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der inkspot


Vintage much?
I saw a vase, mask and a run over dead frog.

Starlight Aurate

Just a fallen star
After reading Profesco's and Armorandanomon's and Umbreon-dana's posts, I totally see two Dialga's now O_O With the oboes.

I see something big and chunky with two skeletal wings protruding from its back.


Raiden Maximus
I see a gengar-like thingy with 4 extra spider legs. And there are willies attached to the front two spider legs, except they 'evolved'.


Something splitting apart into an identical copy of itself.


Still Dirrty
So everyone with a dirty mind(read:Basically every post-pubescent guy and a fair chunk of post-pubescent girls) has mental problems? Good to know.

Depending on what parts of the blot I focus on, I either see a two-headed alien thing, genitals(for either gender!), scissors, or a horribly malformed ribcage. Hopefully I stop seeing skeletal structures in ink blots once I'm done with anatomy class.

Pay attention, I didn't say mental problems. I said something is wrong with their mental state, as in people that are exposed to too many sexual things cause them to see sexual images often. The Rorschach test (inkblot as most know it as) can basically be used to find out about a person's personality rather than serious underlying problems.

I'm not a professional whatsoever, but these are just some of the basics that I know of.
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Grass Trainer
it looks spider-ish although to be honest i cant really make out anything from it ...


Officially The Worst
It turned into two eel men with penises on their heads and knotted canes sitting back to back.

At first though it just looked like someone had spread apart a bird skull.