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December 16th: PM2019 136 - Satoshi and Go! Setting Off Anew!!


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Parallel to episode JN002? Watch it being over in 5 minutes. I don't give two cents about the raid battle.
Its meant to be a bookend. Ash and Goh first met each other during a fateful encounter as complete strangers right on top of Lugia's back. Now here they are fighting Lugia together now as friends. Lugia is the Pokemon that brought them together, so it makes sense to end this way,


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Watch when Goh captures Lugia!
No idea why my post was deleted by moderation, but I don't think people are asking Mark Hamil and Frank Welker to retire because this is an anime subsection built around discussing Pokemon.
Pokémon, or in this case, Ash, is an extremely popular product that is just as recognizable as the characters voiced by the actors I provided.
Anime = animation = cartoons. No difference but the language.
At any rate, of course it's an outright disrespectful comment but inherently misogynistic? Not really in my opinion. I have read articles on ageism in the VA industry that have pointed out the complaints can very well turn gendered when paired with misogynistic language like " hag. "

With the original post specifically, if people had made the more substantial claim that it was misogynistic because the dude basically asked female VAs to step down to be replaced by male ones, I'd think claims of misogyny would be warranted.
So someone has to be blatantly misogynistic for you to finally get that comment was really uncalled for? Where is 345ash-Greninja with his comment of saying it isn’t right for Serena to be taller than Ash because men should be taller than women (lol.) Of course men won’t suffer from it as much since it’s a male dominated industry. Japan in general has a very misogynistic society. I remember comments of a few NEET commentors on Twitter saying they like Serena and think that she’s beautiful but her actress is old (40 years old at the time.) That comment enforced that by saying because Rica isn’t a youthful 22 year old anymore when she first started voicing Ash and suggested a young male to replace her just because she’s older is inherently misogynistic in altitude especially his response to someone by saying it’s a fact.

I shouldn’t even continue this conversation since it’s off topic and there’s already enough comments rebutting the original comment.


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Giovanni hasn't appeared in person since episode 3 of this series, 133 episodes ago, and I think that's the longest he's ever been absent (again, in person). Ironic considering this series brought back so many old characters.
It's such a shame TR wasn't utilised in a villain arc, I genuinely thought that was where it was going with the main cast finally meeting and beating Matori and all
Rainbow Rocket would have been perfect for JN