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Delete PM

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Talons Fury

i recon that if one of our threads gets deleted we should get a pm so that we not looking for it for ages and stuff


Oddish plzkthnxbai
1) Grammar and punctuation are your best friends.

2) If your thread was deleted from being inappropriate, they shouldn't have to waste their time sending out a pm, unless they're warning the member. If it was pruned, then it should be no surprise that it was deleted.

Either way, this idea would be useless.

Perfect Darkness

Okay, top of screen, click quick links, my profile, then go down a bit to Posted Threads by ____. Find it there, mods are too busy to send a PM to every thing they delete or move, since they do it so often. Check the Misc. thread lately?
XD Ilex to 1. If they are, I'm lonely

Not open for further replies.