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Defying Peace


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Co-owned with Stoc15
Defying Peace
What is Peace without Freedom?

1. Sppf forums apply
2. Keep bunnying to a minimal
3. NO GODMODDING! [One reason I hate superman]
4. If you argue with me or Stoc15 multiple times, consequences are severe
5. Stay active please!
6. Go ahead and ask me or Stoc if you've got questions

It's the year 2020, and the world has been unified into a single nation under the rule of an organization known as Protectors of Everyone And Countries Everywhere or more commonly known as PEACE.

The organization was elected to power 10 years ago when they defeated and arrested all evil organizations in one day. The world's nations felt they needed the protection they offered them and gave them special government clearance and, eventually, elected their leader, a young man named Alphonse, into power.

The changes were small at first. Replacing the regular police with special forces part of PEACE. Then there came the construction projects; huge walls outside of major cities. Then relocating the population into those fortified cities, so they could keep an eye on the population better. Some people were suspiscious, but no one could deny the help PEACE was giving to hospitals, policing and advancing technology, so they accepted it. But there were more changes than that.

Gyms closed down and the entire Pokemon Federation. That was the final straw for most folks. Huge protests were held and some even turned violent. Finally PEACE's true colours were shown. Their advancements in technology and their construction projects were used in order to detain the protestors. Robotic arms came out of buildings and streets and attacked innocent people so the Special police forces could take them to detention centres.

"Have I not protected you?" Alphonse asked the public on a televised press conference "Have I not given you everything you asked for and more? All I ask for in return is that you do what we ask and do not question us!" He always talked with a smile, that just made what he was saying even more cryptic.

"From now on everything will be filtered and over seen by PEACE. Education, transportation, everything. It is for your own good." Alphonse said before his final announcement "And as our research has shown, Pokemon are more of a danger to human kind than anything else. So as of this moment, all pokemon, wild or tame will be captured and detained indeffinately. Resist and there will be dire consequences."


"The balance of power has shifted. The order of the world is torn. Pokemon can no longer afford to be so secretive about their true power. The fact that their minds are sentient. We could accept how the humans treated the world before, they were young and ignorant. But now, what they're are doing is unacceptable. Mew, gather what Pokemon are left, I wish to make ourselves organized."

"Yes, Lord Arceus. I will go at once." Mew answered the master of the universe with her trademark cute smile before teleporting away.

The Situation
There are only 20% of the world's Pokemon Population free. The rest are either in maximum security detention facilities, rotting away or under permanent control by the PEACE special police. You, that's right, YOU, are one of the Pokemon remaining in the wild.

Pokemon are just simple animals, that is what the humans though. But in truth they were the world's secret keepers, keeping an eye out for the human race as they grew and evolved, but kept the secrets of the universe like how their evolution works, how the elements are embodied within them and the secrets of the ancient ruin scattered throughout the world.

Pokemon have strength beyond what any human could achieve. They can use weapons, magic and technology and do anything that humans can. Each region has only one city, and it is heavily fortified. And each city has a detention center with an indecent amount of Human and Pokemon prisoners, and they are even more fortified than the city's walls. The pokemon under the command of the Special Police are actually controled by special pokeballs and collars designed to remove all free will and create a state of perminent loyalty to their owners.

Right now their goal is to take down the four PEACE detention centers and cities to free the Pokemon they have locked up and the humans trapped under their rule.

That is the mission given by Lord Arceus.

Name: Blue
Location: Mt Coronet/Spear Pillar

Well this isn't exactly what I expected for my first adventure, but it beats having to tail Mom around the world. a tiny Squirtle thought to herself as she trekked up the snow covered mountain. Mew had been travelling around the entire world, seeking the few remaining pokemon and telling them to reash the peak of Mt Coronet by midnight tonight. Blue tredged up to the peak of the holy mountain. She could've easily taken the tunnels leading to the top, but there was too much of a risk of bumping into PEACE agents.

"Huff Huff. Rock climbing, not my forte'." Blue kidded as she made the last pull and rolled over onto the ledge of Spear Pillar. Mew was there already and she helped Blue get back onto her feet.

"Kay, I'm here. So why'd you ask me to come anyway? You didn't say anything at all. Just 'Come to Spear Pillar by midnight if you hate PEACE.' then you zipped away." Blue kidded again. She knew Mew had a good reason for asking pokemon from all over to come.

"Trust me, it is well worth the climb up." the pink cat giggled as she loop-de-looped around the broke pillars.

[OOC: Ok guys, here's how first posts will go. Everyone meets at Spear Pillar and when everyone's there... Something will happen.]


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Location: Hoenn skies near Mt Coronet

"Hey, there's Mt. Coronet now!" Twitch thought to himself as he sped through the fluffy, white clowds hovering over Solaceon Town. "I wonder what was so urgent that mew would send me a message telpathically to come to Mt. Coronet's peak as quickly as I could."

It had been a long time since Twitch had seen mew in person, normally if mew had a special project for Twitch a simple mind bumb would sufice. As Twitch closed in on Coronet he noticed the PEACE soldiers patroling the base of the mountain. "What has this world come to, now they think they own the mountains." Twitch, making sure to stay hidden by the clouds, approached the peak of the mountain.

As he closed in he finally spotted mew flipping around some broken pillars. As he drew even closer he saw a squirtle huffing and puffing like it had just scaled the mountain side.


Leon is Pro!
Leon's Story: Arrival at Spear Pillar

Name: Leon
Pokemon: Shinx
Location: Spear Pillar

Leon had just finished up climbing Spear Pillar, and boy was he tired! With all the snow and the high rocks, it was a wonder that he didn't fall of the mountain at any point of the journey. I swear, Mew had better of not summoned me for a prank, and I hate when Mew does that! Leon thought to himself, seeing Mew floating in the air, with no other sign of life around him yet. Or was Mew just playing tricks with him?

"I wasn't lying, Leon," Mew muttered, seeing Leon approach the omniscient being he was. "We need to prepare for action!"

"So, why should I be here right now? Shouldn't I just be resting with my tribe fighting PEACE?" Leon questioned Mew, wondering if it was the right choice, based on the fact Mew knew all.

"All shall be told in time. Now, we must wait." Leon also noticed a Squirtle there too, but she was probably of notice. Yet, at least.

Should I refer to Mew as a male or a genderless creature?


The RPG Godfather
Blade sighed as he teleported himself to the second to top floor of Mount Coronet, reaching out with his psychic powers gave him something to smirk about, P.E.A.C.E agents were on this floor, three of them by the looks of things, he wouldn't even need his shuriken, the smirk dropped as he walked forward and sensed one of them walking behind him.

"There's a Gallade!!" He yelled, he fumbled at his belt but was too slow.

Without a word, Blade used his Shadow Sneak ability to close the distance between him and the man within a second and then as he lengthened the blades on his elbows he brought it slashing across the mans throat causing blood to burst out of the open cut as the man fell forward, the other two were walking slowly towards him, one wielded a sword whilst the other had cocked a gun and pulled the trigger just as Blade turned around.

His Psychic power's saved him, with amazing control of them he managed to stop the bullet mere inches away from his face and then send it hurtling backwards into the heart of the man who had fired the gun, the bullet went straight through his heart and came out of his back.

Exercising even more control over the bullet, Blade brought it slicing round in an arc and then had it shoot through the back of the sword wielding man's head and come our of the other side, all this occurred within about four seconds, both men collapsed to the floor at the same time, all three of them dead.


He had teleported the rest of the way and now here he was leaning against a pillar as they waited, already he had seen a Shinx and a Squirtle amongst others...he wanted to get on with the fighting.


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Bob Jelly
Spear pillar

"Yaaaaaay!" yelled the red blob.
"Remind me why he is so happy that we are here?" asked one of Bob's siblings.
"this is his first time. and uhh... we better tell mew about that... problem with Bob." answered the other Sibling.
Bob looked up to his brother/sisters and asked "wut probwem?"
"Oh... nothing..." said both siblings as they tried to whistle. But because their mouthes were so small, they couldent. Then, The trio headed up the pillar. They had no trouble, for they just turned into ralts and teleported up.




"So your here!" said mew.
"GAAAAH!" screamed the trio. That happy little mew had been right in front of the place where they came to from the teleport. When Bob looked around, he saw many pokemon, including a shinx. (Yes, you Stoc15.) Bob turned into a shinx, and walked over to the shinx.
"WHEW! now we can tell mew!" whispered Bob's siblings in relef.
"Tell me what?" asked mew.
"Well, here we go!" exclaimed the duo.
*whisper whisper whisper*

(Yes, you Stoc15.)
The little shinx with dots for eyes finally reached the real shinx.
"Hewwow! my name is Bob!"
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*Gasp* He's back!
Project Zero
Mt. Coronet.

"Well I hope the climbs worth it." Zero muttered as she used rockclimb to climb from the basement to the first floor. She saw only a few rocks, and stone walls: nothing special. So she moved along, to climb on a small staircase for the second floor.

On this floor, she suddenly saw a Gallade between several dead bodies. She rolled her eyes at this, and grabbed her dual guns (Forgot to add those) and shot. But the gallade already teleported away again. Zero sighed at this and walked further, putting her dual guns back on both sides of her blue bagpack.

On the last floor before the peak, Zero hid herself in her black coat and continued for the staircase where she walked up.

When she arrived at the peak, she quickly hid herself behind a wall without a single sound, close to one other pokemon: A small squirtle. Zero knew her name, Zero knew she hated her. But this wasn't the time to kill. Yet that is... Zero then leaned against the wall to wait till all of the opposition arrived.


Girafarigfan #5821.3
Near Mt. Coronet.

Farich was walking down the road. He knew that the others were brought this way, so he would soon see those kidnappers. When he would find them, a smoke grenade between them, and then to rescue the others. All was a perfect plan for saving them, but maybe he shouldn’t do this alone. Also, he didn’t know how long a smoke grenade lasted, so it was risky to use them for something that important.


Suddenly, a pink creature appeared in the middle of nowhere! Farich was shocked by this suddenly appearance, but regained his mood and stood ready to attack.

“Don’t be afraid. I won’t attack you” The pink creature said. It was acting quite cheerful, what somewhere angered Farich. He had more important things to do then listening to this strange thing.

“If you want to save the other girafarig, you should climb Mt. Coronet” The creature pointed to a very high mountain.

“You’re kidding, right?” Farich asked. There was no way that he would try that. The time he would use to climb it, could be used to save already the others.

“No, I’m not. You really should go. Further explication on the peak. Bye.” And with that, the creature disappeared again. Farich was left with surprise. This wasn’t exactly what he had planned, but he had no other choice, likely. So Farich went to the entrance of the huge mountain.
The first floor was easy to cross. There was no other wild Pokémon around. Perhaps also captured by PEACE. He went up to the next floor, where lots of death body’s laid! They were likely attacked by some Pokémon who didn’t want to surrender that easily. Farich then noticed a pink creature who walked farther. Well, after putting its duel guns back, that is. Was that one maybe responsive for those dead body’s? It must be a strong Pokémon to do that…

Farich continued his way, until he finally reached the peak. There were several broken pillars on it. Farich then noticed other Pokémon, including that pink one. This time, he wasn’t surprised and could see what for Pokémon it actually was. It was mew, the Pokémon that could learn every move. Even the most strangest of them all. Why were they called on this peak? If he hadn’t to do this, he would have saved the others already... It had to be a good reason.

Being not the most social Pokémon, Farich went to the back of a pillar, hoping that no other Pokémon would see him…

OOC: (edit): I also saw that one, but I didn't saw what exactly I did wrong... I even went to look at the title, but still couldn't find it...
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OOC: I'll just carry on from my RP example...

Paradise the Flygon

The dragon lay back down into her soft moss, relaxed but still cautions. Snuggling down into the depths of her new bed, a sudden thought came to her. If that mysterious man could have taken all the pokemon from the Lagoon, what if he was taking them from everywhere? She had to be very careful from now on. What if there where no more pokemon nearby? Where would she get her prey from? Being brought up in the harsh climate of the desert, Paradise had learnt that if no food was nearby, she had to snack on plants, as she was a omnivore... but snacking on a tasty, juicy Magikarp beat berries any day. A sudden urge for some fish came over Paradise. She couldn't remember the last time she had even eaten. The beast stood up, and made her way towards the shallow waters of the lagoon. Her reflection was broke as Paradise splashed water over her face, then drank some of the pure waters. It was so cool and refreshing in the lifeless area, and yet Paradise couldn't get the full enjoyment out of it.

I need to go and find some food, She thought, clutching her stomach. Paradise sniffed the air cautiously, when a distant scent caught her attention. Licking her lips greedily, she mumbled Smells like fresh Squirtle! Delish![/s] She didn't even notice that Squirtle weren't native to Sinnoh, and with a powerful flap of her wings, she was off in the direction of a tall towering mountain up ahead, also known as Mt. Coronet.

*~ [Time skip?] ~*

She was getting closer now, and the smell getting stronger. Paradise also made out several other pokemon; maybe a few Psychic types and some quadruped, but that was no concern of hers. Or maybe it was? Now that pokemon where being captured, it would have been best to stay in a group (And that meant more pokemon to fight instead of her.) Discarding the thought, Paradise flew through an opening in the side of the mountain. She darn't go further into the Icy peaks, she could have been pelted by hail from various areas.

Knocking down a wall with her tail, a surprising sight met her eyes. Several pokemon where gathered around, just sitting and doing nothing. There was a Gallade, some form of Ditto, a Shinx, some pokemon she couldn't recognize, a Girafarig... and a Squirtle. Paradise lunged forward at it, her teeth bared. When hunger overpowered her, she could be a beast.

"Your mine!" She yelled, scrambling to bite the little Squirtle.

(OOc: Hope you don't mind KS, she won't actually eat you.)
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some form of Ditto[/ QUOTE]
uhh... change that please, on my post, Bob the ditto became a shinx...

Bob Jelly
Spear Piller

"I see... so whats it..." said mew, it was surprised about Bob. Looking at Bob, he seemed so innocent. Suddenly, mew spotted a flygon attacking the only squirtle around. "NO! DODGE IT SQUIRTLE!"

Suddenly, Bob's brothers turned into spoinks. They used bounce to get right next to Bob, where Bob grabbed them. The trio started to merge into a giant dark-purple ditto. The Giant ditto then transformed. It turned into a Flygon the size of 9 flygons, and used a Dragon Pulse at the real flygon. It missed it's body, but hit the flygon's wings. It fell down and crashed in Spear Piller. The giant then became the three dittoes again, and Bob became a shinx and went back to the real shinx. the duo brothers of Bob went up to the Flygon.

"Why did you attack that Squirtle?" asked the Dittoes.


Follow my lead!
Spear Pillar

"Your mine!" a random Flygon shouted as she dove right in Blue's direction. Fortunately the Ditto siblings combined into a giant Flygon and blocked its attack. As the dragon crashed and slid on the ground, Blue walked over to it with a surprised look on her face.

"Why did you attack that Squirtle?" asked the Dittoes. The flygon struggled and sat upright and looked down at them.

"..I was hungry." she said bluntly. Blue just shot her a dirty look and rolled her eyes.

"Come on people! The world's in enough trouble as it is without us going against each other!" Mew shouted, breaking them up. "...sigh I guess this is as many as we're going to get for now. Master, you are free to talk."

"Master?" Blue asked. Mew was a legendary and legends only answered to one. A light bathed Spear Pillar and everyone looked up to the source. It was too bright to see, but they all knew who was there. Arceus.

"Thank you Mew. As you all already know, the balance in power between humans and pokemon has shifted too greatly for this world to survive." Arceus' heavenly voice said. "That is why I am naming you all and anyone you can find to join you as my Holy army. I am entrusting you with setting the world straight. Your mission is to infiltrate the human cities, free their prisonners from both the cities and their prisons, human and Pokemon alike and eventually destroy PEACE in its entirety."

That's what I was planning anyway. But at least this way I'll have back-up. Blue thought, smirking with confidence.

"For some of you, this task is too daunting. If you do not think you would be strong enough to complete this mission, you are free to remain here at Spear Pillar. I will protect this area with my power against PEACE. But if you are willing to take on this challenge, step forward as my new warriors!"

"Hellz ya! I'm so up for this!" Blue laughed as she jumped forward. "My name is Blue and I'm gonna rock this party!"
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"Waitformewaitformewaitforme!!!" Twitch called as he sped toward the group. Wow, I cant believe I'm really looking at arceus While Twitch went into a state of awe at the sight of the greatest pokemon mear yards in front of him, he lost track of how close the ground was and crashed right into the squirtle who had eagerly jumped forward first.


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Spear Pillar

"Hwowy Cwap Itsh Ahkeeash! (Holy crap it's Arceus in baby talk)" yelled Bob, "Mwee! Mwee!" When Bob's siblings heard this, they walked over to Bob. They reached at their bag, and pulled out a huge gun.

"Bob, this gun is your cousin. he had turned into this when the Dragonites attacked. So, for he died while he was like this, it turned into a self-regenerating-gun that will also... translate your language for others. It will guide you through many battles." told one of the Siblings. Only thing that happened then was that Bob acted confused.

"Jelly Gun no die die, talky talky~" said the other sibling.

"ahh" said Bob. He grabbed the gun, which suddenly morphed into his body. Bob screamed.

"Jelly Gun come back when you wanna~" said both of the siblings.

"ahh" said Bob. "where bwullet?" asked Bob, but came out as "Where is the bullet?" from somewhere that no one knew where. Arceus obviously knew, but he was not going to tell. Hey, who said pokemon can not have a sense on humor? Suddenly, a helicopter popped out from nowhere, with net-launchers, aimed at the pokemon. One of the others tried to stop it, but Bob's siblings stopped it.

"Gun! let's make bang!" yelled Bob, and his arm turned into a gun, kind of like samus's from metroid. Then, Bob pointed the gun at the helecoter, and everyone expecter a missle or a laser to come out. Instead, some red blob shot out. The gun then dissapeared again, and the jelly went flying towards the helecopter. It then turned into a box, and the box opened. inside was a bunch of grenades. The stupid helecopter driver shot the net, which caused the grenades to explode. The grenades exploded the helecopter, but turned back into jelly. then Bob happily yelled "Baddie Fwygon go fly!"

The jellies turned into one big blob again, and flew right into the hurt flygon's mouth. then, without the flygon moving at all, Bob moved his finger all around, and whereever he pointer, the flygon flew there. Noone knew why, until flygon opened his mouth. From there, a plane flew out.

"EEEEEVIIIIL!!!!" yelled Bob's younger sibling. the plane ran right into Bob, and it dissapeared. then he told Bob.

"Bob? Flygon hurt, flygon need heal!"

Bob smiled and stared at arceus. He then turned into the legendary pokemon, and used psychic to move flygon. He set flygon down, and turned into a Chimecho. It used Heal bell, healing all of the team's engeries.

"Even if our Bob will cause you trouble, he can transform into anything, other than a legendary pokemon. for those, he needs to stare at one for a bit. then he transforms, then when he wants to do it again, he must stare at it again. He can also turn into every pokemon, so he will help you very well. Oh, and uhh... this is something you probably should know. you can use it in a battle, or to get away from it. When all of Bob's friends die, or if he thinks so, then he will go berserk and turn into some sort of mutated pokemon. He will not touch any bodies that he thinks are dead, but will kill the ones who caused the trouble pretty easily. so, when you get into a pinch, get hit once on perpose, and pretend to be dead. Anemesia, Night Shade, or Nightmare would be a good move to use for pretending to be dead." said both of the siblings of Bob. Then, they described how Bob looks when he goes berserk. (it's on my description part of my sign up)

All but Blue and the shinx gasped in horror. Blue and the shinx was probably happy to hear this.

"Oh... and don't let mwy second to oldest swibling see you if your a girl, hes something called a pwervert." said Bob. One of the dittos blushed.

"NO IM NOT! WHERE DI YOU HEAR THAT FROM?!" yelled that "P"ervert ditto. Bob then started to cry, and pointed to the other ditto.

"Well, you are! I saw you turning into the dialga from your picture book and used it to freeze time, and touched that squirtle's..." said the "O"ldest Ditto, when the the "P" Ditto grabbed the "O" Ditto's mouth. Too late for "P" Ditto. The Squirtle heard everything. She blushed and quicky beat the crap out of the "P" ditto... both ways. Unluckily for the "P" ditto, every pokemon there was to help the Squirtle. Including Arceus and mew. It was a sad day for the "P"Ditto.
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Soran the Treecko

Soran looked up at the ancient tower looming before him. Its walls were made of some kind of old plaster and a type of durable rock that had been eroded through out the years. He placed his hand against the worn walls feeling every nook and cranny; his hands were a second pair of eyes.

Pushing his hand against the wall, Soran felt the microscopic suction cups on his hands pop and grip onto the decaying plaster. Feeling confident, he did the same with the other one and then with his left foot. When he was finally sure that he had a good enough grip, he pushed himself up and began to scale the wall.

This was extremely for Soran to do. After all he’d done it dozens for times before on basically every type of surface. Smiling fully, something he usually only did alone, he rushed up with two times the speed and vigor.


The top of Mt. Coronet came faster than expected. Soran wasn’t anywhere near out of breath when he climbed over the top observing the place called spear pillar by legend. It was just how he had imagined it, old, decaying, and most importantly he was not alone.

Already four other Pokémon were standing around chatting with each other. The noises echoed eerily through out the vacant plateau. In front of their numbers stood Mew the pink legendary Pokémon that had called him here.

Soran adjusted the strap over his shoulder and walked over the group, his signature board expression plastered over his face.

Suddenly in front of the group a white light appeared causing Soran to dart behind the nearest stone pillar as before their numbers the legendary pokemon Arceus appeared. Soran's eyes narrowed as he looked at the majestic white beast. Letting go of the stone pillar he walked up the the group with out a word.


Girafarigfan #5821.3
Location: Spear Pillar.

“Wait. So the whole world is having the same problems as me?” Farich asked. He never did any gossip, so he didn’t know about this whole thing. He thought he could handle it himself, but it turns out that will it be very unlikely…

Farich thought of the possibilities. He wanted to rescue the other girafarig, as well other Pokémon and humans, but destroying PEACE? Did that mean that they would kill them? Farich wouldn’t do such thing. But, if it needed to save the world…

Then some words reached him. “Goes berserk”. Farich turned around, to see some dittos. Farich knew that they could transform into anything, so if one of them goes berserk… Farich decided. He would not go. Way to dangerous.

But then, one of the dittos, wanted to do something to a nearby Squirtle. Being good, Farich jumped into action and protected her from the ditto. But then…

“Good thing of you to join us, Farich” mew said sarcastic.

Farich didn’t understand what that was, until he realized that when went to protect the Squirtle, he had set a step forward… Farich didn’t have another choice then to wait for a plan…


((OOC: Sorry for the delay; I was at a friend's.))

Deton the Baltoy
Location: Spear Pillar

“Kehehe…” Deton muttered under his breath as he hopped from one stone to another. The mountain’s peak was slowly growing closer and closer. With one large leap, he landed on the edge of a cliff and regained his semi-balance. Stone pillars rose into the heavens, and the peak looked as if it had been undisturbed for quite some time. In the center, a group of Pokémon were chatting. Deton hopped towards them.

The group was composed of a Squirtle, Shinx, Gallade, Girafarig, Flygon, Togekiss, Lucario, Treeko, and three Dittos. A small war party, but a war party nonetheless. Teetering back and forth slightly, Deton spun near the crowd. The Pokémon had gathered around Mew, who was signaling towards the sky. Looking up, Deton spotted a bright light. He ‘ooooohhheeed’ quietly at the light. It reminded him of an explosion.

"…Thank you Mew.” A voice was saying from beyond the light, “As you all already know, the balance in power between humans and Pokémon has shifted too greatly for this world to survive. That is why I am naming you all and anyone you can find to join you as my Holy army. I am entrusting you with setting the world straight. Your mission is to infiltrate the human cities, free their prisoners from both the cities and their prisons, human and Pokémon alike and eventually destroy PEACE in its entirety."

Deton smirked satanically and fiddled with the small brown sacks hanging from his neck. If anyone was going to blow up P.E.A.C.E, it was going to be him.

"For some of you, this task is too daunting. If you do not think you would be strong enough to complete this mission, you are free to remain here at Spear Pillar. I will protect this area with my power against PEACE. But if you are willing to take on this challenge, step forward as my new warriors!"

A Squirtle popped up eagerly from the crowd, along with the three Dittos (one of which was enjoying blasting a faraway object). A Girafarig stepped towards the group, only to blink in surprise when Mew called out his name.

Deton fiddled with one of the many grenades that he hid in his sack. He urged to blow up the entire mountain and everyone on it – including himself. Of course, that meant that there wouldn’t be a war party anymore, and P.E.A.C.E. might take over the world (as if they hadn’t already). Sighing, he placed the grenade in its proper place and hopped towards the group of warriors who had accepted the challenge.

“Kehehe – boom – kehehe,” Deton laughed. He glanced towards the other Pokémon who were still making up their minds. If they didn’t decide to join the group of warriors – Deton decided – he’d probably blow them up.

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along with the three oddly-colored Dittos (who were enjoying blasting a faraway object).
Only Bob is wierd colored, red. only he is enjoying this, and he bew the object up. IS THAT SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND PEOPLE? HOW COME WHEN I DO AN RP WITH ONE ODDCOLOR, LIKE 5 PEOPLE SUDDENLY THINK ALL OF IT'S FAMILY ARE LIKE THAT?!?!?!

Spear piller

Suddenly, Bob just stood up and materialized his gun. "Anywon hoo dwo not fowwow ush wiww bwe bwasted!" he yelled. But then, his siblings whacked him on the head.

"Sorry, he can be sort of evil. He also loves to pull pranks, and hates people who enjoys fighting." said the other sibling. "Anyway, if you do not want someone to fight, just throw Bob between them. He is a smart kid, and he memorized most objects. he can turn into them, and those he does not remember, take this Dictionary. when he hears the word from someone he trusts, he will transform into the object. Now, we must go." Then, the two turned into ralts, and teleported away.

But, before leaving, They corrected what Farich the geraferig heard.
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Follow my lead!
Spear Pillar

Great! A perverted Ditto, a Togekiss hyped up on speed, a jumpy Girafarig, a possibly mute Treeko, and a pyro-maniac Baltoy. Blue thought to herself as she saw everyone who lined up with her at that time. This is gonna be the best road trip ever!

"Oh, it seems we have an univited visitor." Mew spoke in a taunting manor. "Come out so we can see who we're gonna blast!"

A pink fairy pokemon came from behind a pillar near the entrance way. Something about her seemed quite intimidating and mae Blue's skin crawl.

"My name is Zero." she said monotonely.


*Gasp* He's back!
"My name is Zero." Zero stated, "Project Zero. And you, are going to die." She said, as she grabbed her dual guns, and started shooting to them: more as a warning then to kill. "Let this be a warning," She said, as she jumped on a lower pillar.

"I expected a meeting, but now I see that it was just bluff. Mew can't do anything, and what are you? A psychotic Baltoy, a loveable Shinx, an idiotic ditto, a hyper good-for-nothing togekiss, a flygon who wants to eat their 'ally', a Gallade who thinks to high of himself and a scaredy-cat girafarig. To name a few," She said, and looked to Blue. "Although you are small, I think you're worth fighting. But I won't set my hopes to high..." She stated coldy, and then putted her dual guns back: and grabbed a small dark-purple ball. "Next time we meet, you won't come out alive. If somebody wishes to see me after all, I'm at Enterna Forest..." She said, as she threw the purple ball on the ground, and a huge explosion happend: But it was a smoke bomb. So no damage was done. But Zero had disappeared the scene, leaving those of the resistance at the peak.


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Location: Still Spear Pillar.

Just as Farich thought that it couldn’t get worse, that clefairy showed up. Farich had seen her before, but where? Farich took cover when “Zero” as she was named, shooted at them.

“and a scaredy-cat girafarig” project Zero said. Farich turned around, to mention that he was the only girafarig there. That means…

“I’m not a scaredy-cat!” Farich said. He usually didn’t care about such things, but this was an exception, since she was not known by Farich! ”Sure, I don’t want to stay near a ditto who can get berserk, but that’s naturally! If I was a scaredy-cat, then I won’t even went to this place!”

Much to Farich’s annoyance, Zero just disappeared. She had said something about Eterna forest. That was a forest on the other side of Sinnoh from where Farich usually lived. If he was going to meet her again, he would trade her attack for a magikarp’s! Then let’s see who’s the scaredy-cat!

Farich was somewhere surprised by his anger, since this was completely unnatural for him. He usually didn’t say anything at all. There was something about her that made Farich this way. Maybe it was her deadly seriously behavior, unlike the other girafarig that had teased him? Whatever it was, Farich was angry at her.
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