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Defective-a sample chapter from "Legendary"


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This is my first time posting a story.Ever.Should I post more?^_^
It's a chapter from my own pokemon story,about my team and the stories behind how I obtained them,-"Legendary".This is the original account of finding and catching my 'defective' Rotom,Shvoltz.If you think it's good I could definity post the entire story in parts,since this is only a chapter.

~Never in my life had I seen a creature so vulger,a POKEMON...so mindbendingly hideous that I could have sworn my eyes jumper right out of my skull to hide from the sight.
As its figure materialized midair above the television,I became even more awarew of the monstrosity's features.
It's body was sphereical in shape,with a rod-like projection on its head,and an oval attached on the bottom.The face was set upon the circular part, bearing slender,white eyes outside teal-colored irises.However,there were no pupils.The eyes constantly glared foreward,as if staring...staring with a murderous,bloodthirsty gaze you would expect from none other then a demon.
From the sides of its body protruded two stems of electricity,configured to the form of lightning bolts.The glow of electricity lined its entire being,the horrific shade of a ghost pulsed through its soul.All of this blinding light...was only a mask to hide true darkness.
Bushytail was falling apart before my very eyes.I had never seen him fear neither pokemon nor trainer.But this...this was different.
My partner had suddenly become a fragile,mortal,shaking wreck.He grasped the spike on his chest,whipping his head,willing this nightmare to stop.
"Poor unworthy little pokemon.Hide and endure if that is what you wish."
The monster could speak!Perfectly clear human language rolled from it's mouth!This was not telepathy as most psychic types(as well as Bushy)could radiate.This creatures' mouth moved as it talked!"...I'm still here.."it approached my Lucario,who proceeded to throw his hand above his head,waiting to block some mindlessly violent blow."Look me in the the face.You see it,don't you?Am I just too ugly?My ****ed up eyes bothering you?Well...go on,look."
Swinging his hand spike ,eyes closed,at the pokemon,Bushytail missed.The obviously ghost-types pokemon effortlessly dodged,hovering around Bushy's shivering body."You could rip a hole through my gut and it wouldn't matter."
I couls no longer just sit and watch.Whatever it was,it was slowly pushing my closest friend toward suicide.I could see him holding the spike to his throat,drawing it closer with every word out of the ghost's mouth.
Courageously,I stomped my foot,demanding:
"Who ARE you?!We're not intruding,we just came to look for one of the plates!-"
"SILENCE!"Enraged by my defiance,the monster roared back,electricity swirling around its body ina gesture of intense anger."This is MY territory!MINE!Anyone who tresspasses DIES!...Now,girl..."It quieted down again."Why don't you come over here so Rotom can feel the pleasure of torturing a human to?"
Rotom...that was my first encounter with Rotom.REarinfg for my life,I hadn't reached for the pokedex,a most useful device that could have shed some light on this 'Rotom's' identity.Unfortunatly,my courage fadded as a dread-filled paralysis spred throughout my entire body.
It came forward,raising one of its lighting bolt appendages like a gun"...or maybe I'll just shoot you head off...then leave the Lucario to die of EMOTIONAL TORTURE!"
Without a moment's hesitation,the Rotom launched a rushing Charge Beam straiget into my head.My brain zapped into shock as I felt the attack rip through my head,pass through my shattering skull,then penetrate my mind.I could seeall of the bright flashing colors racing over the veins in my eyes.All of my auditory senses turned off.But,before they did,I heard laughing.Terrible,insane laughing.It was the Rotom.Finally,the echo ended as I slipped into complete,desolate blackness.

I was not dead.My heart was still beating sitently in my chest.Many hours later I was awakened by poor Bushytail violently shaking my stiff shoulders.
Bushytail...my Lucario looked massacred,as if he had been beaten savagely by some madman.His paws were ice-cold,his teeth chattered wildly,his face dripped blood onto my own.All of his soft fur was standing straight up,a sign of intense terror.I could only imagine what the creture had done,and even then,it had probably been too inhuman for me to comprehend.
"Anna..."My partner hugged my seemingly inanimate body closer.Crying hystericly,gasping for breath,Bushytail would never be the same."You're alive!
Thank Regigigas."
With all the strength I could find,I lifted my shivering,shocked body into a sitting position.My hair to was standing on its ends,a reaction to the voltage that had pierced through me.Bushy threw his arms around my shoulders,crying tears of both fear and joy."...thank Regigigas."
We turned,focusing on the tv set where the Rotom had fist been spotted.
It appeared as if it would be spotted again.The screen sparked,glowing in an alien,electric blue value."You're not all human,are you girl?"The screen asked.
"See...when I attacked you,a vision of the god Regice displayed itself inside the flying streams of plasma.And,guess what,you're still ALIVE!" It screamed.
"If you're a god...I believe my power could be of some assistance to you."
The first thought that ran through my head was 'Regice'.GrandCross had saved my life by intercepting the blow.If there were any perks to being the chosen heir of a god,this was the greatest one of all.You were practicly immortal.
"What if I am?"
The Rotom blinked its projected eyes on the screen.Bering its sharp teeth in a wicked smile,the response was:
"Then,you're bringing me with you."~