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December 4th: PM2019 048 - Almost Pikachu Crisis!

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Merry Christmas Serebii ^_^
Gou x Koharu >> ASH X gou . I hate when some people start shipping characters that are literally like brothers. Folks on twitter behave as if Platonic relationships doesn't exist. They ship everything they find even though they know that their ship never sailed and is a shipwreck to begin with.
I don't hate satogou but ... ¡¡¡Satosere 4ever !!!

Hope Gengar has more screen time -.- ...


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So much Team Rocket recently, I feel so spoiled! The plot doesn't excite me at all and I hope there will be more to it than what we know now, but at least I hope the dialogue for TR is great like it has been in Journeys so far (except the dreadful appearances in the first 10 episodes).


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Why fool the kid with that when they can fool their boss with it, whom they fool on a regular basis to avoid easy expulsion.

See, they're still idiots.


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Why fool the kid with that when they can fool their boss with it, whom they fool on a regular basis to avoid easy expulsion.

See, they're still idiots.

At this point, I headcannon that Giovanni lets them get away with their hunting for Pikachu because it gets them out of the way of his more serious operations that they could easily screw up. TRio actually presenting a Pikachu would probably ring alarm bells in his head going "wait, that's not right!"


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New summary of sorts:


You can look forward to lots of comedy episodes in the near future as well!!
Lots of Pokémon will be running wild in the upcoming episodes we'll be showing as well! Make note of these hilarious comedy episodes coming out of the left field!!
Almost Pikachu Crisis!
*Top blurb: Here's the Rocket Gang's treasured mech, called "Almost Pikachu"?!
*Bottom blurb: This treasured mech looks just like Pikachu. What happens when they try swapping it for the real Pikachu...?!


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You know I wouldn’t be surprised if during the episode if after Team Rocket switches Pikachu if somehow when Team Rocket and Lucario and Cinderace aren’t looking the Pikachu wind up accidentally getting switched back.

So basically Team Rocket gets away with what Lucario and Cinderace thought was the real Pikachu but only to find out when they reunite with Ash and Goh that Ash’s Pikachu is back with Ash, and neither Ash nor Goh noticed that it had been swapped out for a time.

Then Team Rocket Trio would present their almost Pikachu to Giovanni thinking they finall got Ash’s Pikachu only for the Pikachu they brought back to suddenly blow up.


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New summary of sorts:

Oh god "you can expect more comedy episodes in the future"

No one wants that and by that I mean:

0. My opinion
1. Pikachu and Lucario is disgusting overused, I don't want more episodes of that. Give me meaningful Farfetch'd and Gengar episodes.
2. Do they not understand how people received the dual episode episodes, definitely no one cares about the humor if its so severely meaningless and boring. Give us a quality episode that's comedy then sure. But I guess I don't understand Japanese humor.
3. The only appeal (to me) for this episode is Cinderace and Lucario.
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