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December 23rd: SM102 - An Alola! in Alola! Takeshi and Kasumi!

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Takeshi and Kasumi have come to the Pokémon School on a surprise visit, and everyone at the school play tourist guides for them in order to have them enjoy everything the Alola region has to offer.

Screenplay 宮田 由佳 (Yuka Miyata)
Storyboard 浅田 裕二 (Yūji Asada)
Episode Director 渡辺 正彦 (Masahiko Watanabe)
Animation Director 直井 由紀 (Yuki Naoi)


Takeshi & Kasumi Come to Alola!!
Two of Satoshi's close friends have come from his home region Kanto! Who are these two that have even met his Alola friends before?

Currently studying to become a Pokémon Doctor. He just can't help talking to every pretty girl he sees!
An energetic female Trainer on par with Satoshi! Leave Water type Pokémon to her!

They are Satoshi's former travelmates!
Takeshi and Kasumi have been spending time with Satoshi since he first started his adventure. They are currently working hard towards fulfilling their respective dreams in the Kanto region.

These two know Satoshi reeeeally well.

They were fought against in the Kanto region, too!
Everyone at the Pokémon School went to Kanto and battled against them there too.

These two are actually really incredible Trainers!

Takeshi and Kasumi are super big shots that can even use Mega Evolution, something that's said to be the proof of a super top tier Trainer! We've tried to analyze their skills based on the battles they gave us last time!

Takeshi specializes in Rock/Ground type Pokémon. When he mega evolves the virtual iron wall Haganeil, he can finish the battle in an instant!
Takeshi was the Gym Leader of the Nibi Gym. When he takes his clothes off, he battles with all his might!

She mega evolves Gyarados, whose destructive power stands out even among Water type Pokémon! It drove Satoshi's Pikachu up against the wall!
Kasumi is well known as the "tomboyish mermaid", and is the Gym Leader of the Hanada Gym.

Let's enjoy Alola!

Takeshi heads to the Pokémon Center and Kasumi heads to the sea! They enjoy Alola all they can with Satoshi and the others as their guides!
Will Takeshi get a date with Joy-san?!

"An Alola! in Alola! Takeshi and Kasumi!" airs December 23rd! These two will also appear in the episode airing January 6th!
(airdate and time varies with region)
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Oh so they are appearing in 2018 itself. I was sure they would be saved for a fresh 2019 since the year is almost over. So basically, Ash mysteriously disappears into the Ultra Ruin in SM100 and SM101 and returns to see Brock and Misty back?


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They get new outfits too! Brock wears a Hawaiian T-shirt

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Looks like Misty and Brock will be back, most likely in their Hawaiian clothing. And it's close to the new year so I wonder what they'll set up there. I doubt there will be much serious and intense stuff here.

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Wonder how long they will stay in Alola? Hopefully a little longer than two episodes


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Not for long though as give them as guest appearance ......not more two or three parts


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2 episodes is more than enough for them. Barring LGPE promotion and probably some nostalgic moments and funny hijinks, they likely don't have anything significant to offer.


Thank God, we are finally being done with those two episodes and the series can move forward.

Looking forward the 2019 poster with their sweet spoilers.


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Nice reference to the previous time that they appeared, which was titled “An Alola! in Kanto! Takeshi and Kasumi!”
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Following the dreams!!
Thank God, we are finally being done with those two episodes and the series can move forward.

Looking forward the 2019 poster with their sweet spoilers.
Looking at the trend, i doubt we will get any major spoiler. Good to see brock and misty though!
I hope we will see some old or new pokémon of Misty and Brock. I find it strange that they let them return at the end of the year


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I just hope croagunk returns, his poison jab on brock during his flirting time was the best out of all.

I guess they probably want to get LGPE promotion out of the way quickly.
When you already have eevee in the main cast, then there can not be better promotion of games than it.

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I would like to see more Chansey too. Hoping that they won't forget Brock's strongest Pokémon. Also it's a nice reference to Nurse Joy's usual partner Pokémon in other regions.
Ah, so Misty and Brock finally are making their mandatory appearances here. :D Really excited to know this, we can fully expect this episode to be full of nostalgia/nostalgic aspects and plenty of continuity stuff.

I'm honestly hoping to see more of Mega Evolution here once again just like the last time they returned, a.k.a. Mega Gyarados and Mega Steelix.

As for how long they I expect them to stay in SM, well I won't be surprised if its just for a couple of episodes like last time, but honestly I'm hoping that they do stay for more than that. I really want some knowledge about how those ended up getting their Mega Stones and Keystones. Since they both have their Mega/Key stones of their own, who knows....maybe they can Ash find his own Mega Stone and Key Stone so that he can bring back his Charizard and evolve it. :)

With LGPE promotion in mind, the last one could definitely be a real possibility, TBH. ;)
I hope they explain how they got their Mega-stones. And TRio seeing them again!
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Would not be the first time these two ride on a sinking ship.....

I hope they explain how they got their Mega-stones. And TRio seeing them again!
I am guessing the same way non Kanto pokemon are in Kanto. It just happened. I mean Megastones were never Kalos exclusives.


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So glad that they're both not in their classic outfits.
Hopefully we can see Brock's non-OS Pokemon like Croagunk show up. I've wanted a Croagunk/Misty double team up on him for years!

I really hope Brock gets to meet Lusamine and Olivia while he's here.... had they kept Olivia's personality intact she'd be perfect for him


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I'd like to see this as a two-parter, with the second being on Dec. 30th.

Not much else to say about this yet, though, although I'm curious as to why they're in Alola in the first place.


Are they only returning for 1 episode? If it was a 2-part event it would have been advertised as such like their first return was.
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