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Pokemon Coordinator
Hey guys. Does anyone agree with me that there are too many useless threads on the forum? Ever since D/P came out, loads more have joined, I'm not saying thats a bad thing but everyone that joins usually search on google "pokemon diamond and pearl cheats". I think we should cut down the useless threads and everyone that signs up has to state why they're are joining. Some newbies don't even bother to read the rules and theres too much SPAM and double posting and such.(even though I'm guilty of that sometimes) The only forum thats actually progressing is the D/P one. I hope we can go back to the community that we once was where everyone didn't focus on just one forum.

Am I a random ranter or do you agree?


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what! no disagree list

I don't visit the D/P forum anyway.

Does it really matter? The hype will die down in a year or so.


Blaziken Trainer
I agree with you, especially on the part about people joining WITHOUT reading the rules and just going on with spamming left, right, and center, simply because I HATE it when people do that.
Besides, I don't see a whole lot of different people on, say, the FanFictions forum or the Shipping Fics forum, for example, and it would be nice to see some change...


i don't care.

Diamond and pearl got too boring too quick.

I bet the only people you will see in that forum within a month or two are the people who didn't already have it.