton Ketchum

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I’m sure totally - it’s a fake. Because, next episode title sounds like the final.


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How do you even end TR's storyline in JN lol when they got jackshit and Morpeko has no substance.....
I guess we get another Mimikyu growth scenario with Morepko, instead this time it'll feel forced in and unearned
Unforgivable. Never going to forgive Journeys for not giving them the substance they need. I thought they were going to at least consider not being a part of Team Rocket but still frequently appear.


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I’m sure totally - it’s a fake. Because, next episode title sounds like the final.

No you're 100% wrong, it's not fake. Gryphon (and someone else on Twitter) already watched episode 135 of Journeys today (1 week before us) so he already saw the preview for 136 and therefore knows its title. Go is staying and travelling together with Ash to Paldea, no doubt.


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Honestly rather tha wheter or not goh stays, i think i’d rather they have a change in staff more than anything else.

JN had been a directional mess that doesn’t seem to know what it actually wants to do. Can we please just have people who can make long term story planning at the helm?