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December 4th: PM2019 048 - Almost Pikachu Crisis!

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Satoshi and Go are visiting Hiun City in the Isshu region. However, the Rocket Gang secretly got there before them, preparing to get Pikachu by swapping it for their mech "Almost Pikachu", which looks just like Pikachu. But Aceburn and Lucario see this happen and chase after the Rocket Gang. Where will the road take these two?

Screenplay 赤尾でこ (Deko Akao)
Storyboard 樋口香里 (Kaori Higuchi)
Episode Director 葛西良信 (Yoshinobu Kasai)
Animation Director さとう沙名栄 (Samei Sato)
Animation Director 佐々木彩香 (Ayaka Sasaki)



You can look forward to lots of comedy episodes in the near future as well!!
Lots of Pokémon will be running wild in the upcoming episodes we'll be showing as well! Make note of these hilarious comedy episodes coming out of the left field!!
Almost Pikachu Crisis!
*Top blurb: Here's the Rocket Gang's treasured mech, called "Almost Pikachu"?!
*Bottom blurb: This treasured mech looks just like Pikachu. What happens when they try swapping it for the real Pikachu...?!


This episode is going to feature guest appearances by the comedian duo Chidori.
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I’m going to take a swing at this and say TR captures the Pika and it just barely escapes.


Think happy thoughts
Close call? Cant be evolving,already did that. Team Rocket, maybe?
First one:his backstory
Second one:runaway Pikachu
Third one: Pikachu valley
Fourth one: this one or ep 41 if you count that

But if I see who writes this episode
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