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Deltaness... Boo!



Gengar: 8/10
I'm decucting for the picture, and the Retreat Cost for Gengar being too high. A typical Gengar's retreat cost is usually a maximum of 2 colourless energy. The attack is a little bit too complicated, and would be a bit of a bother to people with weak math skills.

Haunter: 6/10
The most major flaw is that the picture inside the circle on the left os the Stage One sign is a picture of HAUNTER, when it should be a picture of it's pre-evolution, GASTLY. The energy symbol under Resistance is a bit blurry. The retreat cost is too high, most Haunters have a retreat cost of 0 to 1 colourless energies.

Gastly: 9/10
Energy symbol for Resistance is too blurry. I love the attack =)


Le Poke. *pokes*
Thanks for the comments!

I like to see that, here, people aren't just trying to see if the things are well fonted and placed, but are using the real TCG to make comparements!

King Shuckle

Don't be daft
I'm no wording expert, but I do know that it's "Gastly does 10 damage to itself" rather than "Gastly causes damage to itself."

Gengar: 8.5/10 Cool. Original art is a plus! The wording on Counter and Certain seems a bit odd. The holosheet looks odd too.

Haunter: 9/10 More Original art! Remember, "cause" turns into "does." Good work.

Gastly: 8/10 Even more original art! However, no offense, but it looks nothing like a Gastly @.@ The above mistake applies to this rating.

Good job.