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Derrick's Story, a black nuzlocke

Discussion in 'Fan-Comics' started by godo156, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. godo156

    godo156 huh, what?

    A country boy, Derrick Blakeson (age 15), and his friends start their own journeys, for their own reasons.

    Derrick is using this as an excuse to try to find his 'missing' father, who disappeared way back when he was a toddler. This excuse, though, is one that requires entry into the Unovan League to have access to their searchin' resources. Therefore, he has to get all the badges.

    Bianca "Belle" Lauray is going on her journey to prove to her sexist, drunkee of a father that she can make it in the world. She isn't necessarily needing to beat the league to prove, but rather get the badges.

    Cheren "Rinnard" Rinlin is going to make his mother, a previous champion of the country proud. He is aiming for the league.

    But not all follows accordingly for them, when a mysterious, shadowy being force them into his challenge of death, and an eco-terrorist group are thrown into their ways.
    The art gets better after the first three parts, to the point ya barely recognize it's mine, story-wise also.

    Basic rules, minus a small clause on gift and wild pokemon being counted as different catches, as this was a first attempted run.

    Easy to read Smackjeeves mirror: Smackjeeves
    Table of contents:
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2012
  2. Eternal Draconic

    Eternal Draconic Bad mushrooms!

    So far, so good!

    It's actually pretty good drawing.
  3. Wardek

    Wardek U & I

    I feel this is a copy of someone's D/P/Pt's adventure on manga....
    Anyways, good job and I'm looking forward for the next chapters.
  4. PokeTrainerJay

    PokeTrainerJay High in the Sky

    Wow did you draw those? Nice drawing...
  5. draya the dark master

    draya the dark master Sort of Undead atm♥

    did you by any chance do a similer one om bulbafarden
    any so far so great :D
  6. godo156

    godo156 huh, what?

    @Wardek: how would this be considered a copy of a DPPt manga, if you're saying this 'coz of Derrick's ability, I just thought it would be interesting for the character (and the idea came from the movie Next)
    @Draya: yep, this is on bulba ;)
    @others: thanks for the comments.
  7. Nightfall_

    Nightfall_ Gamer Extrodinare

    The last one was funny.

    "What garbage was that? I don't have a problem with being owned"

    I actually thought the being owned part meant...well...getting owned by some random pokemon XD
  8. godo156

    godo156 huh, what?

    Well, if she did get owned, at least by your definition, she'd be dead :p
    oh, and I have the rest of chapter three uploaded.
  9. godo156

    godo156 huh, what?

    hmmmm.... noones repyin' here....
    might as well say I have a small part of chapter four up
  10. godo156

    godo156 huh, what?

    I deleted all the older pages on the site and replaced them with the new pages.
  11. soren12345

    soren12345 Member

    omg this is a really good comic
  12. godo156

    godo156 huh, what?

    Thank ya sir/ma'am (not sure, and I don't want to offend ya by callin' ya by the wrong gender)
    Here's a gajinka of Mizi:
    Bacon and Vivent will be gajinka'd next.
  13. godo156

    godo156 huh, what?


    Who's this?
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2012
  14. godo156

    godo156 huh, what?

    Mostly writing on this page, but who cares. Oh, and the first time trying to draw a realistic side view of a head. Who needs Pokedexes when ya have smartphones?
    A lot of plot twists on this page here. And yes, animals exist on the pokemon world on this, but not a significant amount to mess anything up. I can't explain though, how they got there. /dohohohoho
  15. godo156

    godo156 huh, what?

    Done with it finally. I recently studied this one guide on color at dA, so I started experimented with color at the end. Now, I'm gonna draw this one nuzlocke trade event thing with Chachiko-sama on DA , which is basically a crossover battle. After that, I'll get startin' on part five.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2012
  16. The Unknown Twinkie

    The Unknown Twinkie Lilligant is so cute

    I can't find the link?
  17. godo156

    godo156 huh, what?

  18. godo156

    godo156 huh, what?

  19. godo156

    godo156 huh, what?

    So I got the thread renamed, cleaned out the unnecessary posts, and here is the newest part.

    Y'all waited long enough. Schools finally out! I think I managed to pass ninth grade with all A's and B's. So WhootWhoot!
    I can draw a whole lot more now! I can't make no promises, but I think I can update once or twice a week, depending on what's going on this summer. So let's see how that works out.

    This was all I had completely done at the time, and I thought it was presentable enough.
  20. godo156

    godo156 huh, what?

    *Takes swig of redo juice* BLUH! I'm sorry. THis is the last time I'm doing this, but I'm redoing the content of the first three parts. Dunno how many parts there'll be, but each part is broke into chapters now. Every thing is broke into pages (and, if you have a problem loading the first post, I'll put each of the pages into their own spoilers), read left to right now, and improved art, oh, and more writing then comics (for now)! There is currently 2000 words in the first chapter, and I'm still goin'! Sorry for making y'all have to go through this.

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