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December 3rd: PM2019 089 - Winter Special #1! Dialga & Palkia! The Space-time Cataclysm!!

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Love the full roaster. I am a bit divided on the team change. Like, Misty came back with a Gyarados and then it mega evolving, Iris got her Axew to evolve all the way, and May came in bowling with a Venasaur, Wartortle and Glaceon si I think Dawn deserves better, however her team is short of picks for evos and only Typloshion was a actual possibility as Bunneary has her modeling career.


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What's happened to Togekiss?

Camera perspective. But also I definitely see your point because Togekiss has been notorious for having its size change from episode to episode, especially when it debuted. It was first like 2 feet taller than Dawn and then like only up to the bottom of her scarf. It’s wild.
Y'all forgot about Bonnie's amazing size-changing Dedenne.

Is it barely big enough to ride on her shoulder, or can it barely fit on her kiddy palm?


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Aside from seeing Dawns team and a potential Barry cameo, I’m not looking forward to this episode.


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A couple last second promo preview pics for you:

From Anipoke PR:
"Friday is Pokémon anime day! Here's today's intriguing scene:
Satoshi, Go and Koharu come running to Hikari, who's depressed over Pochama having been abducted. Satoshi brought something to cheer her up...
Now, what could this bag contain? The episode airs this evening at 6:55pm, look forward to it!"

And from Project Pochama:
"In the Pokémon anime episode airing today, Friday December 3rd at 6:55pm, we'll meet... Pochama and TWO Hikaris?!
Pochama looks like it's been dragged into something big... Just what could it be?!
Make sure not to miss the "Special Winter Arc" featuring Pochama and Hikari!"


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Yay, more spoilers. Is there is something we still should be excited for in this episode?
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