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Delibird or Sneasel?

  • Thread starter king krab kingler
  • Start date

who is betta?

  • Delibird (FR)

    Votes: 7 29.2%
  • Sneasel (LG)

    Votes: 17 70.8%

  • Total voters
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king krab kingler

Who do you think is better between these 2 version exclusive pokemon?

king krab kingler

Ivoted delibird,although the move pool is a complete disgrace,I like it,it has the abillity to fly and it looks quite cool.

Metarock Sam

I voted Sneasel. It is one of my fave pokemon and also it has a very good movepool compared to delibirds poor movepool.
Sneasel. Cooler Type Combo (No matter how bad it is...) and has at least 2 usable Stats. =o

Shame for the lack of a good STAB, though...

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

Well-Known Member

it rules with the realy cool looks and all Delibird is is a Penguin


Back I guess??
it´s hard to say, I love sneasel, but delibird is better.
hustle (x1.5)+choice band (x1.5)+ STABed aerial ace (90 BP)= good combo!

BUT sneasel has a better attack stat, awesome speed, and a big moveset, also a cool idea. just the 4x weakness at fighting made me vote in the non penguin santa claus delibird


Nothing to be done
I want to say "neither", but I'm going to go with Delibird. Sneasel is a Pokemon of two special types, both of which are uncommon but necessary, and yet it has terribly low special attack. What's the point? Both have 4x weaknesses, but you're more likely to run into a fighting type move than a rock type one.


Contaminated KFC
You monster, don't make me choose!
They're both awesome. You can't go wrong with a Present-hoarding-bootleg-Santa-penguin and a slick-looking-egg-eating-weasel-thing.

I like them both equally~


I like 'em both, but I'll go with Sneasel. It's cooler looking and can actually prove useful. Even if it has sucky Sp Atk. >.>


**_ IS FEMALE _**
Depends whether you want to use a UU (sneasel) or a NU (delibird). But I just like sneasel better - it can learn more than ONE level-up move! and in GSC it didn't flee all the time like delibird.


Really and truly
Don't double post, mantine god.

Anyways, Sneasel, for sure. It's just way cooler. Delibird is just too awkward for me and reminds me too much of some kind of deranged Santa Clause, and remember kids; SANTA=SATAN (re-arrange the letters).



I always loved Delibird because it looked so cute and crazy! Penguin Santa!

After seeing Sneasel's evolution, I think I like Sneasel more.


I like them both but Sneasel can at least learn moves by leveling up, Delibird don't and that makes it loose in my race ^^
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