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Decide your favorites

Black Murder Heavangelon

Ow! Ow! Harder! Ow!
Found this thing on tumblr. Good time waster.


How to play:

Pick a generation list. You choose from Gen 1, Gen 1-2, Gen 1-3, Gen 1-4, and Gen 1-5. You don't have the option to leave out generations so if there's a specific generation you don't like, then just weed them out in the choosing part.

Two random pokemon will appear when you click on either egg. You then choose which of the two you like better, either by design, coolness, cuteness, typing, competitiveness, etc. You keep going on until you've gone through each pokemon in the generations you chose. How long it goes on depends on how many generations you've included.

The final result is a list of the top 10 pokemon you like out of all of the generations (you've chosen). Draw your own conclusion from the list you end up with.

For you competitive players, here's a challenge for you.

Go through Gen 1-5 and choose the better pokemon without basing it on competitive viability in any way, or at least try your best to.

Open the spoiler when you finish.

Make a team out of 6 pokemon from the list.

Have fun!

Here was my list.

1. Cradily (of course :3)
2. Scraggy (for baggy pants but should have been lower)
3. Kecleon (I like lizards)
4. Lileep (should've been number2 :T)
5. Relicanth (Best fish pokemon)
6. Haxorus (I like lizards)
7. Stunfisk (derp)
8. Spiritomb (best Ghost)
9. Gliscor (cool guy)
10. Gastrodon (the West sprite)

Might take it again because of inaccuracies.


Draco rex
I got


most make sense except for the beartic and garbodor I mean what?

Black Murder Heavangelon

Ow! Ow! Harder! Ow!
I retook the test.

1. Cradily (like a boss)
2. Lileep (like a semiboss)
3. Vibrava (I had one in Emerald)
4. Ferrothorn (I think it's cool)
5. Boufallant (F*CK yeah afrobull)
6. Torterra (Coolest 4th Gen starter)
7. Rayquaza (of any of the legendaries Rayquaza owns)
8. Eelektross (It's cool)
9. Cacturne (fear the scarecrow)
10. Sudowoodo (because he's a tree)

A lot of these pokemon are green, and half of them are Grass types. Green is my favorite color. ^^


Draco rex
did it again and got


eh...this time around is slightly better...I just don'r get how snivy and salamence never made it to the list...


I stay noided
I took this test before I saw this thread :D [/hipster]

I can't remember my exact results, except that I accidentally misclicked and eliminated Zigzagoon. I do remember that Anorith was my favorite. Close behind were Tropius, Lilligant, Cradily, and some others. For some reason, Magneton was there o.0 I think that was the first time I ever saw it on there... :p

Also, when I was there, I discovered something. Look at Galvantula's sprite next to Ariados's.


<('.'<) (>'.')>
Nice quiz. I did Gen 1-5. Boy were some choices harder than others lol. Pichu/Chansey after only 200 was brutal. Funnily enough Raichu/Blissey was after it around the halfway point. Getting Charizard/Pikachu around 610 sucked. Then insult to injury next up was Ampharos/Karrablst who I couldn't care less about.

Anywho I got:

Simipour(I have no idea how this even cracked the top 10)
Pachirisu(Cute but not my second favorite.)
Latias(I like Latias but it's not Top 5 in reality)
Scizor(Is a pretty awesome dude.)
Charizard(F*** yeah?)
Rayqauza(Everybody loves Rayquaza)
Quilava(I like the line in general, and lost typhlosion early)
Azelf(So cute)
Herabosscross(Is awesome. Just look at that face.)
Emolga(Flying pikachu ^_^. Also very cute)

I like all of the pokemon there, but it definitely would differ from my own Top 10 list. Though since I struggle to make one myself this program is nice.