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December 29th: PM2019 007: The Houen Region, Site of Fierce Fights! The Battle Frontier Challenge!!

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Dephender, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. Dephender

    Dephender Gizakawayusu Staff Member Moderator

    Satoshi and Go have entered a battle tournament in the Houen region. Will the two of them be able to achieve a lot there?!

    Screenplay 赤尾でこ (Deko Akao)
    Storyboard 齋藤徳明 (Noriaki Saito)
    Episode Director 村田尚樹 (Naoki Murata)
    Animation Director 加藤祐子 (Yuko Kato)
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2019 at 9:11 PM
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  2. Domok

    Domok Well-Known Member

    Ash is really gonna go the first ten episodes with only Pikachu, huh?
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  3. Redstar45


    Return of lila !
  4. i2i

    i2i Big Bad Wolf

    I'm confuse on why the twitter account didn't post this Episode long with the rest since it doesn't spoil anything in its title
  5. Red and Blue

    Red and Blue Well-Known Member

    So why the heck did the hold out on the title for so long? What was the point?
    Kawaii Emolga likes this.
  6. Blue Saturday

    Blue Saturday too fly

    Series-spanning thing or one-off event?

    Guess it’s something like the little festival where Satoshi fought the Tower Tycoon in Sinnoh. Also the Battle Frontier is in Kanto in the anime not Hoenn..unless it’s the games Johto/Platinum frontier?
  7. World Turtle

    World Turtle Well-Known Member

    So Kanto, Galar, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh... that only leaves Unova, Kalos, and Alola now right?

    Edit: This new series is really confusing. The focus is all over the place. The lack of consistency is kind of annoying honestly.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2019
  8. kickachu

    kickachu Momentai!

    a tournament already? shouldn't they have some time to develop their Pokemon especially go's scorbunny it doesn't have much experience as pikachu and what you think the prize might be?
  9. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lover of underrated characters

    I love the Battle Frontier reference and all but... it's in Kanto and Sinnoh in the anime. Not Johto and Hoenn

    Also disappointed that this wasn't a capture episode..... please don't go past episode 10 without giving Ash something
    Kawaii Emolga likes this.
  10. i2i

    i2i Big Bad Wolf

    Maybe a Pokémon Egg or an evolutionary item
    Ignition likes this.
  11. Henry's Journey

    Henry's Journey Well-Known Member

    Ash without catching a single Pokémon in the first 10 episodes, heck, 5 episodes in, never happened before, I'm getting a bit of anxiety about this series now, like throw him a Rokidee in episode 4 or 5 at least...
  12. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lover of underrated characters

    Exactly, I don't care if it takes awhile for his second capture to happen but for pete sakes. I don't want him to be stuck with only Pikachu for a long time, it's why the AU movies suck.

    Just give him something
  13. Rune Knight

    Rune Knight Well-Known Member

    Please please PLEASE give us continuity! I mean this has to be it right!? It's the Battle Frontier, Pokemon! Be the best you can be and you'll find your destiny...! It's our master plannnnnn! The power's in your hannndddd! Pokemon!

    It's in the f**king name!!! How would they avoid continuity!? I mean they'd have to like really really really really really try. Please don't go through that bs.
  14. SerGoldenhandtheJust

    SerGoldenhandtheJust Well-Known Member

    If they don't mention the battle frontier at all that Ash competed in I'll be beyond pissed
    RLC, _AISP, mysticalglacia and 6 others like this.
  15. dman_dustin

    dman_dustin Well-Known Member

    This was the 7th episode?

    Did they just not tell us because how boring it was?

    I don't mean the episode in of itself but the title and summary being boring because at least the other episodes dealt with something far more specific that could be illustrated while this not the case.
  16. pancakemonster

    pancakemonster Sir please step away from the dog.

    I guess we pin our hopes on a lowkey Rookidee capture during the Galar episodes.
  17. Konja7

    Konja7 Well-Known Member

    How would they avoid continuity?

    Well, they have started by putting Battle Frontier in Hoenn.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2019
    Rune Knight and janejane6178 like this.
  18. Rune Knight

    Rune Knight Well-Known Member

    S***, I forgot about that!! They might not be the same BFs after all then!!!
    Pokegirl Fan~ likes this.
  19. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    So, either they moved the Frontier to its game location, or this is an anime-original version.

    If it's a tournament, I guess we're doing the Dome?
    Rune Knight likes this.
  20. Konja7

    Konja7 Well-Known Member

    Episode 4 doesn't have a illustration either (in fact, the twitter doesn't announce the title either). However, it is the episode where Scorbunny appear.

    Maybe the tournament in Episode 7 will be important for this season.
    Rune Knight likes this.

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