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Destiny of Understanding PG

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
Yay, this is the best battle scene I’ve ever written… too bad it’ll never compare to anyone else’s…

Chapter 7:A Terrible Pokemon Trainer
(From the perspective of the human, Lilac)
I don’t like the way that Mightyena is looking at me; I know he’s planning something involving me that I won’t like, but he’d wait till after we beat this mystery lady before trying anything, of course then Kitsune would be free to deal with what ever plan he’s… who am I fooling? This lady is probably some sort of unbeatable assassin and I’m just some girl who let’s herself be pushed around by her Pokemon, the victory here will be completely Kitsune’s — Well maybe the Mightyena will deserve some credit too.

I know I should say something, try to get out of this without a fight but nothing came into my mind, there was just something out-of-place about the whole situation that made it seem scarier… I could see no motive for her trying to spark new conflict between Team Aqua and Magma, as seemed to be her goal from what she said back at the Pokemon centre, a gang war would just harm both teams and everyone else in Hoenn. Sure it might allow Team Rocket to start up operations here but it just didn’t feel like that was what she wanted, meaning the real reason must be buried deep in my subconscious.

The Lady, still sitting upon her Rapidash, grabbed her hooded robe, ripping it off and tossing it high into the air revealing herself: her shoulder length hair looked like it had been dyed with blood; her eyes were completely black, which would only be possible with specialized contact lenses; her body was slim but didn’t look too weak; and she was wearing what looked like some sort of black swimsuit with a black leather belt with two Poke Balls attached to it as well as various odd looking…

Kitsune pushed me to the ground next to the Mightyena, shocking him as much as me, and her all nine of her tails began to glow a bright white. Iron tail, a technique not easily learnt, making the fact Kitsune was using it that much more impressive.

I looked up into the air, catching a glimpse of the black robe being ripped to shreds as a shower of white needles poured from the sky, before Kitsune’s white tails blocked my view as they were sung round to make shield to protect us.

I heard the sound of the needles hitting the iron tail shield that was protecting all three of us, just before I heard the needles hitting the ground around us. As comforting as it was beneath Kitsune’s shield, I was worried… She was going out of her way to protect someone who wanted her dead, what made it worse was that I had a feeling that doing such a thing wasn’t what she was used to.

I risked a glance at the surrounding scenery: The grass had been shredded, as had most other plants in the area

“That must be a first, Iron Tail being used as a defensive technique,” the lady insulted the very use of method of defense that had just saved my life, “it’s insane to waste such a perfectly good offensive technique to protect your lives when it’d been a quick painless death if you didn’t and now you’ll end up dying a slow painful one… odd how you must of signaled her to do that, yet I didn’t pick up your command at all, truly such signals are never used by normal trainers.

There was a clunk as a smoking metal device hit the ground, without doubt it was what shredded the robe and shot those needles. I could see that it wouldn’t have been possible for a human to see that sort of sneak attack coming, everyone is too used to every else using Pokemon for combat and villains only throwing off an outfit to make themselves look impressive (And ultimately too vain to be a real threat).

A large piece of black fabric slowly drifted down; only as intact as it was because it was on the other side of the device when it went off.

She grabbed one of her Poke Balls and tossed at the ground between us.

“Go, Katar. Kill the girl at any cost. Make sure to give her Pokemon a slow painful death after you’ve killed her as you still need to harden your heart a bit,” she commanded as the Poke ball opened releasing a blurry red glow that faded as it took the form of an average looking absol, though I couldn’t remember whether absol were meant to have yellow eyes like this one did.

“Hey, I’m the one who’s meant to be going straight for killing the opposing trainer,” Kitsune whined, most likely upset that someone had copied a strategy that she considered her own, and as disconcerting as her admitting that she thinks that attacking trainers is the correct way of winning a battle would be in any other circumstances. Well it still scared me a bit anyway.

The absol charged towards me, Kitsune charged towards him, both focusing entirely on each other, watching for any little mistake that’d let them past the other or deliver a quick and deadly strike…

“Wow,” Katar, the absol, suddenly exclaimed stopping on the spot, giving Kitsune a chance to jump over him unopposed, swinging a glowing tail under her to whack him in face as she passed. It was a bit disappointing that Katar managed to dig his head blade and tail blade into the ground.

“I still don’t see why her presence feels as wonderful as an incoming city leveling earthquake,” Katar quickly got to his feet and resumed charging towards me, though the Mightyena leapt into a defensive position in front of me, “or why I feel a little bit queasy because of that, or even why that suddenly hit me like a crowbar… but I’ll never let such a thing get in the way of my orders.”

“You worthless Absol,” I heard the Lady scream out in anger, “don’t hesitate, don’t stop to make a few meaningless sounds, Don’t you dare fall in love with the enemy… hurry up and kill the girl and I might think of reducing your punishment to a painless death.”

My eyes drifted away from Katar to Kitsune. She leapt at the Lady, knocking her off the Rapidash, but slipping off her and having to quickly

“Flamethrower,” the lady called out. I wasn’t surprised that she didn’t… why wasn’t I surprised that she didn’t say the Rapidash’s name when she clearly said the Absol’s, what was my subconscious hiding from me?

Kitsune bathed in the fire, the way she moved made it look like she was trying to get it to hit all her fur equally.

Kitsune looked quite disappointed when the flames stopped coming, and she leapt into the air, flipping over in midair with her glowing tails flailing. The lady easily managed to roll out of the way, though the Rapidash was not so lucky. One of Kitsune’s tails hit its leg; I could hear the crack as the bone shattered under the force. The Rapidash didn’t even flinch and merely got back to its feet.

“Hey let go of my tail blade,” it snapped me back to watching what was happening much closer to me: the fight between the absol and the mightyena, which was a great contrast to the other fight in a few ways. The absol was certainly strong to be dragging the mightyena around; the mightyena’s claws were digging into the ground to attempt to stop Katar’s movement but without success.

“Try a Fire Wheel,” I barely noticed the lady’s voice.

Katar’s tail glowed as he swung it with the mightyena still attached, though the black dog’s grip on the tail was quickly lost and it tumbled across the ground before getting back on its feet.

Mean while I was left undefended and Katar charged at me, my fear was over powering but somehow my desire for survival managed to come through to protect me.

“I could arrange for you to have a date with Kitsune,” I cried out, realizing how stupid saying such a thing must have sounded and my voice quickly trailed off, “that is if it’s okay with your master…”

“This isn’t working… try using an attack that isn’t a fire technique.”

“A date?” Katar tilted his head on its side as he paused again; his ears and tail drooped a little out of confusion, “I’m a little confused about the terminology. I think I know what you mean but I don’t think I want my throat slit and my lifeless body used as a punching bag… also what do you mean by my master?”

”Katar, how can we win if you keep hesitating? Katar Return. Return,” I heard the lady’s voice call out and she once again failed to say the name of her Rapidash, though that didn’t stop both her Pokemon from dissolving into red energy that then was sucked into their Poke Balls. She grabbed a black ball from her belt and tossed it at the ground, “next time I won’t play nice!”

There was a flash of light and she was gone, though oddly a strong smell of vanilla was in the air.

I paused for a few moments trying to gather my thoughts after my first Pokemon battle; I’d never be any good if I couldn’t think in a combat situation and couldn’t even stay focused enough to see what was happening. I should have stayed in my home valley and become just another person pretending to be a Pokemon breeder, taking credit for all the Eevee own hard work…

The mightyena suddenly leapt at me. I gripped on to his paw and began to struggle as he tried to push it down onto my throat. Odd how he seemed to put only enough weight on it to make me struggle and how easily I managed to roll out from under him.

Of course when I felt his paw on my back I understood why: He didn’t want to harm me or even scare me, only to hold me prisoner.

“I have your human and I know you’ll do anything to protect her,” the mightyena growled and I could easily imagine that its tail must have been wagging, “is she worth enough to you that you’d let me kill her if it meant I’d let her go unharmed?”

I heard myself giggle; it felt like my mind was no longer in control… Kitsune cared about me more than anyone else ever had, but she only cared because she needed me for something and it couldn’t be too hard for her to find a replacement. Still it was comforting to know there were trainers worse than me out there.
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Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
Flaming Lip:... just great, the person beta'ing this fic can't find anything that should be fixed when he gets round to beta'ing this chapter... well i guess thyis is what happens when one's skills improve, but you are still of some use as it is likely I'll make a mistake in later chapters and fail to realise it.

Personally I hated how it turned out, trying to keep the attitude of the characters right and have the battle go the right way was hard.

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
Flaming Lip: Good to hear it, now chapter one has also been beta'ed by indigestable wad as well to pick up any mistakes you may of missed... chain-beta'ing was a great idea.


I Eat Zapdos' Eggs
Sorry I haven't posted on this in awhile. The server's weren't letting me log into the Fan Fic board. Anyway, all the chapters are great so far. I just figured out who the lady was (she was in Battle for Understanding, right?) so I know the Rapidash's name. Katar was a good character to add, you needed a naive pokemon to help balance Kitsune, Mightyena, and the Rapidash (whose name I won't reveal if you don't want me to). I think it's funny that Katar has a crush on Kitsune and that the Mightyena might develop one, 'cause Kitsune doesn't seem like a she needs/wants a significant other.

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
GoGoTenda: And people say poke-shipping is bad... it's great to have some speculation in this fic, but putting Kitsune in any remotely normal romantic relationship is just wrong, though it is hard to say why. Lilac is more likely to have a successful romance than Kitsune, of course I’m glad no one would start speculating on that just yet (Well, at least they shouldn’t be… the fact some people have been saying things about it sort of destroys my faith in humanity).

You can reveal any details you like from what you experienced when RPGing in ‘Battle for Understanding’ a it’d just be speculation like your assumed romances, as there is nothing saying that it has to be the same.

Maybe you could nominate this fic in PokeOscars or something so I could get more reviewers… I mean you do believe this fic is good enough, right?


I Eat Zapdos' Eggs
You have yet to introduce a male human character, and I doubt Lilac would be willing to have a relationship with a pokemon (which would be weird). I know Kitsune isn't likely to have a successful relationship with anyone for awhile, but Katar's naivity might not stop him from trying. I'm not really assuming anything WILL happen, I'm just saying that its likely from the "Don't fall in love with the enemy" line and Katar's slight confusion at "date". Though you did say any normal romance which lends itself to more speculation. I hope Flare doesn't get hurt so badly this time around, but seeing as his leg is already broken and I doubt anyone would be able to save him, I'm prepared for the worst.

I would have voted in the PokeOscars if:

A) I'd known about them :p
B) Voting hadn't begun

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
Sorry, I didn't know, I never really looked at that thread.
Well, it doesn't really matter as this small fan base is enough.

Speculate as much as you want, you might start a riot with people who disagree with you.

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
Sorry for the shorter chapter and bad title, but I needed to move from one point to another and I had few ideas.

Chapter 8:Possibly not romance…
(From the perspective of the Mightyena, ?????)
Everything is going according to plan. It was easy to outsmart that ninetales and soon I’ll be able to return to my pack. The human was giggling a bit, for what reason I cannot be sure, as my kind never laugh. It is hard to figure out any meaning of what she does at all, but maybe it’s wrong to take away her only friend… no, I have to keep my mind on my task.

“So now you must decide which is more important,” I growled, as I put more of my weight on the paw holding the female human to the ground causing her to go quiet, “your life or your human’s. Submit yourself to death by me and I’ll let her go unharmed as I have no quarrel with her.”

“Why don’t we settle this peacefully?” her voice was much softer than it was earlier, merely sitting on the spot, all nine of her tails wagging furiously, “just lift your paw off her and everything will be fine.”

Something about her seemed different; she seemed quite… likable, for a lack of a better word. The whole world seemed to fade away, there was nothing but her, and I could just sit stare at her all day…

…No, I could let myself be manipulated with whatever trick she was using, I was not weak enough to fall for such temptation, no mightyena is that weak. I managed to push my paw back down on the human before she got free. I could feel the force of whatever it was she was using trying to tear away my strength of will but I was strong enough to resist.

“Incredible, you have a very strong will to resist my attract technique,” her tails only pausing for a moment; she must have already thought of another way to deal with me. No, it’s not possible that she could think that fast, it must be some sort of bluff, “even if I was holding back it’s full power as it wouldn’t be worth it, because acting like I’m really interested in you in anyway is something I couldn’t live with. Still the enhanced pheromones should have been much harder to resist. Too bad, even with such a strong mind, you’ll eventually fall in love with me anyway as your loyalty to your pack slowly fades…”

“Hey! There is no way I could ever love you,” I barked, maybe killing the human would teach the insolent ninetales not to insult me. But then what would stop her getting away? “even with your… um… silky fur? Wondrous tails? Appealing scent? Beautiful eyes? Really I’m having trouble see what could possibly make me love you. You’re nothing compared to most female mightyenas. Oh.”

By then it was to late, she had a short run up before her leap and knocked me off the human, and at the same time pinned me to the ground. Her attracting technique may not have been able to break my will, but she had gotten me distracted too easily by drawing my attention to her every detail. I was just lucky none of my pack were here to see how I was an embarrassment, not only to my pack, but also to my whole species.

I tried my best to struggle free, but it was hopeless and I could feel her hot breath on my fur. The smell of steam was in the air but it seemed to be fading, being replaced by a faint smell of fire.

The human made some vocal sounds, she sounded both glad and annoyed at or about the ninetales. I could hear the rustling as she pulled herself across the ground. Yes, the ninetales certainly must have landed over her stopping her from getting up easily, thus she must be saying that the ninetales should try to avoid getting so close to landing on her next time.

The hot breath was now on my shoulder. Suddenly there was a sharp pain as teeth tore into my flesh and pulled at my shoulder, probably trying to rip my front entire leg off. I had to escape, but struggling was getting me nowhere.

The human’s made some more meaningless sounds, the sounds were loud and seemed displeased with the ninetale’s actions.

“Look, Lilac, he accused me of being less attractive than the worthless mutts of his kind!” the ninetales growled at the human, letting go of my shoulder, “the only way I can’t make his life any worse is to rip a leg off. He’s already got an impossible task that he’s convinced he must do, and if he does succeed he’ll end up returning to a pack that bullies him so much that he’s probably already forgotten his name because he’s always called by insults. I could rip all his legs off if you want me to be merciful as he’d die quicker that way without his pack annoying him, except the possiblility of eating the remains.”

“Of course I remember my name, it’s…” I started, but couldn’t manage to finish. How could I have forgeten my own name? Could she be right about me never being anything more than the lowest member of my pack? “Okay, so I don’t remember it, maybe returning to my pack isn’t such a good idea, but there’s no where else for me to go. If I try to join another pack it’d just be the same…”

The human… spoke; it is possible that humans actually had a language so it is a correct word to use. It sounded like I had gotten her sympathy but it wasn’t like it’d change anything. A temporary distraction was probably the best that could be arranged.

“Well I guess we can let him live…” the ninetales sighed; her tails drooped a tiny bit. How could she just submit so easily when she was clearly dominant over the human? “I guess we’ll have to name him since he’ll hang around till we can get rid of him, which we’ll do as soon as possible. I’m sure we’ll run into some trainer who’ll want him soon enough.”

More speech from the human, but a sudden jolt of pain as I rolled to my feet stopped me from picking up the emotion behind it. Luckily the pain quickly faded, but it still left me with a limp.

“What do you mean being last is sometimes a good thing?” the nineta… no, I had to start thinking of her as Kitsune if I wanted to be able to gain her trust enough to get a chance to kill her, “well I guess Omega can come with us if you do make sure I get what you promised me, I want to watch him go through a thorough medical examination and you make sure to arrange that method to make sure he isn’t a threat while we sleep.”

The human approached me, reaching one of her odd front paws towards my head… It was hard not to bite it, but I had to resist the urge, as I needed to make a good impression. She rubbed my head as she spoke, sounding happy, questioning and… surprised?

She turned and started heading off, gesturing with one of her front paws. I couldn’t quite place the meaning but I limped after her anyway.

“I hope we don’t get into another fight, it’ll take days for me to be able to walk properly again, but thanks for accepting me.”

The human, Lilac I think her name was, started to move further ahead of us, I could smell that she was a little uncomfortable. I could smell little fear coming from her, in fact she seemed quite comfortable with me and Kitsune behind her even though it’d be easy for us to attack and kill her. She trusted me like I was now a member of her pack though she seemed to act nicer as well.

A small grove of trees caught my eyes, mainly because they also caught Lilac’s eyes as well while she approached them. Was it possible that she was sensing something about that grove with a sense I didn’t possess? She glanced into them as she pasted, and she fell backwards as she screamed in shock.

The Kitsune ran quickly to aid her, such caring that I even had little of when with my pack, turning to what ever had startled her.

“Well, looks like that evil lady was serious… I wonder if it’s dead.”

The human made more sounds as she rushed towards whatever had frightened her, the meaning of her words was mysterious to… no, it sounded like she was trying to entice the Kitsune to be merciful or helpful. I was getting used to picking up what she meant but letting the Kitsune know might be giving away an advantage. The human would make a better prize from killing the Kitsune than returning to my pack, if I could understand her enough to dominate over her.

I caught up and looked. I couldn’t stop myself from speaking even though I knew it was the wrong thing to do. “This sort of thing never happens in a pack, everyone in a pack is too valuable for this to happen. Good thing it’s dead and isn’t suffering… it is dead, right?”
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I Eat Zapdos' Eggs
NO! She killed Flare/Katar?! A little piece of my heart just died with them...

Good chapter and thank you for naming the Mightyena. He's never had a name in any of the RPGs and it was slightly annoying to have to type Mightyena over and over again. Omega is a perfect name. Kitsune seems a little conceited about her looks, but that doesn't surprise me for a fox pokemon like Ninetails. Omega brought up a good point about Kitsune's submission to Lilac when she is clearly dominant. I like your characters, Flat (I'm calling you Flat cause its easier to remember, and probably a better nickname than KKK) - they all have their own distinct issues that they could probably get psychological help for.

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
GoGoTenda: You'll have to wait till the next chapter to find out what happened there, really it is an interesting story that’ll take up a third to a half of the next chapter.

Oh, by the way, you haven’t seen psychological issues yet… we haven’t even scratched the surface of Kitsune’s problems, but even they are nothing compared to a character that’s being introduced after Petalburg City, whom I’ll for now refer to as D’oib for reference purposes though his name will be more familiar by the time he arrives. (In TWO different ways)

Yes, Omega had to notice that detail, as he is quite observant and intelligent (Different to cunning like Kitsune is or wise like Lilac is).

… What, no more character shipping? I’m sure you could find something in that chapter to support your earlier assumptions…


I Eat Zapdos' Eggs
D'oib.....wait....oh. My. God. D'oib starts with 'D'...Dactylus starts with 'D'...and they BOTH have issues? Is it Dactylus!? I hope so, he's possibly the only one who's psychological issues could come close to Kitsune's (Sorry Dactylus, but from what I've seen it's true about your character).

And there's still definately something going on between Omega and Kitsune. It's so cute (though disturbing), like some sort of deranged puppy love. Aw...

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
GoGo, your meant to say how I haven't updated on time... Oh, well. I'll have the next chapter up tonight.

Dactylus! You think my next character is going to be based on Dactylus? Too bad that wouldn't work, he's simalar to Kitsune in a few ways and I certainly can't do him justice in this fic... Trust me D'oib will add a better variety of problems than Dac ever could, with serious issues about mortality, romance, and a few other things.

Deranged puppy love... I'm sure Kitsune would understand that anything could fall in love with her, but she'd kill you if you suggested that she loves Omega. Of course there's no evidince yet that it isn't true, and there may never be any evidence,

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
Sorry for being so delayed on this chapter, at least now it's up... I've made sure toexplain more about the way Katar feels about Kitsune, but I'm sure it's still vague enough to mislead people.

Chapter 9:Would have been better off dead?
(From the perspective of Katar, the Absol)
“Katar, come out now…”

The voice of my master beckoned, though her voice sounded angrier than normal, this was not surprising since it was the first time we had run from battle. Her voice seemed to echo in my mind. Soon I would have to face that anger as I could only hear her voice because I was already beginning to emerge from my ball.

In a Poke Ball there was no way to tell how much time passes, normal senses do not exist within a Poke Ball as nothing of me really exists when inside it. It always seemed that there was always just enough time to think, no more, no less. When there was nothing to think about days could pass seemingly instantly, though in those circumstances the sudden hunger after being let out was always hit hard. When there was plenty to think about, time was endless. It was a great thing when trying to gather one’s thoughts just to go into a Poke Ball for a second or two.

If only I could have another moment to cleanse my mind of the fear caused by her anger things would be much easier, but it was too late for that and my body was already reforming out of reddish energy.

“Why did you fail me?” she hissed, though hissing like she did wasn’t natural for a human or all of them would do it, “you got distracted, letting your guard down just because of an attractive ninetales. Really it’s unlike you, unlike a Pokemon that I’d want to have with me. You were the only way to take down that girl. You saw the sort of skill she possessed to control her Pokemon in a way that could not be detected; no one can be that good, especially not one so young. I will not allow myself to be replaced, and I will prove that I am greater than her, but it will not be with you.”

“…” I tried to speak, but she had somehow gotten her hands round my throat and began to crush it. Perhaps I could have avoided it, though her training had proven resisting her in any way just made things worse. I instinctively tried to look for help in the only other one around: the rapidash. It was pointless, in all the time I’ve been around that rapidash has never said a word and has never been referred to by any name. That rapidash hadn’t even flinched when the ninetales broke its leg. He had been completely broken in by the training.

Yes, the ninetales had distracted me. But who wouldn’t be distracted once sensing the path of destruction that lay in her wake, and that she would bring in times to come? Absol are sensitive to such things, though it rarely shows up in living things, only in things like earthquakes. She was something to watch carefully from a safe distance, nothing more.

My master lifted me with one hand and slammed me against a tree. With her other hand she pulled out some device that appeared to be two pieces connected by a single piece of wire, and she tossed it at the tree. Though I could not see what it did, it was easy to guess as wire quickly bound me to the tree, and she caught the ends and one loop of it.

Grabbing one of my unresisting front paws she twisted it round. Even if I could howl out in the pain it caused, I was trained to resist pain. I could feel myself getting weaker, but she was still doing quite a poor job of strangling me. Of course that was probably on purpose, she would never really risk losing me, would she?

Upon my neck she forced my twisted paw, forcing my claws to extend out into my neck. It was then that she let go of the loop of wire, and pulled on the ends. I couldn’t breathe. The wire had tied my paw to my throat tight enough to block off my breathing completely.

“Now it ends, goodbye Katar,” my master spoke bearing her teeth, as she dropped a Poke Ball to the ground, my Poke Ball,. I heard the crunch as she stamped on it, shattering it. She turned to the rapidash, “Say goodbye to Katar.”

The rapidash walked up to me; the broken leg seemed to have no effect on the way he walked. Perhaps he’d finally talk, tell me that this was all a joke. He suddenly turned away, carefully getting good footing with the one of his front legs that wasn’t broken. I could feel the warmth of my blood drip down my neck. He lifted both his back legs off the ground and kicked, the hooves coming right for my head…

Pain. It filled my head. I felt too weak to open my eyes to see where I was, but the comforting feeling of the claw marks on my throat healing through means of a potion probably meant I was at a Pokemon Centre. The prior events were still in my mind, it was clear that I had been abandoned. I had no master, I was lost without a purpose, but I could not rest, two female human voices in the room made me want to stay awake to listen; perhaps they would reveal things weren’t as bad as it seemed…

“…looks like the Nurse Joy from Oldale was right to be suspicious of Lilac. Most would have assumed she just had a rich family that had foolishly given her a powerful Pokemon to start her off on her journey. Of course the way she has a mightyena tamed in less than a day, when even experienced trainers can’t managed it in years, proves she is a lot more than she seems.”

…They must be talking about the girl…

“Still, Jenny, I disagree with the wild conclusions some of your subordinate police officers are jumping to. I don’t mean it’s not possible that she’s a Pokemon pretending to be human with some sort of psychic illusion or just transforming like a ditto. What I mean is the actions they want to take to test it are cruel and against the law. Anyway if she was a Pokemon in disguise, then the bite wound on her hand would’ve healed by now.”

The girl was human, I would’ve known if that wasn’t the case, though I understand how paranoid humans should be of Pokemon taking over from them, it’s the sort of thing that keeps them on top.

“Nurse Joy, I do not approve of any of the drastic actions that they have suggested, nor do I care if she’s human or not—actually I do if she happens to have fake I.D. saying she’s human when she’s not—, what I am concerned about is her being corrupted by Team Magma or Aqua. Luckily I’ve already contacted someone to help her not do anything crazy just because she’s so much better at Pokemon training than other people. He should meet her before she gets to Rustburo. ”

Suddenly there was the sound of trolleys full of medical equipment being pushed over. I forced open my eyes to look upon the scene…

“I’ve got to see you do that part of the check up procedure on a conscious Pokemon,” it was the white ninetales speaking, and she was out the corridor on the other side of the two humans. She had pinned a chansey to the ground and her tails were wagging furiously, “the chansey in Oldale said that small Pokemon have the option go going through it with no antistatic, and that is something I just have to see.”

“I don’t care what the chansey in Oldale said,” The chansey said firmly, even though she was clearly at the disadvantage, “doing such a thing is never done here, and most certainly not because some sadistic ninetales wants to see it done.”

…Weird, but it probably would make more sense if I knew what procedure they were talking about…

“Sorry about that!” the girl, Lilac, called out as she came rushing down the corridor, “I really shouldn’t have let her watch Omega get a full examination, still she was curious about it and I didn’t think it could do any harm. Um… Okay, I suppose technically I should have made sure it was okay with you first, but when I asked you took it as a joke.”

“Glad you’re here, we were just about to go looking for you,” One of the female humans, assumedly Officer Jenny, said, “everything you told me about this mystery lady and her attack against you checks out, and it certainly helps us with quite a number of cases. It’s amazing how many crimes she has committed in the past, but the info you gave us will help with her capture… also Nurse Joy needs to speak to you about her absol you brought in.”

“Yes, I do need to speak with you about him,” Nurse Joy spoke, beaming at Jenny as clearly things were moving too fast for her liking, “you seem to be a skilled trainer and I’m sure you’ll be able to help him adjust from his previous master. The only other option is to put him through extensive testing to see if he is suitable for release or a less experienced trainer, both of which are unlikely. If he can’t get a home I’ll have to put him down…”

“I…” Lilac unconfidently started, though the ninetales interrupted.

“Come on,” she barked, leaping off the chansey, “this is just too perfect: we need to know more about that Lady in order to prepare ourselves for when she attacks again, since I doubt those humans interested in her will be able to catch her. Just please let us take him, I’m getting bored with only the company of those who I can’t take out my aggression on. Well I could take it out on Omega, but that’d make him think he’s worth my time.”

Great, death or being tortured for information I don’t have. What’s worse is I don’t get to make the decision…
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I Eat Zapdos' Eggs
Yay for vague psuedo-reference to Ryan! ^^ it made me happy.

I'm glad Katar isn't dead. That would have been terrible...I like his nieve-ness (can't spell >.<) The lady's cruelty was a little unsettling. I think she has anger/abandonment issues to work out. And poor Flare is emotionless and like an empty shell. Aw...

Why Kitsune so intent on harming a Chansey? Seems like a hard thing to accomplish when you consider their godly defense and hp (which should somehow transfer over into any fanfic/rpg). I'm glad that Lilac is being more assertive by trying to help Katar. That's good, in my opinion. Though her party might be a little unbalanced, what with the two dark-types and the one fire-type. A serious battler could walk right through Katar and Omega without breaking a sweat.

I can't really right much right now 'cause I have to get off to bed. Hope the next chapter is just as good!

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
GoGoTenda said:
Yay for vague psuedo-reference to Ryan! ^^ it made me happy.

Ryan isn’t the only Ditto that pretends to be human, LadyUmbra has one too (In her fic ‘A Pokemon Master?’). Also I remember someone having a Alakazam that formed illusions so as to pretend to be human… I would like to say I did it in honour of those characters but really I did it because it that sort of thing would be, realistically, a great source of paranoia.

GoGoTenda said:
I'm glad Katar isn't dead. That would have been terrible...I like his nieve-ness (can't spell >.<) The lady's cruelty was a little unsettling. I think she has anger/abandonment issues to work out. And poor Flare is emotionless and like an empty shell. Aw...

Katar is lucky to be away from the Lady too, just looking at the Rapidash shows what would of happened if he stayed with her, but the question is how much damage has already been done?

What do you mean work out? That suggests the problems she has might be fixed, and I doubt anyone will want to read a fic where the 3rd top villain slowly becomes less evil as that is so unoriginal.

GoGoTenda said:
Why Kitsune so intent on harming a Chansey? Seems like a hard thing to accomplish when you consider their godly defense and hp (which should somehow transfer over into any fanfic/rpg).

Chanseys have godly special defence; their defence is the worst in the game. Also Kitsune didn’t really do any harm, she just pinned the Chansey to the ground because of a small disagreement.

GoGoTenda said:
I'm glad that Lilac is being more assertive by trying to help Katar. That's good, in my opinion. Though her party might be a little unbalanced, what with the two dark-types and the one fire-type. A serious battler could walk right through Katar and Omega without breaking a sweat.

Lilac didn’t even think about it… Do you really think Lilac would have the guts to force Kitsune AND Omega into letting her take a fallen foe to get medical attention if she was thinking straight?

Of course any serious battler could quickly deal with Katar and Omega, but who could possibly fight seriously against cute little Lilac? By the time they realise how good she is (She’s really terrible at it, but they won’t notice that) it’ll be too late… Even if they don’t lose from holding back against the two dark type they’ll then have to deal with Kitsune.

GoGoTenda said:
I can't really right much right now 'cause I have to get off to bed. Hope the next chapter is just as good!

So that’s why you didn’t continue your analysis of possible future relationships… Those are usually the best part of any review. I can’t wait till you analyse how what Katar said into his relationship with Kitsune!

Dark Latios

Beautiful Tragedy
Reviewing as requested.

Very sad chapter... at least Katar is okay.

Very good description on how Katar was feeling and his thoughts, interesting plot... I wonder how it will turn out in the end, and good chapter length.

No grammatical errors that I saw.

So I'd say you did a darn good job. ^^



I Eat Zapdos' Eggs
Oh, you want me to speculate love? Okay...I can try...

I predict that, if D'oib is male, Lilac and D'oib will probably develop something. I don't know why, but Lilac needs someone to make her giddy. Cause giddyness equals hilarious...ness...

I predict some psychotic love triangle (built on abuse and neglect) between Katar, Omega, and Kitsune. Kitsune, being how she is, will probably ignore both their advances or misinterpret them entirely, adding to the hilarity. Meanwhile, Katar and Omega struggle for Kitsune's attention and are undetered by her disinterest. The whole thing pans out like a bad romantic comedy, except that Kitsune ultimately loves neither of them [SPOIL]and Omega and Katar discover feelings for each other[/SPOIL]

Okay, now I feel bad. Might be funny though.