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Deja Vu

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by Gengstar420, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Gengstar420

    Gengstar420 Pokémon Veteran

    Well, this past Friday I turned 29 years young and I guess it’s that every other year itch that I need to scratch. It started with the cards. Pack here, pack there just to see what’s new. I’m a Old School Veteran Pokemon Trainer! Alls I needed was a taste and I was gung ho once again for the best RPG, story, and franchise Nintendo has ever sponsored. And seeing that I hadn’t even played Sun or Moon yet, it almost seemed like there was only one thing to do, continue my journey on becoming a Pokémon Master.

    I DO have ALOT of good cards I recently came up on and I’m going over my options on the two decks I’m gonna start playing with. But I finally picked up my 2DS, yes I’m cheap but it’s a rough week, and a copy of Pokémon Moon Version. So far I’m in love. I chose the grass bird starter, I stray toward Grass starters often. OvO/Wyte Owl is his name.

    I’m just at the point where This new too cool professor Hawaiian Name is teaching me how to catch Pokémon. Same song and dance but It’s tradition.

    Don’t know much about these new pkmn but I’m anxious to see how I go about building my team. Fairy and Dark and or Steel type I def plan on using. And of course Dragon, water, ground and fire so we will see !!
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  2. Ariki

    Ariki Well-Known Member

    Nice! I picked Poplio in Pokemon Sun. How far into the game are you? I really liked the plot in Sun and I had a great time building my team and exploring the Alola region.
  3. Gengstar420

    Gengstar420 Pokémon Veteran

    Actually still pretty early been taking breaks here n there so I don’t burn myself out plus I’m packing up cus I’m moving and yea I’m happy w my starter choice. I’d like to rock either a mega lucario or mega sableye but my fav poke is Gengar so Idk if I should put him on my team or wait till I’m train competitively
  4. OshyHikari

    OshyHikari c l a r i t y

    I should warn you that you won't have access to the Mega Stones until the postgame, since almost all of them are Battle Tree prizes.
  5. Gengstar420

    Gengstar420 Pokémon Veteran

    Whaaat in x n y u get them early don’t yu well the ones everybody got ?
  6. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    Because Sun and Moon's focus was Z-moves rather than Mega Evolution, which is why the latter are confined to the postgame.
  7. Argentarus

    Argentarus Sun's Out, Scorbun's out

    The lack of mega stones in the main story is a bit of a letdown. But since there's a focus on Z-Moves in Sun and Moon, it does help to raise the difficulty of the game. And besides the megas were Generation 6's thing and were everywhere in ORAS. The best thing, if you haven't played any Gen 6 games, is trying them out. I haven't played ORAS... yet, so I'm looking forward to trying out an Audinite. Also, since you got the "vanilla" version of Moon, 24 of the 51 mega stones are available without trading with somebody with USUM.

    Honestly, the megas didn't really help with X and Y's low difficulty, especially since Mega Lucario gets 2x STAB from Adaptability and you get the Kanto Megas. Don't get me wrong, X and Y were absolutely solid and have very fun moments and gorgeous locales, but they did feel more like stepping stones for the franchise due to the recent switch to 3D. It's a shame they didn't make Pokemon Z; would've helped to expand Kalos a little more.
  8. shoz999

    shoz999 The Legend of Mudkip

    One of the things I like about the 7th gen are the diverse range of opinions of the difficulty in Totem Bosses. Unlike Gym Leaders where you can rush through them, Totem Bosses difficulty really depends on your team-building which in-turn leads to a diverse range of responses in which was the easiest and hardest of the Totem Bosses. For me, the easiest in SM was Lurantis and the hardest for me was Salazzle but some people told me that the hardest they fought was actually Lurantis and that Salazzle was too easy. Another example that I thought was pretty easy was Wishiwashi but people told me that that Wishiwashi was one of the hardest bossfights they've ever fought.
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  9. OshyHikari

    OshyHikari c l a r i t y

    You can trade with US/UM players if you want Mega Stones. The ones in the original S/M are just Kanto starters and Pokemon in the Alola Dex. US/UM did correct that by making all the Mega Stones be available. But as someone said, the Mega Stones were demoted to the post-game because of the focus on Z-Moves as this gen’s new gimmick.
  10. Gengstar420

    Gengstar420 Pokémon Veteran

    How soon in the game can I start trading and battling ? Does it talk take place in the Festival Area??

    Right now I am using Dartix, Charjabug, and Vullaby..
    Haven’t used many Bugs and Electric types..

    I know it’s gobna be a while till Vullaby or Charjabug evolve but I think for in-game they will be some fun.
    I haven’t used Steel and Fairy type much before. Not that I’ve had much time to use a good Fairy type seeing that it’s new. also wanna incorporate a fighter, ground, ice, dark...
    Still early in the game so the choices are endless.

    I’m still new to all the new things in the game that effect battles and abilities and natures etc, I understand EV training but I’m not gonna do that until I’m ready to start training for competition battling. Right now I’m getting to j is the ALola Pokemon, new styles, NO badges but the same classic battle system.

    I’m getting close to conquering the second island so hopefully I’ll find my last 3 Pokémon to assist me in beating this game abd catching Pokémon
  11. Argentarus

    Argentarus Sun's Out, Scorbun's out

    To trade with over the internet, yes. You do need Festival Plaza.
    But you won't be able to use megas until you become Champion and meet up with Sina and Dexio (the boy and girl who give you the Zygarde Cube) in the postgame, unfortunately.
    Fairy and everything else does take some getting used to, but you'll get into the groove.

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