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Desolate Land Diaries: The Life & Times of the Dangerous Dune Rats [PKMN SU] [PG 15]


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@Sama, I dig it, you're in. Your history with Rustboro is nice and gives me some ideas. Also, I think its safe to say your character's father and Elara's husband knew each other, as both were researches/ scientists for Rustboro. That could give us some insight into why Bootstrap joined with Elara. Also, funny enough, I was just thinking how the RPG needed a character named bootstraps. No joke!


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Hey guys I'm going to leave sign ups open for about a week more, and then get the show on the road. I'm on spring break this week, which is why I'm gonna put it off til then. If anyone else is still interested in joining, feel free!


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Hey guys I'm going to leave sign ups open for about a week more, and then get the show on the road. I'm on spring break this week, which is why I'm gonna put it off til then. If anyone else is still interested in joining, feel free!
Great. Soon the time will approach.

The time when blood and sand will mix, and the wailing of the damned once more shall echo for miles! VIVA LA RP!


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@Iegnak Sounds good!

@everyone else, RPG is up and running. I just sent in a request for a discussion thread as well.

@People who may want to sign up still, Sign Ups will stay open and you will be able to hop into the story at any time, so feel free to join us!


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Name: Willow
Age: 19
Gender: Female


Willow is dark skinned, since her tribe spent all their time in the sun. It’s hard to tell whether she was born with it or if she darkened over time. When not talking her eyes are usually looking around, it’s a habit for her to observe around for potential threats since she works as a guide. When listening to someone, she looks at their lips directly, since it helps her understand the language. She speaks with her hands, and has a brisk step.
She covers herself head to ankle with clothing--she couldn't ever get used to shoes-- so she won’t be recognized if she ever runs into her old tribe.

Personality: Willow is lacking, say, a poker face. She is the easiest person to read. Happy, sad, mad, you got it just look at her face. Her face and hands talk more often than she does. She’s much more of a listener than a talker, since she can understand the language very well, but she often stumbles the more specific the word is. Luckily, her expressions often save her.
She is very hardened by her past, but everyone in these times seem to be. She wants to have strong bonds with people, and to make herself a new family, but she struggles to approach people in a way that seems friendly. However she tries her best, and for some people, that’s all that matters. Despite all this Willow would be hard pressed to be in a romantic relationship. Her trauma from the tribe prevents her.
She see’s enemies as nuisances, and has no problem with violence. She often collects the remains of pokemon and people, because hey, 80% water is still water. Plus, there are a bunch of useful organs.

History: People aren’t kidding when they say life is hard in the wastelands. That couldn’t be more true for Willow. She was born in a nomadic tribe, and being the third child that year to be born under a moon, she was selected.
All of her life, she was raised to be the bride of the chief. She spent a lot of time with him, enough to think that he was her father. But at the age of nine with her first signs of womanhood, it became very clear that he did not see her as a daughter.
Oddly heartbroken and afraid, she ran away from all she knew, using her knowledge of the desert to find her way to what her tribe called “the busy people”. She heard they had great shining monuments, and more people than you could ever imagine.
When she arrived, she realized that assimilating would be an issue. First, people stared at her. She was wearing the traditional paint, but they were all wearing garments, like how the adults do. Even the children were. She was grabbed by a woman who spoke strangely, and dragged off. She felt like she was seen as a wild animal.
She later learned that woman was “polees”. Her hair was completely shaved off, while she was tied down. She was cleaned up and given clothes, then back out into the streets she went. She learned that although it was said differently, the busy people’s version of her name was Willow. She decided to keep it, since she was never going back. Bald, and now 10 years old. She had heard a legend about a ten year old once, and was inspired.
She noticed a lot of people wanted to leave the busy people place. She could understand why. So she offered guide services, gradually learning the language of these people (although she never learned to read their language). She always made sure to avoid her tribe and others, and although she missed the people, she knew she could never return to that fate.
Once she found a group of busy people, lost in the wastelands, the woman offered companionship in return for Willow’s services. It may have not seemed much to the woman, but to Willow, it was a magical second chance at having a community, or even a family. She took the offer immediately, and never went back.

Weapon: As a guide, Willow has found her stone staff immensely useful at bonking away enemies before they get too close.

Misc. Info: -Very flexible, can do the splits and things like that.

Species: Medicham (f)

Nickname: Koo

About: On one of her journeys she was gifted an egg rather than a monetary sum. She ended up liking her, and naming her Koo. In return for Koo’s help in knocking down enemies, Willow healed her with their remains and fed her.

Other: Koo is the big spoon. Willow is the little.


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Sorry this took so dang long, work was a train wreck past few weeks.

anyways, for my support character and I'll start posting whenever this gets passed through.

Name: Morgan

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Appearance: Morgan is a woman with rather delicate and very feminine features with a height of only 5'6 and a weight of only 117 pounds. Morgans fair skin is usually covered by white or tan clothing to protect herself from the elements and her brown eyes are almost always protected by a pair of Legna's old Go-Goggles. Morgans Jet black hair is almost always covered up by the cowl that she wears to cover herself from the sun and on that cowl is a small artificial Lotus that she holds dearly as it was something her mother gave her when she was little. Morgan is relatively free of scaring and has little to no blemishes, Her choice of clothing is usually rather light such as tan or white to reflect the sunlight in the now barren world, she also always carries a small sandy brown backpack for supplies such as food and water, and also ammo for her pistol, on her left leg she has a holster that holds a small makeshift pipe pistol that she uses only in dire situations, she however uses the whip that is clipped to her backpack.

Personality: Morgan is usually a more forgetful individual who is also incredibly social with the people around her; a vastly different person than her partner, however, there are times when she can be a stern, and spiteful being that can make people around her rather fearful because she will use that persons weaknesses against them, however just a few years ago she was a much different person due to being a slave in her younger years.

Social standings, its almost too difficult to not try and befriend people when it comes to Morgans standards, and she absolutely hates when people dislike her for any reason, sometimes people refers to her as "clingy" due to her constant attempts at trying to befriend people.

History: Morgan was born way after the collapse of the old world to a family struggling to cope with the new reality that had unfolded before them and for years was protected heavily by living in a makeshift settlement in the remains of Lavaridge town. Around the age of 8 her mother had died due to sicknesses brought on by famine and dehydration, which led her father to fall into a mental breakdown and abandon Morgan, leaving her with no family and was orphaned to live on the streets. At age 15 she was abducted by raiders that had infiltrated the city and took her to their camp and enslaved her, becoming the bandit leaders "Prized Possession" and for most her years after she was forced to do the leaders bidding until a man singlehandedly took down the raider base and broke into the leaders compound, leaving the leader to die, Morgan; not knowing exactly what to do after being freed, followed the man who had freed her almost getting killed in the process, Reluctant to let her join, the Man gave in and the two made way to the ruins of a long dead town of Pacificlog, taking refuge in the caves in the area, the two settled down until Legna; was unable to cope with the heat and became headset on returning the world to a time she only thought was a myth.

Weapon: Morgan wields a makeshift handgun with only 5 rounds and is rather unskilled with it as she prefers to use her other weapon; a 9 foot long hooked whip that she uses to disarm attackers and also tear skin and flesh.

Misc. Info:

Much like Legna, Morgan is a smoker however, much does so much less.

Despite being so close together, Legna and Morgan do not have a Relationship, however it seems that there is something between the two.

Morgan doesn't remember her last name, so if she ever needs one she just takes Legna's last name

Pokemon SU:
Species: Hawlucha
Nickname: Rey Mysterio (though for the past 30+ years its just been Rey.

Gender: Male

About: Unlike most hawlucha that existed, Hawlucha is a calm, collected Pokémon that only fights when absolutely needed, usually he is the first to stop a fight from breaking out and if needed, the one to end it. Rey is much like his Trainer in terms of being constantly plagued by the memories of his team members.

Rey usually is the overhead scout due to his outstanding eyesight and Aerial Maneuverability.

History: Rey has been part of Legna's party for the past three decades and up until recently would not leave Legna's side, that was until Morgan came around and Legna told Rey to make sure she was safe at all costs.

Other: Rey is technically Legna's Pokémon but listens to both parties without issue.

Rey is possibly older than Legna, as he was at full maturity when he joined his team.


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Looks good, Morgan is in!

I'll try to get a post up soon. Its my last week of school so I've been a bit busy. Also working on getting up a discussion thread, which has been approved. Cheers!