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December 3rd: PM2019 089 - Winter Special #1! Dialga & Palkia! The Space-time Cataclysm!!

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Komodo Dragons Rule!
Yes it did lol

Celestic Town it was called.

Litelary the f*ckin' hometown of Cynthia's familly and the grandparents of an E4 member and not a single person capable of defending it lives there apparently lmaoo
Even outside of Sinnoh this is true. Like Team Rocket can take over both Celadon and Saffron publicly and nobody does **** to stop them despite their ranks being filled with Rattata and Poison Type spammers that any decent trainer can overcome even with numbers disadvantage


Biff calm down you're back with us now.
Well here we go with the incomplete summary bulls**t.

Now I will have to wait another week to know if the Real Team Rocket appears, and by the way I don't know if MandaloRockets count in the appearance rate since they are Team Rocket but not the real Team Rocket, if they do not appear in these specials and do not appear in Gengar mini Arc his appearance will go down to 34%.


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Behind the scenes anime production notes #1:
Characters that live in a different world are going to appear in the "special winter arc" that airs Friday December 3rd and Friday December 10th.
We'll now present a comment from character designer Shuhei Yasuda.
This is a "cool and determined" Rocket Gang, but... doesn't Sonansu's expression look just the same as always?!

"Since the characters from the other world look the same as the ones we know despite having different personalities, making them come across as separate characters through gestures and such was the tough part. Pay attention to the Rocket Gang too, they're now cool and determined as a contrast to the mellow ones we know."
-Shuhei Yasuda, character designer
"Since the characters from the other world have different personalities despite looking the same as the ones we know, their gestures and such were the tough parts."

It's like they forgot about early BW Trio.
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