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Destiny of Understanding PG

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
This is another guest chapter by GoGoTenda.

Ryan’s Intermezzo: Part the First

I ran a hand through the mid-length brown hair that sat atop my head, feeling the warmth which the sun had imparted upon it. Kitsune was walking a few steps in front of me, throwing a glance over her shoulder every couple of seconds. It seemed like odd behavior for someone like her. I suppose it could have been me making her uncomfortable coupled with the fact that Lilac was nowhere in sight. We’d split up awhile ago and gone different directions on the dreadfully small Dewford Island. With any luck, we’d at least be a few miles away from each other. In a hope to get Kitsune more comfortable, I quickened my pace until I was even with her. Then I remembered that I needed to get her to trust me a bit more; she didn’t seem to like me at all. As friendly as I could, I simply asked, “How are you?”

“Just fine, even though your pokemon have tried to do serious harm to me in the last three days.” At this point, it was obvious that any sort of friendly relationship between us would be just about impossible to attain. Still, it was better to try than to just give in to the hopelessness of it all.

“Kitsune, I’m truly sorry about what happened to you. Thorn had no right to hurt you the way he did, and Sketch knows better. Please let them, and myself, make it up to you.” As Thorn and Sketch’s caretaker, I did deserve some, if not most of, the blame, “now, however, is not a time when I can really do so. We need to find somewhere secluded so you can go spend the week with as little disturbance as possible. Earlier, I found a nice spot in the forest where we could spend the day.” Kitsune said nothing, but dropped behind me a bit so that I could lead.

The street we were on turned from poured concrete and asphalt to just the concrete. The buildings faded away and turned back to trees and low plants. There was the soft, constant noise of some bird pokemon chattering, maybe even a mankey howling in response. Eventually, the cement became a dirt path through the ever thickening wood. Great trees were all around, but the wind still carried the scent of saltwater from the beach that was always nearby on this tiny island. I turned off the path and started to creep through brush, knowing that Kitsune was following me even though she was staying silent, true to her species.

Crowded branches gave way to a nearly circular clearing covered by some of the greenest grass I’d ever seen. Little wildflowers poked up every couple of yards, and there was a fairly large sized patch of clover off to the right. I walked into the middle of the clearing and turned to face Kitsune, spreading my arms out. “This is where we’ll be staying for awhile.” She seemed happy enough to be out in the open air, which made me feel a little better. “Now, I know you’re here mostly to get away from the like of Biohazard, but there are other tasks at hand. Lilac would like me to try and teach you a few things about obedience. She’d like me to teach you how to behave and take basic commands, which I’m hoping Cinder is teaching her how to give. I’d like to run you through a gambit of simple orders to see how you react…unfortunately, I couldn’t find any treats in town that I thought you might like, and the other options were far too cruel.” Lilac and I had almost bought a collar that tightened slightly at the press of a button, but it looked too dangerous and painful for me to actually put on a pokemon. “Now, Kitsune,” she had started looking away, “sit.”

There was a bit of a pause in which Kitsune obviously thought the command out. It shouldn’t have been so difficult to interpret the word ‘sit’, but then again, human words were sometimes hard to translate. In the end however, Kitsune obliged; she sat down on her hind haunches and looked at me. “Is that it?”

“No, of course not. Lay down.” The instant I said it, there was tension in the air. Kitsune’s eyes narrowed into a glare, and my ears caught a low growling noise which must have been her. I never thought she’d respond so aggressively towards what was essentially a natural thing to do. I hoped that she wouldn’t break out into violence, even though she was probably more than halfway there. “Kitsune, just lay down. This is for Lilac, remember?”

Her eyes narrowed in a predator’s glare, causing my heart to beat a bit faster. There was also a noise, a sort of low growling sound emanating from her, “I don’t lay down for anyone, especially not for you.” She continued to stare at me with a hint of viciousness. Kitsune was a wild ninetales, after all.

“Come on, Kitsune. It’s one little command, then we can move on.” Between my words and her actions, there was significant gap in which the air itself seemed to hold its breath. Grudgingly, she lay down on the grass, but kept her head up so she could keep an eye on me. Previously, I would have tried the ‘roll over’ command…but it would be a very bad idea now. Instead, I forced a smile and said, “that’s quite enough for right now. Why don’t you stand up so we can get to relaxing.”

“Is that a command?” She smirked sarcastically, enjoying my increasing discomfort. Of course it wasn’t a command; I just wanted to not put her or myself in a dangerous situation.

“It was a request, unless you’d like me to keep giving you orders.” That did it, for she stood up and shook herself a bit. Good; I had once again avoided a near disaster, even if I’d been the one causing it. Some things just didn’t change, and my accidental self destructive tendencies were some of those things. “As for the relaxing part, Sketch requested that he have time to play with you.” Personally, I was against it, but Sketch can hardly be stopped when he’s got a notion into his little furry head.”

Kitsune seemed to accept this proposal, so I grabbed the pokeball that contained the smeargle. I squeezed it a bit, releasing the pokemon inside. The white light resolved into a smiling Sketch who then bounded forward to Kitsune. “Kitsune! We get to play for a whole week! Aren’t you excited?” Yup…I was just thrilled. Kitsune obviously shared my sentiments, but didn’t let it show.

“Yes, of course I am.” Kitsune smiled and brushed Sketch with a tail, drawing giggles that shook his small frame. She then walked a few steps away until he followed her, then a few more steps, and a few more after that. Soon, she was leading him around the clearing, tails twitching away from his eager hands. It was a dangerous game; if rumors were true, a ninetales could curse those that pull its tails. Kitsune seemed like the type that would do just that, too. I bit my tongue to keep from speaking, and hoped to Lugia that Sketch wouldn’t manage to catch her.

Then he tripped. Sketch stumbled over his own tail, making a weak cry of surprise before crashing to the ground. Before I could react, Kitsune had turned on him, crowding over him and doing…something. I couldn’t see through her tails, which had covered Sketch from view. Imagining pulling Kitsune away to find the bloody remains of a friend, I rushed over and pushed the tails away. Sketch was looking up at me sheepishly, as Kitsune had held him down started to lick the minor scrape the fall had resulted in. She was trying to clean the wound, despite how utterly superficial it was. Sketch winced as her tongue ran over the broken flesh; scrapes rarely hurt unless touched. I couldn’t help myself, I needed to ask. “Kitsune…what are you doing?”

She blinked once and stopped licking. “…I don’t know.” Kitsune got off of Sketch and stepped away to allow him to stand. He did so, brushing himself off and examining his injury. After reassuring himself that it was really nothing serious, he noticed a wingull nearby and went off to chase it. Kitsune looked up at me, “I honestly don’t know what happened. It might have been maternal instincts brought on from being in heat.”

“That would certainly explain it. Though, it isn’t very normal for a ninetales to care for a smeargle.” I threw a glance over my shoulder to make sure Sketch was thoroughly distracted. The wingull was shouting at him while attempting to hop away, which only provoked Sketch to follow it. I turned back to Kitsune. “Ninetales typically hunt smeargle; they’re actually one of the fair few predators who even attempt it.” Besides having somewhat toxic paint, smeargle were also pod animals adept at defending one another. Since they learn attacks from the other pokemon in the area, smeargle know what they’re potential hunters can do and thus create rather ingenious strategies for fighting them off. Ninetales, however, are crafty enough and rare enough that most Smeargle have no idea how to handle them.

“What? Are you saying I’m abnormal for a ninetales?” …not exactly, but yes, that was the general gist of what I had said. I said nothing out loud, which she assumed to mean ‘yes’. “Because there are plenty of things you do that are abnormal for a human.” Like what? I thought I was pretty normal looking and acting. Besides, she didn’t know me well enough to see any flaws, right?

“Such as? Please go on; I’d love to learn about how different you think I am.”

“Well, first off, you tend to refer to your pokemon as anything but. It’s ‘my partners’ or ‘our team’, unless someone else talks about them as ‘your pokemon’ first. Treating pokemon as equal is a very odd thing for a human to do, especially one appearing as young as you.” She had me there, but it wasn’t a big deal. Most people would have just assumed that I care about them deeply, which I did. If anything, it made me appear loving and proactive, not unnatural.

“The next thing someone might notice is your lack of scent. Humans tend to smell to pokemon such as myself, and while you do have some scent, it’s not a human one.” That was the biggest give away I had, for sure. But Cinder always said that I didn’t have a scent at all, and it was my understanding that Ditto as a species were scentless no matter what form they were in, with the occasional exception.

“What’re you talking about, Kitsune? Ditto don’t have any scent at all. If anything, I’d smell like the people I’d been around recently.”

“No, there’s definitely something there. It’s faint, but that doesn’t make it any less real.” How could she possibly smell something that didn’t logically exist? Ditto only produced scent if they were in the midst of mating, and even then it was only a pheromone of a form they were in. A natural ditto had no smell, period. Kitsune was probably mistaking someone else’s scent for something she thought was my own.

“Even if you do smell something, there’s no way that a human could tell. Only a pokemon with a sensitive nose and a sharp mind would put it together, and even then they wouldn’t be able to tell a human. Although…Lilac does have an extraordinary grasp on Pokespeech. She’s among a handful of humans across time that have been able to understand pokemon so well…” Now that I seriously thought about it, her knowledge of the pokemon language couldn’t be natural. Sure, she may have spent her life with Eevee, but that was one fox-type dialect. With the knowledge she should possess, understanding even related species like Katar or Omega was an impossibility. There was something more to the story; that was for sure…

Just then, there was a gleeful yell from Sketch, who had managed to wander out of the clearing. “There’s a beach! Look, Ryan!” I already knew there was a beach nearby, and I thought the salty air would have been enough of a give away. Still, I turned away from Kitsune to look towards Sketch’s voice. He must have chased the Wingull all the way to the sand without me noticing. I started walking towards where I thought he was.

“Come on, Kitsune. He won’t let us rest until we go to the beach.” I cast a glance over my shoulder to check that she was following. She looked like she was thinking about joining me, but also about being somehow disobedient. I tapped a pokeball at my waist. “This one’s yours, Kitsune. And I know you don’t want to go back inside.” No one did, ever. It was a terrible feeling, being trapped inside that tiny little space with no idea what was going on outside. You were cut off from the world with nothing but an empty blackness to keep you company. I hated to use it as a threat, but I couldn’t let her just do what she wanted. Kitsune glared at me slightly, and then started walking along behind me, keeping the pokeball within her sight.


I Eat Zapdos' Eggs
A lovely chapter, if I do say so myself (and of course, I do). I'll set right to work on Part the Second to be released after your next chapter or so.

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
I seem to be down on readers/reviewers again. I shall have the next chapter up within a week anyway.

Sike Saner

Peace to the Mountain
“Come on, Kitsune. It’s one little command, then we can move on.” Between my words and her actions, there was significant gap in which the air itself seemed to hold its breath. Grudgingly, she lay down on the grass, but kept her head up so she could keep an eye on me. Previously, I would have tried the ‘roll over’ command…but it would be a very bad idea now.

Yeah, I would have to say so. XD

Then we had Kitsune getting all maternal on Sketch, which was just cute. Very cute, even if slightly weird. Or maybe due to being slightly weird...

Or maybe due to me being slightly weird...


....Erm, yeah. ^^; Anyway, that was cute, and that was quite a nice little episode there. Kudos. ^^
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Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
Sike Saner: Two reasons why that chapter seemed weird: 1: It was written by GoGo, not me; 2: Kitsune's maternal instincs are developing as she experences going into heat for the first time.

Chapter 23: Shell shock...
Warning: The following chapter contains a death.

“It’ll take a few moments for my master to realize she missed with her new toy, so you’ll have to follow my instructions precisely if you want to live. You have no chance without having warning about how to dodge the next shot a few seconds before it goes through your head,” Katar hissed at me, barely bearable with the ringing in my ears. “As much as I’d love to see your insides splattered all over the place, some things come above my personal viewing pleasure…”

I glanced around, trying to see how the other pokemon had reacted. Omega was on the ground whimpering, paws over his eyes and his tail and ears completely limp...

“Roll to the left!”

I obeyed Katar without question, hearing another shot a moment after he spoke. I felt the shock wave as it impacted into the ground where I just was. Moving my head to look around must have tipped whoever was shooting at me that I was still alive. Not that it wasn't hard to guess who the shooter was, I had only annoyed one person to my knowledge. In front of me I could see Cinder frozen in fear. A pokemon would defend their trainer to the death but I wasn't his trainer and I doubt he was trained for this sort of situation at all.

“Roll back to the left, and see if you can quickly get to your feet somehow.”

A human being ordered around like we do to pokemon. It would probably be considered humiliating if it wasn't a life and death situation. In fact maybe it would still be considered that way. Katar sounded a little nervous; he clearly didn't know my limits and thus didn't know if I could pull it off. I rolled again, barely noticing the third shot, and I focused on rolling faster. I sprung a leg out in front of me, using the inertia of my spin jerk me to my feet.

“Jump backwards!”

I pushed myself in the opposite direction as I had just been rolling with all my might. Sand burst up in front of me as the forth shot hit nothing but sand again. Now I wasn't so restricted in movement as much while having to use Katar's predictions. Still whether I lived or died relied on whether my energy out lasts the number of bullets or not. It was not like it was possible for any pokemon to be able to get to the sniper without being spotted and shot. Shots five and six were easy to dodge. There was a little pain in my right leg but I had no time to look. I barely noticed a flash of red out of the corner of my eye, but it was probably some burst blood vessels in my eye causing me to see red.

“Now it gets a little tougher...”

I didn't like his tone, but a quick glance around told me why he was worried and confirmed my guess as to who was doing this. The rapidash I saw would soon be a problem, but I had to have faith in Katar to tell me how to avoid dying here. I wished Kitsune was here, having faith in her was easier than having faith in Katar. Why did it feel like I missed something when I glanced around?

A jet of fire burst towards me, and Katar didn't even tell me to dodge. It would have been a waste of words anyway, as I had dealt with flareons my whole life. I knew how to deal with the occasional flame thrower. I held my breath and dove into the flames, not away, rolling in the sand. It was uncomfortably hot, but the cover for being seen was an advantage that was worth a few minor burns. The hoof beats chimed on the ground, and I leaped. It was not like Katar ordered me not to.

Throwing ones arms around a rapidash's neck, swinging onto its back and strangling it so as to stop it breathing fire isn't the same as with a flareon. I realized my mistake as soon as I got hold. The flames on a rapidash's body isn't fancy fur, it's actually fire. Hotter than its flame throwers. The pokemon had no trouble shaking me off as I had no intention of holding on any longer as it was. I could hear Katar laughing in the back ground.

“Don't lose balance.”

I almost did, being put off with his laughter and the painful burns. Now wasn't the time to yell at him for not warning me, and I managed to stay on my feet, though I stumbled towards the rapidash a bit. I felt rather than heard the seventh shot tear through my new purple dress. Not that it mattered, the dress was already smoldering from being caught is flames. I dropped to the ground and rolled towards the rapidash, ducking under it and dodging another flame thrower from it. It must have been underestimating my agility, but it would catch on soon and then it would be over.

A hoof came flying towards my face, the rapidash and turned far too quickly. I couldn't dodge it. Still, I had to remember I was not the only one in this fight. The rapidash barely missed as its front legs were slashed from under it by Katar and it dropped to its knees. Biohazard came in as a lack streak, colliding full force on the unbalanced rapidash's side. It was no heavy weight like a geodude, so it had no protection against the attack.

There was a flicker of flames. I look on in horror as they spread, quickly Biohazard was nothing but a ball of flames. He rolled in the sand, but it was no use. His toxic sweat must have been flammable. I had to help...

“Lilac watch out!”

Katar sailed through the air into my chest. I had been distracted by Biohazard's plight and the rapidash had gotten up to prepare a kick. Such force, even with Katar sharing the impact with me. There were a few loud cracks. Were those my rips breaking, Katar's, or both of ours?

I lay on the ground where I fell. The rapidash stood over me, staring me in the eye with a smug look. Katar spoke the words that I'm sure the rapidash would have. “It's now over...” I heard the eighth shot. My life didn't flash before my eyes. The shot hit, right in the head, going right through, tearing the skull apart as it did so. It just didn't hit me.

“Just give her time, she needs to rest after what she's been through,” Nurse Joy's voice hurt my head, even if she was outside my private recovery room. When or how I got here I couldn't remember, nor how I knew where I was. “I'm sure she'll explain exactly what happened to you for you to put in your police report later, not that it isn't easy to piece together what happened.”

“Seven shots from a sniper rifle wielded by an elite assassin don't just miss,” Officer Jenny grumbled, “nor can they be dodged by any but the most skilled psychics. Your tests show she isn't a psychic, and none of her pokemon are either. Being able to have a pichu take one of her other pokemon inside its ball, and releasing it right on top of an assassin takes a lot of skill too. Also the rapidash conveniently being shot in the head when that same pichu pulled the trigger of the gun seems suspicious.”

I looked down at my leg, at where it had hurt earlier. There were claw marks, Chu must have climbed up my leg to get Cinder's ball. Why do all the pokemon seem so much better than me in every way? Am I really that far below human standards? If I'm not how can humanity still be on top of the world? I shouldn't have even listened to as much of the conversation outside as I did. Around my chest were bandages. I had broken a few ribs as I thought. I could do nothing now but close my eyes, try to get some rest, and hope everything would be alright.

“Lilac, are you awake?” Nurse Joy called out, waking me up. I didn't even realize I had fallen asleep. “Some girl named Ingénuo wants to see you. Apparently she's been around Dewford for a few days after washing up shipwrecked, having assumed this island was uninhabited... sounds like a really imaginative girl, when you listen to her other travel stories. No one can get lost as often as she says she has.”

“It'll be nice to have someone to talk to.” I spoke without much thought, though I got more of a response than I expected. A puff of flames came from beside my bed, the breather of the flames being out of my view. I started to get up, but the pain of moving knocked my back down into my bed.

“Even if I may be bound by honor to serve you, I do not appreciate you acting like you can't have a conversation with me. Katar told me about your gift, and I would like to be more than a servant to you.”

The voice seemed completely unfamiliar, but there was something in it that seemed to scream out that I should know who it was. I paused for a few moments to think, what was it I should be noticing? One can always determine the species of a pokemon by the way it talks. It was just harder to notice the differences when my mind just converted everything into English. Still, who ever it was sounded like a male ninetales, meaning it was probably Huxian.

“Yes, that is my name, and, yes, I am reading your mind. Katar is here too, and he'll be the bearer of bad news as always.”

“What is it?” I spoke, trembling to think of the whole fight being not quite over.

“Well, it is quite terrible news.” Katar laughed a bit, I could tell he was trying to be funny. “Huxian managed to survive being poisoned, the rapidash is beyond Nurse Joy's help, plus Cinder did kill my old master. Most importantly the chansey here, despite the enthusiasm in that area, refused to neuter Biohazard without your permission no matter how much I hounded her...” His voice quickly dropped to a whisper, as if hoping not to be heard, “…oh, and Omega is missing.”

Before I could react the door of the room burst open to reveal my old friend Ingénuo. Still wearing nothing that wasn't light blue, and still having yellow eyes. Those had to be special contact lenses. In her arms was a zigzagoon that looked familiar, something about the way its fur sat, as if hiding a few small scars... It was the one Kitsune saved from the mightyena.
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Well Lilac should feel inferior. She's a human that has no special power other than the one to understand pokemon that she was cursed with no less. And then her pokemon are all some of the most unique pokemon there are. Of course she's going to feel bad.

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
Sorry for taking so long just to give you another chapter by GoGo instead of one I wrote, next one should be quicker and be of my own.

Ryan’s Intermezzo: Part the Second

“What took you so long?! Isn’t the beach wonderful?” When we got past the trees, we were suddenly on a warm, white beach that looked like it went on indefinitely in both directions. Sketch was smiling, with sand already clinging to the fur around his feet, hands, and even chest. He’d obviously rolled in it before we’d arrived. The waves were but a few yards away, rolling up on shore and then dying backwards before starting up again. Wingull circled lazily above, cawing and crying at us. Besides us and the birds, the beach looked deserted. Old pieces of driftwood were the only other signs of life. Sketch started to run along the beach, but quickly changed to chasing the waves back into the ocean, and then running away when they came back. He laughed the whole while.

“Yes, the beach is beautiful.” I looked down the endless beach then smiled at Sketch. He paused in his game to grin back up at me before continuing to chase waves. I turned to Kitsune, who had sat down. She looked mildly uncomfortable, shifting her rear every few seconds. “That’s just sand in your fur. It’ll only get worse the more you squirm.” Kitsune remained silent, but stopped moving. “Now that we’re here, what shall we do?”

“I’m a little hungry…” Kitsune trailed off and looked up at the birds. Her tongue flicked out of her mouth and licked her lips slightly. I stared at her until she turned her head back to me. “But I refuse to eat those wingull. They looked good at first, but they smell badly.” No surprise. wingull were scavengers and no strangers to eating whatever they could find.

“I have nothing I could give you right now, though. You could always hunt, correct?”

“Yes, I could. I’ll go now before I get too hungry to move.” She stood and shook in a vain attempt to remove sand from her fur. Kitsune started to walk away before I decided that letting her go off alone was a bad idea. After all, she was here essentially against her will. There was no guarantee that she’d come back after finding food, not to mention the possibility that her prey shouldn’t have been prey at all. Images of trainers finding half eaten pokemon and even the bloodied remains of a human child started to flood my mind before I managed to close such dangerous thoughts out.

“Kitsune, I think I should go with you. You see, I’ve never been a great hunter and there are plenty of things you could teach me.” It wasn’t really a lie. I wasn’t a great hunter and there were plenty of things she could teach, though most of those would probably disgust me. In reality, I hate even eating other creatures, let alone stalking and killing one.

She eyed me warily before responding. “No. Ninetales hunt alone.” Kitsune started walking away again, but I made no move to stop her. If she wasn’t going to let me come, then I’d just have to follow her on my own. She paused and glanced back at me. “Wouldn’t it be easier for you to transform into my meal?”

“Ha, very funny, Kitsune. Just go before I change my mind about letting you go alone.” I could tell that she was smiling as she darted down the beach and into the trees on the side. Sketch walked over and tugged on my jeans.

“Where’s Kitsune going?” He looked up at me innocently. It was amazing and a little disturbing that Sketch had forgiven Kitsune so quickly after she most likely destroyed all his paintings. I know Katar confessed, but I just felt that Kitsune was really the one behind it. Katar really couldn't have set anything on fire while Kitsune could have. Though he may have lured her to do it, I still believed that it had been her. I bent down to him and placed a hand on his furry skull.

“She’s going to find something to eat, and I’m going with her very shortly. I’m going to leave Glitch here with you while I’m gone, okay?” I smiled and Sketch’s eyes brightened. He snatched the pokeball from my hand the moment I pulled it from my belt.

“Glitch hasn’t been to a beach before! This’ll be fun!” Sketch walked away from me and back towards the water, playfully tossing the pokeball. I sighed and went back to the cover of the forest.

“Alright…I need a form appropriate for tracking with both speed and accuracy. That means a canine in all likelihood. It’ll also have to be quick on its feet and able to hide fairly effectively. Something small and fast…” I ran through my memory, searching for anything that fit the criteria. A ninetales would be too big and Kitsune would know that it was a fake. Mightyena were fairly good at stealth, but had worse noses that most other canines. An absol would most likely attract Katar for no real logical reason. There’s absolutely no way I’m going to imitate Bio. Of course, there are other pokemon in the umbreon family…perfect! The fastest thing on four legs… a jolteon!

I took off my belt, which still held three pokeballs, and dropped it to the ground. It was the only part of me that wasn’t actually me, and a jolteon could never wear a trainer’s belt. I crouched down on to all fours and started the change. My body was shrinking, my clothes were being absorbed, and everything was turning pink. It was starting…my body was starting to burn with pain. I had to clench my teeth to keep from yelling. My eyes were jammed shut to try and stop the tears as my body twisted and tore itself apart to return to my natural state. I could tell that I was back to the way a Ditto should be, so I took a short break to catch my breath.

Transforming shouldn’t be like that. I shouldn’t have to feel each little motion setting my nerves ablaze. Sure, it was probably compounded from too long in one form, but it had always been like this. I hated changing, but I needed to continue.

Four limbs started to grow out again, coated in bristly fur. The torso and abdomen took shape; a small, dog-like body. Pointed ears grew back from my developing head. When the movement and pain stopped, I opened my eyes. The world was in grayscale now, which was a little disorienting. Immediately, I looked myself over for mistakes. There were none that I could see, and I breathed a sigh of relief. My ears were twitching at each little noise, but my nose was picking up everything. I had no idea what any of these scents were, except one. Even my human nose could smell Kitsune; a jolteon could easily follow it. I locked on to the scent and started following it through the trees.

I found Kitsune near the bushes on a much wider section of beach. There were people here, tons of them. They were wading in the water, basking on the beach…what could Kitsune possibly be doing? Something in the back of my mind was bothering me. It was saying that I was being careless. What did it mean? It clicked and I knew what it was. Kitsune was in heat and I was a compatible male. I had subconsciously picked a male form because that’s what I was used to. Hurriedly, I did a minor transformation into a female jolteon and resumed watching Kitsune.

She was merely sitting just on the edge of the beach, watching the humans. Her eyes scanned across the beach, heading towards me. Quickly, I crouched low in the brush and stayed that way. Kitsune didn’t seem to see me, but she did see a child. The child had seen her as well, and had begun walking towards her. The girl was obviously intrigued by the white fox, but Kitsune’s eyes looked sinister to me. She was planning something that I wouldn’t like, that was for sure. I swallowed a lump and hoped to Lugia that she wouldn’t hurt the girl. Kitsune stepped backwards into the brush and was obscured from view.

The girl paused, considering following Kitsune. Instead of turning around like she should have, she starting moving forward again. I had to do something to protect her from Kitsune. If she got within Kitsune’s reach, there would be nothing I could do. I needed to act now. I leapt from my hiding place and landed in front of the girl, growling as best I knew how. She sort of jumped back in surprise and a tiny bit of fear. It wasn’t enough to send her away, though. I started charging a small shock attack, feeling my fur stand up as the static built up. Little blue forks of static danced around me and the threat of an impending attack caused the girl to turn and run. When she was gone, I let the electricity discharge harmlessly and ceased my forced growling.

“What are you doing?” Kitsune’s voice was coming from behind me. I’d let her sneak up on me, foolishly. “And why are you brown?” That last part came with surprise on my part. Brown?! But I thought I looked fine…in grayscale. If anyone with sense saw me, they would try to capture me for the ‘unique’ color.

“I guess I made a mistake in my transforming. All I’m trying to do is make sure you don’t do anything wrong, such as luring small children to their deaths. Care to explain what you were doing, Kitsune?” I turned around to face her, even though she was easily twice my size now.

“…no. I’d prefer it if you leave me alone while I hunt now.”

“So you were hunting, like I suspected? Well then, I really can’t leave you alone now. Lilac trusts me to keep you out of trouble. It’d be very bad for both of us if you were eliminated for being a dangerous pokemon. Hunt something normal so we can get back to training.”

“I didn’t think you’d want me to hunt something normal because you’d think it was dangerous. I was going to hunt gyarados...”

“Of course I wouldn’t want you to do that! Besides the fact that, as a fire type, you could easily drown in the ocean, gyarados could swallow you whole without even realizing it. Then you tried to go to something ‘less dangerous’ that could get you hunted for murder. You have no concept of relative danger. Why don’t you just go to the forest, find some linoone, and eat them?”

She sighed a long, drawn out sigh/ “But I’m tired of those rats…” I was suddenly angry at her. She had nearly killed a kid to get a meal when actual prey animals were all over the place. Now she had the gall to effectively tell me ‘no’? I wasn’t taking care of her because I wanted to and she was abusing the fact that I couldn’t lay a paw on her without fear of hurting Lilac.

“Kitsune, please just do what I say. I don’t want to fight about this; I just want to get back to Sketch and the others.” I was forfeiting and she knew it. Kitsune smiled enough to reveal pearly fangs which made me nervous. I was suddenly very aware of just how much bigger than me she was. I had managed to give her even more power: how could I have been so foolish? “Please, Kitsune.”

“Alright, I’ll return with you to Sketch if you let me hunt gyarados.” Simple bargaining behavior; if you want this, then I want that. Even though I’d rather not have her hunt gyarados at all, I thought it’d be safer for all involved if she was at least near a source of help. The sooner I could get back to being human, the better anyway.

“Agreed. You lead the way.” Kitsune nodded and started down the beach the way I had come. I followed after, acutely aware of tiny grains of sand starting to work their way in-between my paw pads. It was far more uncomfortable than the ‘sand in my toes’ feeling due to the fact that it clung to fur, too. I looked around Kitsune and saw Sketch sitting on the beach and looking up at what I knew to be a blue and pink pokemon (though my jolteon eyes read everything as gray).

Its body was jagged and angular, seemingly comprised of boxes and blocks. What could be considered a head was tapered somewhat and contained two large, white eyes that stared endlessly. It had only two ‘legs’ which were really more like triangular feet, and a small tail-like structure stuck up from the back. Tail, feet, and a few other patches were blue while the rest was pink. The most striking feature, however, was an odd pattern that ran across its body. All over the otherwise smooth surface were tiny black fissures like lightning, which forked and spread around edges and across planes. As we neared, the closest pupil swiveled to track us and Kitsune began to slow. It spoke in a mechanical, though soft, voice. “Ryan, I see that you are back.”

“Yes, I trust that you kept Sketch safe?”

“Affirmitive.” The Porygon floated lower to the ground so that he was merely hovering an inch or so above the sand. Kitsune had stopped a few feet away from it, but I continued past her until I stood next to the Porygon.

“Glitch, this is Kitsune. Kitsune, this is Glitch.” I nodded towards them respectively, and then waited for Kitsune to respond. Glitch replied first, looking towards Kitsune and bowing as best it, I mean, he could.

“Greetings, Kitsune.”

Kitsune didn’t return the gesture and simply kept eyeing Glitch. She finally broke the silence while only throwing me a quick glance. “What is it?”

“…he’s a Porygon, a man-made pokemon. He’s nothing to be afraid of, Kitsune.” She listened to me then stepped closer before reaching out a paw. Gently, she tapped Glitch on the front end of his head before quickly pulling away.

“Why are you pawing me?” Glitch asked in his calm voice with only a hint of curiosity. He didn’t need to know, he just wanted to. Using such apathy made sure he wasn’t disappointed when Kitsune didn’t respond to him but instead turned to me.

“It sounded intelligent for a moment there.” Wait, did she really just say that? Glitch’s eyes widened momentarily before returning to their neutral laziness. Kitsune was running the risk of upsetting him, but she had no idea what that would mean. “Why does it look so cracked?” Good, a chance to steer the conversation in a better direction, if only a slightly better direction.

“He looks that way due to a minor problem during his creation. There was a corruption which altered his appearance, among other things. That’s why Glitch has all those cracks…many people would consider him ‘broken’. In fact, if I hadn’t found him, he was going to be deleted.”


“Glitch was created by computer and can travel between the physical and the virtual realms. Thus, he can be deleted with the appropriately equipped computer.”

“Oh, so it’s a ghost.” Kitsune relaxed and sat back on her haunches. “Only ghosts can go between planes.”

“I can’t go between planes, and I’m not a ghost.” Glitch spoke up again, but I shook my head to keep him from continuing. I moved my mouth so that he could read the speech patterns I was soundlessly imitating. Silently, I managed to tell him to ‘drop it’. He seemed to understand, as he floated back up a few feet into the air.

“Yes, Kitsune, Glitch is a ghost.” If that’s the way she felt most comfortable thinking about him, then there was no reason not to go along with it. She seemed much happier with believe that he was a spirit and a happy Kitsune was, at least in this case, a good thing. Keeping her happy also meant letting her hunt gyarados, as my memory informed me. “Kitsune, if you want to hunt gyarados, now is the time. Sketch, stay near the shore while Kitsune goes to hunt.”

Kitsune ran off to the water’s edge and stared to wade in. Normally, this would be a very bad thing for Fire pokemon, but she had talked about it as if she’d done it before. As such, I could trust her enough to know that she knew what she was doing. If anything unexpected happened, Glitch and I would be more than enough to help her. While Kitsune went further out, I snuck back into the forest to return to human form. Once Kitsune was done eating, then we could get some work done…

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Sketch started to run along the beach, but quickly changed to chasing the waves back into the ocean, and then running away when they came back. He laughed the whole while.

Aww, Sketch is cute. ^^

She eyed me warily before responding. “No. Ninetales hunt alone.” Kitsune started walking away again, but I made no move to stop her. If she wasn’t going to let me come, then I’d just have to follow her on my own. She paused and glanced back at me. “Wouldn’t it be easier for you to transform into my meal?”

XD Good line, there.

I took off my belt, which still held three pokeballs, and dropped it to the ground. It was the only part of me that wasn’t actually me, and a jolteon could never wear a trainer’s belt. I crouched down on to all fours and started the change. My body was shrinking, my clothes were being absorbed, and everything was turning pink. It was starting…my body was starting to burn with pain. I had to clench my teeth to keep from yelling. My eyes were jammed shut to try and stop the tears as my body twisted and tore itself apart to return to my natural state. I could tell that I was back to the way a Ditto should be, so I took a short break to catch my breath.

Dang, that is an excellent description of a transformation. I just love transformation scenes; they're some of my favorite things both to read and to write about. So, I really enjoyed seeing one handled so well.

I really liked Glitch; I like reading about Porygon to begin with, and this one's character is well-made.

There were a lot of really nice details here, particularly regarding Ryan in a Jolteon form: having to switch sexes after realizing that being a compatible male while Kitsune is in heat is not a good idea; Ryan realizing that the inability to see color as a Jolteon caused him to not realize that he was the wrong color; etc. Those kind of details are something that really keep the story dynamic and interesting. I just love them. ^^

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The next chapter of this fan fic is extremely late and will be delayed even further. I apologize for this. I have just started my year at university, and am extremely busy, having no free time during the week plus rarely having weekends free due to projects. Still, I'd love to know more of what people think of my fic, as well as what they think is going to happen (I need to know how well I've foreshadowed things so as to do better later).

Sike Saner: I'm glad you liked that chapter GoGoTenda did for me. Of course Kitsune's line was my idea, and I did have to remind GoGo that Ryan couldn't use a male form while going after Kitsune, but other than that it was all his work. Especially the brilliant transformation description.
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Sorry for the long wait between chapters, and for the poor quality of this current chapter. I have chosen to post this chapter without having it beta'd as I didn't want to cause anymore delay. Still the low number of reviews is a little annoying.

Note: This diary format is a once off thing, I just had to fill in details for everyone to understand.

Chapter 25: Ingénuo's diary
Day 1
Dear Diary:
Sure technically I should still be using the date, but I feel it is more symbolic to ditch all my old ways. I'm finally a pokemon trainer, clinging to things that are the normal for life in towns and cities like the date is not for me anymore. I am free to roam and live by my own rules. Still, keeping a diary of my life helps keep my stress level under control.

I am a little worried about Lilac though, sure she got a better head start than me on her pokemon journey, being given a ninetales as her first pokemon, but she looked like she's lived a way too pampered life to really know what she's doing. The casual attitude wasn't the only give away, as even if her clothing didn't look like much I can just tell it was made of woven together strands of expensive fur... probably eevee fur, just like my uncle wears, though apparently such clothing is made only from fur steaded during spring.

My day started off far too normally considering what was going to happen. I slept in till noon, got up, got dressed, pretended I had been up for ages and then ate lunch. I'm thankful my parents never check in on me, thinking I'm a perfect little angel. Still such grace and perfection seems to come easy for me as long as I remember my parents will only be so trusting as long as they hear nothing that says they shouldn't be.

Then it wasn't too long before I found myself at Professor's Birch's lab. What a disappointment. The place was nothing like I expected, no weird bubbling test tubes, no unidentifiable lab equipment, absolutely nothing that looked like it belonged to a mad scientist from some cheap horror movie. I know Birch mainly does field research, but that's no reason for his lab to be so boring.

I politely informed him of which starter I wanted from him, and was a little surprised that I got my first choice. What are the chances that that the other two trainers had a different opinion on which starting pokemon they wanted? Well, considering I only chose Torchic because I heard those two idiots deciding to race each other to be the first up so as to get the torchic, the chance should have been zero. Not my fault they slept in longer than I did.

And so my journey began. A quick walk and I was out all alone, with a map in my hand, a slight worry that perhaps Lilac didn't have a map at all, and unable to think of an appropriate name for my first pokemon. I set up camp when the sun started to set, and had a little play time with my torchic... she certainly wasn't as harmless as Kitsune, but I finally convinced her to be helpful and light a fire. Pokemon training doesn't seem hard so far.

Day 2
Dear Diary:
Despite it still being winter, the southern part of Hoenn is never really cold at night. At least that's what I though before last night. If it wasn't days away from it being February I would of frozen to death out in the wilderness. Still some hot food and drink cooked on a fire lit by torchic made up for it. I'm glad got the fire starter, those other two idiots will probably not make it very far without such a great fire lighter... I'm sure even Lilac would do better than them, due to having a handy fire pokemon herself.

It struck me on this second day of my journey of how few pokemon I was actually seeing. I only caught the occasional glimpse of some yesterday, but it never really sunk in till now. How could I catch any pokemon if I could never come close. Still, it wasn't long till I noticed a single zigzagoon following me. It was getting far closer than any other pokemon had, but it didn't look too strong even if I didn't count the nasty looking bite marks on it that looked like they only just started to heal. Certainly not worth catching, at least that's what i thought then

It's amazing how one's walking speed increases when they are being followed, I thought I was making great time. I was wrong big time. It wasn't too long before the zigzagoon darted out in front of me, then darting off. It kept coming back and darting off in the same direction. I thought at the time it must have been going insane due to some infection in the bite injury. Not my problem, so i just ignored it till I realized how long ago I should of reached town.

Finally the zigzagoon got to me, it was getting dark and I should of reached town hours ago. It led me right to town in less than ten minutes, before vanishing. How could a stupid little pokemon navigate better than me when it didn't even have a map? Thanks to it I get to spend the night comfortable in a pokemon center, but next time i see it I'll catch it for sure.

Day 3
Dear Diary:
The day the storm was hitting Hoenn. Not like such a thing worried me, my ego was inflated due to being a pokemon trainer. It seems like I learn more about my misconceptions about pokemon training everyday. Bad weather is bad weather no matter what you do with your life. Still I had most of the day to travel safely, so I wasn't a complete idoit.

The zigzagoon showed up again, trying to indicate that I should go back to town. It was either quite attached to Oldale, or it knew what was coming. Still it gave up after the first hour and merely followed me, darting off only when I called out torchic to battle. Wild pokemon are such cowards. Another day without seeing many pokemon, getting a second pokemon looks a little unlikely at this rate. It was when the zigzagoon got in front of me and seemed to be trying to lead me across the country side that I really gave up on catching it. It was trying to keep me close to all sorts of empty caves, hollows in the ground, any place which would be good for when the storm hits. I refused to follow such a zig zaged path and rushed ahead.

Late afternoon the storm hit. I was caught of guard, the strong winds actually knocked me over and knocked my back pack open, though I didn't lose anything too important apart from the dairy I wrote in before starting this journey and my pokedex. I was panicked and in trouble, the winds quickly getting worse. If the zigzagoon hadn't reappeared, then I would have been done for. Battered up as I was when we got to a hollow in the ground to rest in, the zigzagoon was in much worse shape. The bite wound had been reopened, thus i did my best to treat it but there will certainly be a bit of scaring.

I know it is unfair, but I sort of accidentally dropped a pokeball on the weakened zigzagoon and I'm certainly not letting it free now. I think I'll name it ziggy, I mean it's name isn't as important to think about compared to my starter pokemon.

Day 4
Dear Diary:
Too tired to write much. I awoke to a familiar looking girl lighting a fire just outside the hollow I slept in. She slept there with me after she fond me fast asleep. When I said familiar, I meant I had seen her on TV, as she got second place in the Jhoto league tournament last year. Quite a mark of achievement. Her name is Kenni and she's going the same way as me and actually gave me quite a few tips on pokemon training. It's actually quite exhausting and frustrating work, the training part of being a pokemon trainer. I can't believe I forgot to do any of that the past 3 days. Lilac is either forgetting about training too or suffering far more than me.

Day 5
Dear Diary:
Plane and simply, the map helps with nothing when you are lost and Ziggy can't seem to help navigate here. Kenni says its because he's outside his home range, not that it's out of spite for being captured, but I'm not so sure. Still, she also yelled at me a bit for referring to Ziggy as an 'it' when he's clearly male. As if a pokemon cares about whether you know its gender or not.

Day 6
Dear Diary:
Yep, we're still lost. Still, Kenni says being lost actually gives a trainer the time required to train their pokemon. A quick stop at a lake to train and I got to see the pokemon she had, really it wasn't surprising she hadn't changed her team since the league. I collapsed mid afternoon and had to rest with my back to a tree. While noting how my torchic certainly didn't like being near so much water, something fell out of the tree and onto my face. Not the way I like to catch pokemon, but my head was harder than its, and I caught it before it regained consciousness. Adding a slakoth to my team wasn't the only good thing it brought, but knowing what sort of areas they live in just proved we over shot Petalburg city somehow... A chance to have a night in a bed in a pokemon center was too good to inform Kenni that there was no gym there.

Day 7
Dear Diary:
It's hard to write while riding on the back of a gyrados. But when we finally found Petalburg City and then were told that Rustborro gym was temporarily closed due to serious injury of one of the gym leaders pokemon we had to change our plans a bit. Kenni certainly wasn't going to wait around doing nothing so we had to move on to the next nearest gym. No boat from Petalburg to Dewford island, and Kenni didn't want to waste time going all the way to Rustburro just for a boat. Somehow she convinced me an overnight ride on Rage, her gyarados, was a great idea. Rough scales, waves splashing over me occasionally, plus having to hold on if I don't want to fall off is not my idea of a good night's sleep.

Day 8
Dear Diary:
I hate Lilac. She is so annoying. I found out as soon as I reached Dewford that he had been injured, so i went to visit her. She's already got 6 pokemon, including two ninetales, an absol, and an umbreon. Ninetales, absol, and umbreon aren't meant to even be in the areas she's been though. No trainer is that good, how could she possibly have that sort of luck? Not to mention the fact she never gotten lost even though she's never carried a map with her.

The absolute worst part is she's actually got the guy who got fourth place in the Jhoto league, Ryan, training her starting pokemon for her. A pokemon trainer is meant to do the hard work themselves, not pass it on to someone else when it gets the slightest bit difficult. Kenni seems annoyed about it too, but she's unusually nonvocal about it. Something about Ryan gets on her nerves more than a trainer like Lilac can. Perhaps Ryan's her ex-boyfriend?

Things get worse from there. She explained what happened to her, with stories of the adventures she's had. I mean, she gets all the luck, powerful pokemon with little effort, exciting things like an assassin after her, and a friend who is willing to train her pokemon for her. Then she asked me to find her mightyena that had run away due to being shot at. Passing off the hard work again, but i couldn't say no due to her condition.

When one thinks of Dewford, they think of the beach front and tanning themselves in the sun. Most people wouldn't even know of the swamps further inland. I spent several hours searching those swamps with Kenni and a few of Lilac's pokemon. Tracking down a lost pokemon through rouge and dirty terrain like that is only made worse when the tracks end up leading round in a loop and back to the pokemon center. Mightyena are meant to be impossible for beginner trainers to handle, it's meant to be impressive for a trainer to have one under control, but again Lilac got that the easy way by having the wimpiest mightyena ever.

To top it off Lilac wanted to trade pokemon with me. How could she be so stupid not to know the value of her own pokemon? She wanted to trade Huxian, her male ninetales, for Ziggy. She pities me and wants to trade just so she doesn't feel so bad. How can she possibly do such a thing? Does she realize how bad that makes me feel about my accomplishments? Sure, I traded, a ninetales is always a great pokemon to have mainly due to their life span. Most pokemon reach their peak after a little over 5 years then start to get weak, usually dying before the age of 20, but a ninetales is certain to out live the trainer, thus no stress of losing a partner, plus they don't suffer effect of aging and thus never stop getting stronger.

Kenni wants to get the gym battle over with as quickly as possible before moving on, as do I. I have to get some distance between me and Lilac if I'm going to becoming strong enough of showing her how bad a trainer she really is. From now on I'm her rival, and it's my job to make her feel how hard things can be...


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Oh man, Ingénuo is horrible. I had a feeling that she was a weird person, but I had no idea that she was that selfish and idiotic. The strange thing is, she doesn't seem to anger me as much as she should. Maybe because she's also an idiot. No, idiots annoy me as well so it's probably because of how you write.

Personally I sort of liked the diary form. It showed all the stuff Ingénuo did and you did a pretty good job of making it up. At least she doesn't know Huxian is not the trade she thought she got.


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I love how Ingenuo has rage issues. That's just perfect for such a small, nonthreatening girl. Beautiful.

Due to the lack of beta, there were a number of mechanical/conventional issues. I understand that you wanted to get this chapter out, but if you need a quick proofread, let me know, okay?

Ingenuo seems to run hot and cold on a lot of things, including her perceptiveness. She somehow figured out Kenni and Ryan's relationship while simultaneously misinterpreting the trade for its true nature. Ingenuo also appears to have wild mood swings and she's perhaps even mildly neurotic. Good stuff, though, since she desperately needed some development. Interpreting attempted assassinations as fun is a little disturbing, however >>

Omega ran away. Hehe. ^^

Sike Saner

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The little diary section was definitely a good idea; offered some great insight into Ingénuo's character. I also enjoyed the circumstances surrounding a couple of her Pokémon acquisitions; some of the scenes where Ziggy appeared before he was captured were nicely written.

Plane and simply, the map helps with nothing when you are lost

I've found such to be the case with maps myself. Aggravating things, they can be...

While noting how my torchic certainly didn't like being near so much water, something fell out of the tree and onto my face. Not the way I like to catch pokemon, but my head was harder than its, and I caught it before it regained consciousness.

XD Nice one. Definitely one of the most unorthodox and entertaining captures I've ever read. ^^

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indigestible_wad: Personally I hated the way this chapter looked, plus it is unlikely that here will be another chapter like it. It was only to fill in how a 'normal' trainer goes about their pokemon journey, as well as making it clear Ingénuo is Lilac's rival. Not much of a rival yet, but I'm sure with Huxian's help she'll manage to become a challenge for Lilac to overcome.

GoGoTenda: Blame TV for Ingénuo views on assassination attempts and ability to understand relationships while missing bigger things. TV in Hoenn really teaches children the wrong things.

Sike Saner: And yet Ingénuo accuses Lilac of being unnaturally lucky with getting pokemon... Glad you liked the slakoth capture, I need it to show that Ingénuo really does have a hard head. All trainers need to use their heads to catch pokemon, so they either need to be hard or smart.

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Bad news: Chapters of this fic have been getting harder and harder to write. That should of been clear to people by how the time between chapters kept increasing. Thus I've decided I need a long break, at least a few months, before I look at this fic again. I might then start off from here, or rewrite the fic from the begining.

Good news: I will start writing a fic or two during this time. The two ideas I have are Katar/Huxian's history, or a little fic based entirely in the All-Weather valley (The place Lilac came from that is filled with eevees). Now I do know which one I'd rather start first, but that could change if people want the other one more. Also, since I can't tell anyone now when the next fic will apear, I shall PM anyone who wants to know as sooon as it starts.


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If this is what you're doing about a story, then why are you calling me an unreliable beta? You haven't given me anything to do yet. When you get those other things done I'll check them, but first you have to write them before you can make comments on me.

Kidding. Sort of.