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Deciding Who to Leave in a Gym

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
I just drop high CP Pokémon in the Gym without regard for type balancing most of the time. As long as they last I am fine.

Playful Latios

@Soul Dew
IF it is a gym in the middle of nowhere, don't drop something you use in raids because some gyms have low to nonexistant turnover. If it is an area with high turnover, then a stronger defender would be best.


Well-Known Member
If I take the gym and first one to claim it, then Snorlax. Otherwise Dragonite, which is my highest CP pokemon.


I usually just leave my highest CP Pokemon. Something I'll put something more lulzy in there but that's less common

The Teller

King of Half-Truths
I usually go with Slaking, if it isn't already in a gym. My Blissey isn't strong enough to defend on its own, so the next in line after Slaking is usually something around 2500 CP, just in case I do go to a level 5 raid. Considering that gym possession here is pretty short, I don't put a whole lot of thought into it.


I usually put in a high CP Pokemon with a somewhat balanced type compared to others already in the gym. If I'm the first, I drop my Rhydon in since it's my highest CP currently.

Now, this is if I'm not in a rush or if I actually care about holding the gym. As in, I want to hang onto this gym for a little bit to try to get my 50 coins. If I am in a rush, I drop in whatever pops up on my screen first. If I don't care about what needs to go in there, I put in a shiny to flex. Shallow, yes. Fun, heck yes. Shiny Charizard just looks too dang cool to not show off, even if it has a crappy CP.
I have two blissey's that I try to keep leveled up and I usually put those into gyms first due to their high CP. After that I just use my next highest CP mons. Eventually I would like to have more blissey's but chansey's are very very rare for me.


Well-Known Member
I drop a high CP Shiny. Shiny Tyranitar is an easy choice as it has the highest CP of any of my pokemon.

Or my favorite Pokemon, who I also have shinies of. (Blastoise and Ampharos)


IF it is a gym in the middle of nowhere, don't drop something you use in raids because some gyms have low to nonexistant turnover. If it is an area with high turnover, then a stronger defender would be best.
this is exactly what i do !! i live in the country, so i put a lot of weaker pokes in my local gyms and save the bigger ones for when i go to the city


Oldschool Firedog
Usually slaking, since I don't find him terribly helpful outside of gym defense.

Otherwise, sometimes Aggron so my auto-teambuilder stops picking him for literally everything :p


New Member
I usually drop dragonite but seeing as I currently use them for palkia I drop tyranitar. If I'm with other people however it depends on the theme we go for.


Breeding Geek
I also prefer to type balance. If someone has a certain 'Mon occupying a Gym, I think about whatever I have that cancels out its weaknesses the best. If they want the Gym, they gotta work for it!

...or if I don't have time to think about it, my Shiny Slaking. Which is also my highest CP 'Mon at the moment.


Well-Known Member
I usually drop a shiny I have that I know others in my area don't have. There's only one gym in my area and it has a high turn over. If I don't use a shiny then probably a new pokemon such as a gen 5 evolution or my Garchomp.


c l a r i t y
I tend to always go for high CP stuff. I'm still working on raising Candies for my buddy Chansey so that she can one day become a Blissey. Most of my recent defenders have usually been a Kangaskhan.

Monox D. I-Fly

Well-Known Member
Because I want to be known as "The Strongest Water Duelist", I only put Water or Ice Pokemon in gyms. As for which ones, it depends:
- If it's in a rural area with low turnovers, I put the lowest CP possible
- If it's in an area with high turnovers, I put the highest CP possible
- If it's in my town, there's an agreement on the players there to not attack each other Pokemon unless that Pokemon is already in a gym for more than 24 hours. Thus, the Pokemon in put in my town's gyms are the ones I want to show off: Either a Shiny, a Pokemon we Raided together, or a Pokemon which had been on my wanted list and they knew it.