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December 9th: PM2019 135 - Pokémon! I Am Glad I Got To Meet You!

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Guys TRio needs closure too :(
Maybe Jessie and James have a kid that is an ally or foe with Ash’s


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- For all the story of the anime, Ash never had a direct battle against Team Rocket's leader, until BW. And honestly, it was too short for such an unprecedented time. A rematch is definitely in order, with Ash winning this time.
- Ash's lose at Kanto's League was embarrassing, so I think it has to be compensated. Besides, in Sinnoh it was revealed that to enter in the Champions' League, you have to win the Pokemon League of your homeland. In Ash's case, that's Kanto.
- Ash could have battle Lance in the Pokemon World Coronation Series, but he didn't. I think it's obvious they are saving this battle for another time. Maybe when Ash will battle the Elite 4 of Kanto.
- In order for Ash to truly be "the very best", Ash would definitely have to capture the strongest Pokemon ever: Mewtwo. That would be his ultimate challenge. Besides, considering Ash is probably the only human Mewtwo has truly ever bonded in his life, it doesn't seem to be another option.

The Champion league Cynthia was talking about is the PWC


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...haven't we seen SV anime promotional stuff with Pikachu on it? Y'all are too early to the funeral.


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This isn’t the end of the end, I really don’t think. I think they chose a sad, fitting title to send Goh and Chloe off, especially since both of their lives were touched by their first Pokémon and how much things have changed. It’ll be sad to see them go.

If I’m wrong, and this is the end of the end? Then wow, it feels unbelievable. But it really feels more like Goh’s finale than the whole series finale.


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...haven't we seen SV anime promotional stuff with Pikachu on it? Y'all are too early to the funeral.
Pikachu is the Pokemon company as a whole's mascot. it's basically going to be in whatever anime they put out no matter what. That said, I agree it's way too early to start declaring the whole anime over now.


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I am completely ready for an SV series now though, it's too bad they're extending Journey's. Although I have no hate for either character, I am ready for Goh and Chloe to retire and three extras episodes would totally not be necessary if they didn't take so many breaks... but it is what it is with what's happened around the world. I do think they could just clean it up in one episode on the 18th though easily.


Admittedly the title does seem like it could be alluding to a genuine finale for the anime, and frankly if it's really the end, I can't say that I would mind. If Satoshi beats Dande and becomes World Champion, that would be an appropriate way to end Satoshi's journey from my viewpoint.
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