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Deoxys Hunting


New Member
Yep, im trying another futile attempt at this.

I seem to have rather bad luck with threads and finding the pokes i want, the good news is this will be the last one for a while.

So, im looking for a deoxys, I dont care about its levels, iv/ev's etc, weather or not it's cloned, so long as its legit.

what i have to offer:

Rayquaza lev 70
Regiice lev 40
Registeel lev 40
Regirock lev 40
Shieldon Lev 20 (x3, varying natures etc)
Kabuto lev 20
Misdreavus lev 11
Beldum lev 5 (from Hoenn, Adament nature)

and thats my pitiful list of offers. Please keep the pointing and laughing to a minimum.



New Member
Ok, you guys, im about to ask a serious question, and i whould like semi-serious responses, if possable.

Are my offers really "that" bad?



New Member
Yea they are. You need to get some rare pokemon.

The rarest poke i ever owned was a shiny bidoof. I traded that away quite some time ago...

Yeah, my luck bites...

Comeon, someone throw me a deoxys bone here?

(probrably not at this rate...)



New Member
There is someone cloning deoxys you can probably get one from him for cheap.

there where 2 people cloning, one for shiny/legend/rare stuff, and another just to fill his dex, i've already contacted both, and am awaiting confermation/deniel.

I "do" have a shiny charmander, but 1, its lev 100 and 2, its been confermed to be a hacked poke, so i don't "really" want to officially list it.