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Destiny of Understanding PG

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
Beta'ed by Flaming Lip and indigestable wad, in that order.

Chapter One: The Introductory Chapter

There was a great calmness in the air. It was not the kind of calm before a storm but the calm that was only felt just before dawn. There was a little light coming from the horizon but it was still too early for there to be enough to illuminate the few clouds that were in the sky that were only visible because of some of the few remaining stars were being blocked by them.

It was certain that the clouds would glow pink at sunrise, which would certainly be a bad omen out at sea. Since the sea was out of sight, its omens did not carry here, so when the pink clouds arrived it would merely be a thing of beauty. Not too uncommon here, but rare enough so it kept seeming as amazing as it was. The beauty of the weather was not the only wondrous thing about this valley, as life itself here was too.

A few eevee lay sleeping in the long damp grass, their parents not minding that they were not hidden in their dens. The valley had always been isolated enough to keep out any threat. It was impossible to tell if the parents of these eevee were flareon, jolteon, vaporeon, umbreon, or espeon as all five, along with the little eevees, were a common sight here, quite unlike anywhere else. Legally the valley belonged to the All-Weather family, spiritually and physically it belonged to the eevee. The All-Weathers only made sure the greed of humanity never made it to the valley, keeping the eevee and the high quantities of evolution stones hidden.

It was still too dark for most locals to be awake, and too light for the rest, which consisted of most of the umbreon and a few nocturnal eevee.

Within the darkness of the ending night, a dark shadow sauntered into the valley. If it wanted any of them it would have already of gotten one and left, no it was after something a bit bigger, something that wasn’t covered in fur quite unlike itself.

Its eyes appeared glow, in reality merely reflecting the little amount of light there was at this time so as to make it easier to see; of course the glow was getting dimmer by the minute as sunrise drew near.

It was large and fox-like in appearance, a long tuft of fur stretching backwards from the top of it’s head, its nine tails were held high above the grass both out of confidence in it’s superiority over all over in the valley and to make sure they wouldn’t brush against the grass as it moved because that could risk making a sound. Every step it took was with absolute precision, making sure that when a paw went down it did not disturb the grass enough to make a sound louder than its own slow heart beat.

Even a quick glance would make one realize it was a ninetales, though a quick glance probably wouldn’t of been enough to see that it was female, though certainly most Pokemon would have had a good enough sense of smell to have been able to know both those things without looking at all.

The light had now become bright enough to see at least some of what made the ninetales different: her fur was pure white instead of the usual creamy colour, something not often seen except in albino ninetales; her eyes were a pale blue, something that is also not often seen in ninetales, though it also proved that it wasn’t an albino making it’s variation in colour even more unusual. Soon someone would notice this, all too soon that same someone will have her direct attention.

The ninetales suddenly slowed down, her movements became even more cautious as she approached a patch of grass flattened to the ground because it was currently being slept on by the very thing that gave the unusual ninetales a reason to be in the valley.

There lay a young human female still deep in slumber unaware of the creature now looking down at her. It looked as though the girl probably accidentally fell asleep there during the previous day as her wide brimmed pink hat was covering her face and she was still fully dressed. In fact she was dressed entirely in pink, the same pink the clouds would turn at sunrise, though none of it was very fancy in any way: a plain short sleeved pink shirt, a pair of pink shorts pink socks pink shoes with pink laces, and what appeared to be a pink backpack flattening a patch of grass less than a meter away from her.

Maybe that wouldn’t have been a bad look for her if it wasn’t for her long black hair scattered through the grass around her head, and the pink being darker than her own skin colour. Such a bad fashion sense could not have developed unless one actually didn’t care what was thought about their appearance, or at least were made to not care.

The ninetales lifted one paw like she was just taking another step, though she watched it very careful as she put it down on the girl’s neck before adding a bit of pressure. Almost joyfully she watched as the girl as the girl awoke in panic, the girl being barely able to breath at all and certainly unable to scream for help, she watched as the girl tried to bat the paw off with clawless hands, she watched as the girl came slowly closer and closer to passing out due to lack of oxygen.

“You really should relax a bit,” the ninetales sneered, as she slowly lay down, careful so as to not to release the pressure on the girls neck or add too much extra pressure, putting her other paw on the girl’s chest, “currently I have no reason to kill you quickly and I’m sure you have nothing to lose if you conserve your energy to survive a few more seconds…” she paused before continuing with a spine-tingling growl, far more menacing than one would expect from a ninetales, “oh I forgot, you humans can’t understand Pokemon at all… still I do feel it is required for me to tell you why I’m doing this before you lose any chance of hearing this at all.”

“I was sent after you by my good friend N’med though she was quite reluctant to do so, as my methods aren’t exactly desirable most of the time,” she continued, now clearly trying to sound nicer than she really was, “I am to remove you from the grasp of some sort of evil, the kind that N’med is always going on about, apparently you’re meant to become some great and powerful minion of darkness. I of course would never buy into that rubbish. I’m here to pay back a debt to N’med and to have a little fun.”

“If only it was that simple…” she sighed, as the girl’s arms fell limp, “N’med want a peaceful solution, but I was the only one she believes is capable of dealing with you without being caught. She just believes I hate humans for the destruction they have caused… true I have killed many of your kind to try to get the message across to stop their destructive ways, but it never seems to have any effect so killing you wouldn’t either…” she lifted her paw before moving her other paw up the girl’s chest a bit to find that there was still a heartbeat and some weak breathing.

“…I suppose I might have to try something else to make things change, in fact I think you can help me do so,” she said carefully, as she seemed to be suddenly deep in thought, “human communities are a lot bigger than pokemon ones, in fact if I am right it seems all human communities seem to be connected somehow, so a single human could end up having greatly influence over all other humans… Maybe I could make sure you get into such a position of power, of course it would take many years to do so. It won’t be possible if you remain in a position where N’med would know if you still lived or, if N’med is right, dark powers could find you. Of course, if you cannot understand me then there will be no reason for me to do so.”

”Not that a lack of understanding can’t be bridged. I can sense that your mind has already been weakened by psychic manipulation, which will make it easy to manipulate you further. Though I cannot be sure of the source, it seems ongoing and seems to be focused on reducing stress,” her growl was almost like a laugh, “of course my kind do not find direct manipulation of the mind easy, it is curses cast when our tails are grabbed that we excel at. Curses are restricted somewhat and the results are most often unpredictable as it works as a spur of the moment, planning a curse ahead of time just isn’t done often, being that it doesn’t always work as planned. You have nothing to fear, as I know this will work perfectly.”

She flicked one of her tails gently down into the girl’s hand. The fox’s eye’s closed, and her fur glowed a pale blue. Where one of her tail’s touched the girl’s there was a spark of light, and the girl’s hand twitched as if shocked by a small amount of electricity. The Ninetales leapt away from the girl, giving out a yelp of pain as if her tail had been pulled. The curse was complete.

“Be thankful, I could have made you completely under my power but instead I just curse you with understanding all pokemon,” she growled viciously, as glared at the unconscious human, “it’ll be more fun to gain your loyalty through other means, and your weak mind will make it easy to convince you to leave this place but that probably will wear off over time. By then you will be completely loyal. Lucky for you I have time to calm down before you awaken to your new ‘cursed’ power. I’m sure in any other circumstances it’d be a gift not a curse, perhaps you won’t even notice the disadvantages for quite sometime.”

Sunrise had barely passed long enough ago for the clouds to have turned to their usual daytime white, and the girl began to awaken again, this time from true unconsciousness instead of sleep.

“So you’re finally awake,” The ninetales said excitedly, prodding the girl’s shoulder to try and hasten the process of waking up, “okay we’ve never met before but you may call me Kitsune”

The girl reached to move her hat off her face, placing it down beside her to reveal her sparkling emerald green eyes, “Good morning,” she yawned, not quite awake, upon letting go of her hat she moved her hand to feel her own neck as if making sure there was no damage, “I just had a very odd dream, I couldn’t breath and there was this ninetales…”

She suddenly bolted upright, “How come I can understand you?” she asked hurriedly, “I can tell that your still talking like a normal ninetales, yet I understand what your saying clearly… in fact in the dream I had I could almost understand what was being said to. Wait a moment, I know for a fact there shouldn’t be a ninetales in this valley at all, I think you have a lot to expla…” the girl stopped mid-sentence, and she began to tremble a bit as she realized that she was defenseless if the ninetales decided to attack.

“I guess I might as well explain things,” Kitsune said, doing her best to hide the pleasure she was having from getting such reaction, though she could do nothing about all nine of her tails wagging, “you were having a bad dream when I found you, I didn’t want to wake you at that time as that may of made things worse, I just tried to talk to you during it which should help explain what you heard in your dream. As for you understanding me, consider it a gift and I hope we can become friends, by the way I don’t believe you have told me your name yet.”

“Lilac Blossom All-Weather,” the girl said, her confidence seemed to be returning quickly but fear was still in her voice as she sat motionlessly on the grass watching Kitsune carefully, “I suppose you will be wanting me to go with you out of this valley since there is no way that you’d get away with staying here. I have my pack packed as I am often required to spend time at far reaches of the valley to make sure everything remains safe here, so no one will notice if I don’t do that anymore, they never notice anything I do…”

“I have a reasonable idea where I desire to take you,” Kitsune said after a brief silence because of how much easier things seemed to be going than she expected, though it was an omen that the girl showed by suggesting what had to be done without any need of convincing…
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Very well written and interesting. It seemed a little sadistic but the best fics are like that.


That was pretty good! For a first chapter that got me hooked. The beginning sound so calm as you said it. The way you described the surrondings and the atomosphere of things just flowed well. Well im hooked now and I will continue reading. See Ya!

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
gamebug451: Yes, it is a bit sadistic, but there are good fan fics that aren't... Now I've thought about it most of the characters are going to be a bit sadistic, except for the Lilac and a certain other character that'll come later.

eternaldarkness: Personally I thought this chapter was a bit weak, wait till chapter 3 when I'll type it completely from the perspective of Lilac, of course we'll have to go through chapter 2 first which will be a bit different.

In chapter 4 the main villain will be introduced, chapter 5 will add a new 'good' character to the team.


Well-Known Member
There was a great calmness in the air though it was not the calm before a storm but the calm that was only felt just before dawn. There was a little light coming from the horizon but it was still too early for there to be enough to illuminate the few clouds that were in the sky, only visible because of some of the few remaining stars were being blocked by them.
Very wordy in this paragraph. I suppose the calm sentence is fine (and even then, a few words could of been taken out) but the second sentence . . . Whoa heh. "There was a little light . . ." get rid of the "a" in that part of the sentence. The fact that you explained why the clouds were seen even though its still dark is that part of the sentence that made it wordy IMO.

Besides, I thought the only reason that we can see clouds at night is because the moon's reflected light from teh sunny shines through the clouds. :confused:
The calmness promised that the coming day would be filled with beautiful sunshine, and that the sunrise would turn the clouds around the horizon a wonderful shade of pink for a few minutes, though it’s promise that was not needed as almost all mornings were like this…
. . . Okay, if the clouds are always pink at the sunrise with or without the calmness then . . . um . . . why are you telling us that? I'm hopefully guessing this foreshadow like one day the clouds don't turn a delicate shade of pink but . . . meh.

A few Eevees lay sleeping in the long grass, damp from the morning dew, their parents not minding that they were not hidden in their den as the valley had always been isolated enough to keep out any threat, and most certainly it was impossible to tell if the parents were Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, or Espeon as all five, along with the little Eevees, were a common sight here, quite unlike anywhere else…
The bold part is a misplaced modifier. See, your saying that the grass' parents don't mind that they were not hidden in their den and so on and so forth. ;) Might wanna re-word that one lol.

And the entire introduction of Eevees and then suddenly jumping into Kitsune was kinda puzzling. I suppose it is background info on the valley and such but . . . meh on me.

Some major grammatical errors in the sentence structure department. A few run-ons here and there that could of been connected with a semi-colon instead of a comma. A lot of ranting on a few other sentences that didn't contribute to the chapter really (of course, this could be foreshadowing so I could be wrong on this part ^^; ). Overdescribing as I like to call it.

Though, you did create Kitsune quite well. ^_^ Very tricky like an actual kitsune so the names tie in well with the character (if you named a Ninetails Kitsune because they are both foxes that fine as well lol). You developed Lilac nicely as well; confident but still tinged with nervousness. Wonder why she dresses in all pink though.

Great ending btw and makes you think a bit.

So overall, it's a pretty good start despite all the grammatical errors. I love your writing style the way it hooks you in and your character development.

LaTeR dAyZ!

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
Breezy: Thanks for the advice, I already thought that chapter one wasn't as effctive as it could of been but till know I didn't know why... Still I do have some things to point out to you:

Breezy said:
Besides, I thought the only reason that we can see clouds at night is because the moon's reflected light from teh sunny shines through the clouds.

There is more too it than that: Yes when a cloud goes infront of some of the moon it does light up, but the other clouds in the sky can only be seen if you notice a star suddenly appear or disappear as a cloud moves over them.
Of course then comes the problem that near cities there is a lot of light pollution that makes the clouds visable no matter what, the fact is that the clouds aren't visable indicates that the valley isn't near any city with night activities.

Breezy said:
. . . Okay, if the clouds are always pink at the sunrise with or without the calmness then . . . um . . . why are you telling us that? I'm hopefully guessing this foreshadow like one day the clouds don't turn a delicate shade of pink but . . . meh.

You might like to know that a few hundred years ago people were able to accurately predict that a day would have no strong winds or any sort of bad weather, if the clouds were pink at sunrise... what they didn't notice at that stage (but it is known now) was that there was also no wind (Total calmness of the air) just before sunrise on those days.
I was trying to use that information in this chapter, also the thing about the promise not being nessasary was refering to the fact that a promise is not required when no one believes that it is possible for things to be any different, indicating that the valley always has lovely weather.

Breezy said:
The bold part is a misplaced modifier. See, your saying that the grass' parents don't mind that they were not hidden in their den and so on and so forth. Might wanna re-word that one lol.

I have no excuse for making that mistake except I failed English at School 3 years in a row.

Chapter 2 will hopefully be up by Wensday (Thursday at the latest), Chapter 3 in the weekend... after that updates will either be weekly or fortnightly for awhile


I Eat Zapdos' Eggs
I've always wanted to see how this story ends up. The way you've started, it could go into either Cosmic Balance or Battle for Understanding (as it seems both of those had the same back story). Very well written story (as your's always are), but some grammar errors, which have already been pointed out. I want to know who the knew 'good' character is, because if you're going to use any characters from the RPG versions (which I give you complete permission for any of mine) then it could be one of several possibilities. I'm pretty sure who it's going to be, but I can't wait just the same. Keep it up, Flatulus!

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
GoGoTenda: Glad to see a fan of my RPGs also reading my Fan Fic, but I will not be using other people's characters at least until this Fan fic is well established... I will be using my own, some of which will be new even to those who have RPGed with me before.

This chapter is written from Kitsune’s perspective, this is the first time I have tried writing like this so it might not be of the same quality as chapter 1.
EDIT: Sorry I just realised how stupid my attempt at a joke in this chapter was, I have now rewriten about a third of the chapter to fix it.

Chapter 2: An everyday peaceful sea voyage
(From the perspective of the Ninetales, Kitsune)
It had been over an hour since we left the valley, altered her mind so she could understand pokemon, and Lilac had last said anything to anyone, let alone me. Talking to her might scare her, and if I scare her too much I would risk losing my chance to use her later on, so I had to stay silent and not let myself lose this chance to set humanity on the right path.

I watched as Lilac push some of what I assume was money across to some other human as an offering for us to travel on their large sea vessel, it would be a bad time to try to talk to her so I just tried to act like a loyal pokemon following her master, my mind refused to remember what I was going through, it was better that way or else I would certainly go insane. Knowing that we would soon get to Hoenn, which apparently was the birthplace of N’med, was all I needed to give me hope of enjoyment later.

A moment in time is meant to be short, but the moments are meant to add up to make a period of time noticeable. But the way I drifted through thoughts without paying attention to what they were had made my whole time with Lilac seem like only a few seconds. It was not like the thoughts were unimportant, it was just that wandering through human territory without conflict was a bit unnerving; I always knew I deliberately caused the conflicts myself but deep down inside I never really believed such things were my fault till now.

“Kitsune, you’ve been too quite lately,” Lilac sighed, snapping me out of my thoughts. We were now on some flat white-painted metal surface on top of the vessel; Lilac was leaning on the railing looking out at the shimmering ocean, “I know something is bothering you, I may not know you very well but your body language is all too clear: all nine of your tails have been dragging on the ground for quite some time; you ears were also flattened against your head, and you seemed to not be paying attention to anything that was happening around you. Look, I know that you feel hopeless for some reason, I just don’t like seeing others like that.”

“Even though you hated seeing me like that you still took so long to try to help…” I growled softly preparing to lunge at her, and Lilac turned to look at me, tears were running down her cheeks even though her full sadness hadn’t shown in her voice. Tears couldn’t have had any effect on me, could they? “I don’t blame you, I know you are a bit scared of me and I don’t blame you for that either… You are helpless if I attack, I do not have a pokeball you can just put me in and there is no one else around to defend you… I am the one at fault; I let my problems overcome me because I just didn’t want to frighten you.”

“I know you are deliberately not saying everything, but I know you are doing so to be nice,” Lilac said, wiping the tears from her eyes and I could barely notice that she was trembling but I could clearly smell her fear of me because of what I had said, “It’s just that I know you enjoyed seeing me scared, I could see it when we met. I know no one could change so quickly… it is nice to know you will try to change, but mentally isolating yourself from everyone around you isn’t going to help…”

She cautiously moved closer to me, beginning to extend her arms as if to hug me. She kneeled down more than needed to put her arms around my neck. I know she only wanted to hug me to make me more comfortable but I could smell her fear, and she was trembling slightly. But she was right, I should just be myself, at least I assume that was what she was trying to say. But she was making herself an easy target; it would have been quite hard to resist if I actually wanted to stop myself.

I leapt at her, though it was hardly worth calling a leap because of how little distance was involved, my front paws landing on her shoulders pushing her over though I made sure that they quickly slipped off so I didn’t risk crushing her shoulders when she hit the ground. She hit the ground with a slight thump, my paws landing just above her shoulders making me in a position where I could watch her very well.

I could have quickly moved backwards and pinned her to the ground with ease but toying with her for a while would be a lot more fun. I could feel that all nine of my tails were wagging viciously, at least Lilac could take comfort in the fact she had cheered me up all ready even though I doubt she had any concern for my emotional well being at the moment.

I felt her head move up from between my front paws, allowing her to quickly roll out from under me, her fear must of been clouding her judgment otherwise she would of noticed that I was not reacting as fast as I could have.

She rolled out from under me, clearly intending to be back on her feet as quickly as possible as it showed in her roll, and instead of turning straight to her to attack I spun round the other way whacking her with my tails. I heard her hit the ground before I finished turn round so naturally I jumped into the air with full confidence she would just roll out of the way…

She didn’t, something seemed to catch her eye that was more important than I was. I barely managed to stop my front paws impacting on to her, with the full weight of my body behind them, and they hit the metal surface just on the other side of her with a thud and the paint cracked a bit as the metal underneath was dented slightly. Playing with my new toy Lilac was certainly not important enough for me to not pay attention to the fact something distracted her; I merely slowed down the decent of the rest of my body when my back legs reached the ground and I gently lay my head between my front paws, with the rest of both my front legs stretched across her chest.

“Look what we have here,” an unfamiliar female human voice said, clearly originating from whomever distracted Lilac, “a pathetic trainer playing with their pokemon…it’s really a horrible sight, pokemon are not meant to be one’s friend, they are meant only for battling against each other. Playing with them is more of a waste of time than teaching to do tricks for contest halls.”

I looked towards the human, she was about the same height as Lilac though she did sound older, her hair was a pale cream colour much like members of my species are meant to have and it stretched halfway down her back. Her eyes were yellow, which surprised me. I had seen yellow eyes before, but I had never seen them on a human.

Her clothing was all made of a light blue fabric, probably a form of silk, though I couldn’t really be sure. She wore a dress long enough to touch the ground and seemed to be part of the same piece of clothing as her shirt whose arms covered her arms quite well, amazingly it didn’t seem to be loose at all, I heard humans regularly change their clothing but I could not see how she could of possibly done so when it was like that. Maybe she grew too much while she wore it.

She giggled, with her hand to her mouth and her eyes closed, “That’s what you would’ve heard if it wasn’t for the fact that we are the only passengers on this ship,” her voice was a bit softer than before; she must not have meant any of what she said earlier and said it only to give us a fright, “few trainers travel this time of year as most of the major tournaments are on this month are either just finished, part way through, or going to start within a few weeks. Most trainers are jealous of those who can trust there pokemon enough to play with them, really it’s their own fault they can’t trust their pokemon because of how mean they are to them and how they feel that only fully evolved pokemon are worth using in battles… I must say it is impressive that you are not afraid to play with such a large pokemon, you wouldn’t last very long if it wanted to hurt you and it might even hurt you by accident.”

“Yes, it is hard to learn to trust a powerful pokemon such as Kitsune,” Lilac replied, it was clear by the way she spoke she was uncomfortable with me on her but the little fear in her voice was enough to keep me there, “but one could never hope to earn trust without giving it, so it is well worth the risk allowing a pokemon enough freedom to cause harm as that way you’ll quickly know for sure… By the way my name is Lilac Blossom All-Weather.”

I growled quietly so Lilac would hear but not the other girl, I had to make it clear she should imply she owned me as it was the other way round…

“Sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Ingénuo Muchacha,” the girl answered, she looked relieved that nothing worse happened when she didn’t introduce herself right away. I felt uncomfortable with the way she was looking at me as she crouched down and tilted her head a bit, “I have heard some interesting rumours about Ninetales, maybe since you own on you could tell me if they are true, I’ve been told that powerful ones can use telekinetic abilities, and that if you grab one of their tails you would get a powerful curse put on you… you do know if the rumours are true, don’t you?”

I shifted off Lilac, and began to circle Ingénuo… All she had ever done to annoy me so far was to show up but that was no reason for me to try to be friendly, odd how there was little pokemon scent on her, it is as if she hadn’t been in contact with any pokemon for a few days meaning she couldn’t have any pokemon of her own… One big advantage to me, but she seemed too calm, how could she not be panicked by how defenseless she was?

“I have never heard of either of those rumours before,” Lilac said nervously, I gave her a quick glance to find that she was already back on her feet, her fear now had a different texture, uncertainty of past events was now probably a major aspect of the fear, she knew she had touched my tails but was uncertain as to whether it counted, “is there some way to check, maybe Kitsune would be happy to try levitating a small object, at least we have a chance of finding out for sure.”

Lilac had produced a pocketknife and slid it across the ground so it stopped at my feet; clearly she wanted me to try to move it with my mind. I sat down, closed my eyes and focused my energy on the knife, even though this was my first time trying such an application of mental energies I could feel the position of the object in the universe, I could feel it moving under the pressure of my mind…

…Laughter. that is what I heard from Ingénuo, she was laughing hysterically at me, which was really making it hard to concentrate. I opened my eyes and before me was the knife; it had been still where it was when I had started. I really hadn’t moved it at all.

A giggle came from Lilac; I couldn’t see what was funny and the gaze I gave her would certainly make not only that clear but also that I wasn’t very happy with it, “Look Kitsune, your fur just fluffed up when you were trying to levitate the knife, though the blue glow was a bit cool,” she said, only then I realize how close she had gotten as she reached to grab one of my tails, “sorry, curiosity got the better of me, it’s just so tempting to find out whether you would put a curse on me.”

“You’re certainly no normal trainer,” Ingénuo continued, still giggling a bit, now at both me and Lilac, and most certainly it seemed quite disrespectful, “trusting a pokemon not to hurt you when playing can be considered extremely brave, but trying to grab a tail of a Ninetales is just crazy. Even if she couldn’t put a curse on you, she would still hate it and she could quite easily kill you before you had a chance to return her to her pokeball.”

My fur puffing out was no excuse for her laughing at me, and I certainly didn’t like what she said to Lilac, even though there was no way for her to have known I still hated how she suggested that Lilac could contain me, I could feel the fire building up in my throat ready to roar out, I open my mouth and aimed it straight at her. It was merely a small puff of fire, barely reaching a meter, though my tails wagged more violent than they had been for a while when I saw stupid fall backwards in fright of the flames. It was a lot more enjoyable than watching her burn, though I did try my best to fry her anyway, all I got was a pain in my throat.

I never could breath fire properly, it always hurt, but the instincts to just burn anything that annoyed me too much remained.

“For a moment there I actually thought she was actually going use a flamethrower on me,” Ingénuo said nervously, as she sat on the ground with her arms holding stopping her from completely falling over, “I can see now she is really well trained but I would still be more comfortable with her keeping her distance from me, I don’t have any pokemon of my own yet but tomorrow Professor Birch is going to give me my first one and I would love to travel with you if you can keep your Ninetales under control… Lilac do you have any idea why her fur went like that?”

“Well the use of psychic powers do produce electromagnetic fields, and static electricity would make fur puff out like that… though I can’t see how it works, really it should do this,” Lilac said, confusion showed in her voice but also a little smugness that comes with knowing more than someone else, “all I know is that it will be impossible to channel that electrical energy that made her fur fluff up into a successful attack for two basic reasons: Her body isn’t made for storing any decent amount of electric energy so it’d be far too weak to do any harm; and her body doesn’t have any way to stop the energy just dispersing straight into the ground when it stops building up.”

I sighed and slowly got off Lilac. This was going to be a long boat ride if we had to deal with this girl the whole way, she doesn’t even give Lilac a chance to correct her mistakes, but it’ll be easy to get rid of her once we are back on land…
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It's good to see that you finally got around to making a fanfic with Lilac. So for it's been very good with less spelling and gramatical errors than you normally have.

...But Kitsune levitating something? that is just too far fetched even for something you've written.

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Rattrap_LXIV: Great to see you like it... Wait a moment do you mean it's not important tha Kitsune is in this fic? She's far more important than Kitsune (Though all the bad guys, and even N'med, would disagree), so why not like the fic for her presence instead of Lilac's.

Also Kitsune merely failed to move it (At least no visable amount), as it was still where it started:
Flatulus said:
I opened my eyes and before me was the knife, it had was still where it was when I had started… I really hadn’t moved it at all.
... I understand I propably should of made a bigger deal out of it not moving but I didn't quite know how as it wouldn't suit Kitsune to go on about it when she was being laughed at.


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I've always wondered about the story before your RPGs. I guess if I keep reading I'll find out. Although I didn't see your attempt at a joke I thank you for editing it out. From the way you write I'd say it would be bordering on pathetic. (I apologise if this is too harsh) Anyway you have a new reader.

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Ytnim: Yes, the joke I put in was quite bad, that's why I had to remove it... I just hope no one really saw it otherwise they'l never read anything I write again (Yes, it was that bad). If you must know
It would be nice if you joined my RPG (Link in sig) as it does need more people and you are a good RPGer, but I'd understand if you don't join as I'm sure you'd be busy with something.

To All Readers: Ingénuo Muchacha is the result of me playing round with the babelfish translator... She would of had a Japanese name but I couldn't figure out how to convert the Japanese alphabet into english letters.
The point is the first person to figure out what her name means will get to choose one of the pokemon she is going to catch later on (There will be limitations)... Maybe I'll even let who ever does this to give the pokemon a nickname.


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The meaning of her name is literally "naive girl" or "naive female servant". Muchacho would have ment "boy" or "male servant". Since I'm pretty sure I'm right, I think she should get a Slakoth. Yes...a Slakoth....excellent *pents fingers* Better yet would be Shine running into her before he finds Kakeru. That would be great (but I know you don't want to have RPG characters at least until the fic is well established). It would just be funny, from my standpoint anyway.

Chapter Two is just as great as Chapter One. Kitsune seems to be a little naive herself on what certain things are. I'd like to know why she evolved before she was mature, but as that could always be a plot thing I can wait. As Rattrap said, you have fewer grammar and spelling mistakes than usual which is helpful for readability. I read this chapter awhlie ago, but I don't remember any joke...

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GoGoTenda: ... I guess she does deserve a Slakoth but luckly she will only have a breif apearence in chapter three before she disapears out of the story line for quite some time.
To tell you the truth her last name is the result of putting 'Lass' in the translator, I did intend to leave it as lass till I read somewhere that using names that are used as a general trainer descibtion in the games is a bad idea...
I see you read the uneditted chapter before I had to completely redo it, yes Kitsune is a bit on the immature (Mainly Sexually) side because of evolving early... there are more details on that I'm going to reveal later.
You saw no joke because of how terrible it was, it was thing thing about questioning Kitsune's gender, as you can see it was quite badly done and stupid... from now on any humor is going to be accidental.

Chapter 3 is going to be up within 30 hours

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Now for part three, this time we’ll see how Lilac thinks, yes its all Lilac’s view of the world, especially her view of Kitsune.

Chapter 3: The fox’s toy…
(From the perspective of the human, Lilac Blossom All-Weather)
“Lilac, it looks like there are still a few hours left in the day,” Ingénuo said to me as we left the small docks of LittleRoot Town, she just ignored the fact Kitsune was there, “maybe you could stay at my parent’s house overnight, as I can’t really leave here till I get my first Pokemon tomorrow… Well Professor Birch sometimes has to test to see if someone is good enough to be a Pokemon trainer and he always give new trainers a Pokedex, so if you stay he might even give you a Pokedex too.”

I sighed, as likeable as Ingénuo was she didn’t really respect others much, especially Kitsune. Maybe if she spent some time by herself with a Pokemon that she couldn’t understand, it’d teach her how to be nicer. I couldn’t allow myself to stay with her if it would slow down her progress to being a reasonable Pokemon trainer, and certainly she’d just talk to me all the time and forget about her Pokemon if she came with me.

Anyway, it’d just be wrong to travel with her out of selfishness of being uncomfortable alone with Kitsune. What would be best for Kitsune is hard to say, but it’d be better for me if I could become comfortable with whom Kitsune is.

“Sorry, but it would be best for Kitsune if we kept moving…” I sighed; hating to have to used Kitsune as an excuse, but I’m sure she won’t mind since I don’t think she likes Ingénuo much, “I need to train with her alone for a while so she gets used to me, and so I get used to her. As you’ve probably noticed she is a bit uncontrollable since I only got her today, maybe we could meet up somewhere, like Dewford Island, I intend to stay there for a few days anyway.”

I could feel Kitsune’s gaze, I could feel my skin crawl out of fear, I couldn’t have upset her much even if I did imply that she belonged to me when she was still free and had no Poke ball that could instantly bind her within it’s self. She was wild and there was no way she’d give up her freedom when she didn’t have to, but maybe if I had another Pokemon she’d be willing to be caught as then I wouldn’t need her to keep me company.

Odd how she didn’t say anything, as if she didn’t want to risk Ingénuo understanding what she said, or not wanting to reveal that I could understand her. A pang of guilt hit me; I shouldn’t have stopped talking to her directly on the boat just because she wasn’t talking and that Ingénuo thought it was stupid.

At least Kitsune should be happy that I plan to stop at the birthplace of her other friend, though I doubted that the friend was either human or a trained Pokemon, but a wild Pokemon would have trouble travelling from Hoenn, well unless they went about it the same way as Kitsune.

“Sounds good,” Ingénuo muttered in distaste, her arms crossed across her chest, “usually I’d say I’d catch up sooner since you’ll have a lot of sight seeing to do but there is a big storm coming in a few days… You might be able to travel to Petalburg before it hits, maybe even reaching Rustboro where you’ll be able to get a boat to Dewford after the storm, but it’ll be too dangerous for me to travel any further than Oldale if I start tomorrow.”

“I hope you don’t intend to let your Ninetales stay out of it’s Poke ball, you keep on seeming more and more insane: first was you playing with it, then you tried to grab one of it’s tails, now you tell me you were doing that after just meeting it for the first time… It’ll be hard for me to believe you won’t do such a stupid thing, luckily the worst it’ll do is run away as we all know what happens to a Pokemon that attacks a human”

Well, at least now I won’t have to stop for directions, the sign posts should tell me the way to each of those towns so getting to Dewford should be easy. I watched Ingénuo turn her back and walk away, so I began to head out of town and to the route north, hopefully towards Oldale, the first point on the way to Dewford.

“You know, she actually acknowledged that I could think for once,” Kitsune said, clearly she was amused but it didn’t show in her voice the same way that it would in a human, though her tails showed her emotions much better than her voice, they were flicking in delight, “she indicated that she believed I was smart enough not to kill you as all violent Pokemon are quickly killed, I think I could like her once she grows a bit more mature, I’m far more intelligent than she thinks, what humans do to those Pokemon who don’t suit them as perfectly loyal will never pose me a problem… well if I wasn’t completely loyal”

There was a tinge of humour in what she said, though I didn’t laugh. Mainly what she said sounded like a threat, that she did not fear the consequences of harming me, and the next bit sounded like she intended it to comfort me as if she said the other bit by accident. Well it’s not her fault, she seems young for a Ninetales, a bit immature, and she doesn’t know what she’s saying. If she hurt me she’d quickly realize that, she just is currently unaware that others feel pain the same way she does.

Still it was difficult to keep my mind focused away from the fear of her I felt. All my life I had never been around any Pokemon other than Eevees and their many evolutions, only knowing about others through videos and textbooks.

As I walked I did my best to blank out Kitsune from my mind. I still trembled out of nervousness because of Kitsune; she seemed to dance around me as we moved deeper into the wilderness between towns. It was as if she was feeding on my fear and was enjoying its taste a lot, not caring that she was scaring off all the other Pokemon in the area. Her behaviour was much like that of a young Umbreon, if it believes your afraid of it, the flavour of fear being impossible to resist because of special hunting instincts. It wasn’t Kitsune’s fault she was like this; she was clearly immature because of an early evolution so it was mine for encouraging it by being afraid.

At least time seemed to be passing fast when I was ignoring her.

The sun was almost setting when I collapsed to the ground. My backpack rolled out to my side, my legs hurt too much to of been from a normal long walk. I must have been walking a lot quicker than I should have been but we probably would have stopped earlier than this if I were thinking straight. We probably only got half the distance. There was no way we would reach Rustboro before the storm now all thanks to Kitsune’s frightful behaviour.

Too bad the other features of an Umbreons hunting instinct were also in Kitsune, the whole instinct was to keep the prey scared and running till it was too weak to fight well, then attack for an easy kill.

Kitsune pounced, light gleaming off her sharp white teeth. I barely managed to roll out of the way, though I knew quite well that resisting would just encourage her. I could not resist obeying my fear, somehow I managed to summon the strength to get back on to my feet, the surprise that I dodged Kitsune’s pounce clearly brought me the time to get up… almost.

She leapt again, this time I felt her jaws grab me by my throat and her paws somehow impacted on my shoulders knocking me over. I fell; I could hear the rapid beating of my heart clearly and the fall seemed to take longer than it should have, though my life did not flash before my eyes, as I knew she was only playing at the moment.

My impact on the ground was soft, too soft for such a fall. It seemed that Kitsune’s paws had slipped off my shoulders and landed on the ground first, then she had carefully slowed my fall by hold my neck in her teeth. Doing such a thing would require exceptional precision; if she had tried to slow my fall too much she would have just ripped my throat out instead.

Kitsune let go of my neck but I was too tired to use that as an opportunity to escape, anyway that would probably result in her jumping on me again and I doubt that she could pull off the trick with slowing down my fall again. She laid her front paws diagonally across me holding me down so even if I had the strength to move I would still not be able to.

“I hope I didn’t scare you too much,” Kitsune said as she rested her head on me, clearly she had wasted a lot more energy than she was willing to admit earlier, the warmth of her body up against mine was comforting and my eyes slid shut, I wasn’t trembling but that could just be out of lack of stamina. I knew that Kitsune hadn’t eaten all day, yet I had at least gotten my own lunch. She must have been getting hungry, but she hadn’t let that get the better of her, at least not this time.

I didn’t feel up to trying to talk yet, I was getting a bit hungry, but that could wait until Kitsune lets me up.

I must have dozed off as a horrific howl awoke me. It was certainly from a pokemon, it sounded like that of a Mightyena, and likely had a meaning I could not understand. There was only the light of the stars and the crescent moon to see by. I tried not to tremble in fear, as long as Kitsune was here I would be fine.

Kitsune! The weight of her on my chest was gone. I quickly sat up and looked around, surely she must have just moved off me for some reason, probably fearing that she would accidentally hurt me while she slept.

No! There must be some mistake, a quick glance around revealed that she was no where to be seen, and no shadows nearby that looked at all like her

I was shaking, but honestly who wouldn’t be; I was suddenly alone, without any protection, without enough light to see by, and there was a Mightyena around. I could feel its anger and hatred. I couldn’t see how I could or why I could, but I knew somehow. The worst part was the realization that I’d always be scared. I was afraid of Kitsune, but I was even more scared of not having her around.

I could feel myself curling up into a ball, an instinctive reaction so as to make myself less threatening to any thing around. I wanted to scream for Kitsune but I couldn’t. I was having trouble breathing; even Kitsune couldn’t scare me like I was scared now. It was worse than the dream I had just before meeting Kitsune.

“Don’t worry, I’m here now,” a familiar voice whispered in the wind, Kitsune’s voice, I turned to look to where the voice was coming from and there was a silhouette of the correct shape. She had returned. I didn’t need to know why she had been gone; I just needed her beside me so I could let myself fall asleep once more. There was a tint of red to her fur, it seemed to be in patches, though I felt that it must just be a trick of the light, “Don’t worry, everything is fine… I just need to clear up my fur a bit; it’s a mess at the moment.”

Quickly she was beside me again. It didn’t matter that I knew Pokemon like a Ninetales usually didn’t put much work into keeping their fur neat, maybe Kitsune was actually concerned about how she looked, and it didn’t matter that Kitsune was being a lot more comforting than usual. Maybe she didn’t like seeing me this scared.

Soon she was nuzzling her face against mine and I put my arms around her, though there was a slight dampness and her fur was a bit sticky, but it didn’t matter to me. I began to drift off and Kitsune gave my face a lick, probably as an equivalent of a kiss, clearly she was going out of her way to make me accept her as a friend. I will have to wait until morning to ask her what had happened, but I’m sure she had a good reason…
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Sticky...now what would Kitsune possibly be sticky with? [/sarcasm] I can see it coming. Probably the Mightyena, right?

Great as always. A few grammar mistakes where you needed a period (or a full stop). I didn't notice anything on spelling, except that you used English spellings as opposed to American ones. But that is to be expected if you're from anywhere except America.

Just a character analysis thing, but Lilac's relationship with Kitsune seems dangerous (to say the least). The fact that she's afraid of Kitsune, but at the same time can't be without her is like a real life abuse situation. I think she's setting herself up just to be crushed.

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GoGoTenda: Yes, Kitsune is sticky with the Mightyena's blood, more about that will be explained in the next chapter and the one after that… There will be unpleasant consequences for Kitsune because of what she did, nothing life threatening (Well death threats aren’t necessarily life threatening, even if the one delivering them has his teeth in your throat) but she’ll still regret it.

Yes, Kitsune's and Lilac's relationship, in theory, is currently a dangerous one. So far Kitsune hasn't hurt Lilac (Excluding the little incident in the first chapter), but your right that Lilac wouldn’t do anything about it if it did happen, she’d just let herself be abused… Of course it’d be unrealistic for Lilac to stay scared for too long when Kitsune isn’t causing her any pain, she’ll just slowly get used to how Kitsune behaves, unless something happens to reinforce the fear.
It is also important to note that Lilac is more comfortable round Kitsune when others are around, but that’s for a good reason: Lilac is afraid mainly because of how easy it would be for Kitsune to accidentally hurt her, since she has noticed that Kitsune doesn’t play when others are around it is clear that the risk Kitsune posses is significantly lower… Of course I’m sure you are aware that Lilac and Kitsune can’t travel alone forever, soon they’ll have to make friends that’ll travel with them, thus comforting Lilac and changing the relationship.

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Meh very good, but you should work on the grammar a bit. But why would a Ninetails hunt a Mightyena? Mightyena are dogs and Ninetails are foxes so it's kind of weird. But that's just me =/. I also like how Kitsune has a personality since in most fics the pokemon's personality's aren't very developed. And I love a fic with a little mystery!! You've got me totally hooked! :-D
-Shiny Lugia
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Shiny Lugia: Yes a Ninetales hunting a Mightyena is very weird, so much so it shouldn't of happened at all... currently I haven't revealed exactly what happened so you are unaware of why it happened, there is a reason and it is partly to do with the fact that the species on route 101 are completely new to Kitsune.


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Nice chapter, noticed some full stops missing from the ends of speech though. I'm trying not to join any RPG's at the moment since I've just started college and although I haven't got much homework yet, the flood will come soon...