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Destroy the Block of Bedrock 4.0: Taken for Granite

Discussion in 'Games' started by Sketchie, Feb 22, 2017.

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  1. DracosWulfgar

    DracosWulfgar what ever........

    I toss a rock at the bedrock
  2. Superteletubbies64

    Superteletubbies64 MAHINA-PEEEAAA!!!

    I cut the bedrock in pieces with a diamond saw
  3. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    honestly if you hadn't told me this was amnesia i would have easily mistaken this for the light of communism -7

    oh. -9

    Yuck. No offense, but it's a bit squishy and brains are kinda fall aparty when there's nothing to protect them. Which is why we have skulls. Anyway. Squish. -4


    damn, you're right?? like i can't?? fight this??? heck alrighty guys time to go home, the bedrock has been rendered nonexistent. ): -10

    t hi s i s th e f u tu r e li b e ra l s w an t -8

    Thank you, Mr Spaz, for clearing my troubles in life. -5

    ): are you guys?? okay????-10


    A simple, classical attack with a humorous tag. Wholesome. -9

    They call it rock wrecker, rock wreckeee-eeer! -7

    A traitor to its own kind....... what kind of monster -6

    what is this, minecraft???? jkjk nice use of actual science here -9

    Current Damage Range: 0-10, 0-20 beginning on page 6.
    Damage Done this Post: 93
    Total Damage Done: 661
    HP Remaining: 839/1500
  4. Superteletubbies64

    Superteletubbies64 MAHINA-PEEEAAA!!!

    Zeno-sama destroys the universe the bedrock is in
  5. I cause the bedrock to make every girl around it fall in love with it. However, this makes the bedrock lonely since it always has to reject their requests and that makes the girls really upset, and in all reality the bedrock doesn't want to make anybody upset.

    i never thought I'd still be referencing Amnesia, even now
  6. Shattersoul

    Shattersoul Maniac

    I fire the sublimation beam at the bedrock.
  7. Superteletubbies64

    Superteletubbies64 MAHINA-PEEEAAA!!!

    the bedrock gets launched into space for testing purposes
  8. I make the bedrock get sugar-poisoned by tic-tacs.
  9. Superteletubbies64

    Superteletubbies64 MAHINA-PEEEAAA!!!

    I throw a bed made of rocks at the bedrock
  10. Mr Spaz

    Mr Spaz Loading title. Please wait.

    I activate the Yugioh Card "Sparks" against the bedrock
  11. Superteletubbies64

    Superteletubbies64 MAHINA-PEEEAAA!!!

    I flush the bedrock into a giant toilet
  12. Shattersoul

    Shattersoul Maniac

    I ritualistically chant nonsense until I accidentally summon a demon.

    Then I convince the demon to attack the bedrock.
  13. Captain Jigglypuff

    Captain Jigglypuff Leader of Jigglypuff Army

    I summon Exodia to attack the bedrock!
  14. I assume the bedrock's gender.
  15. BladeForge

    BladeForge Happy Person

    I make the bedrock stressed, then throw stress balls at it. And then set it alight.
  16. DracosWulfgar

    DracosWulfgar what ever........

    I make the bedrock fall into a girl bedrock Literally, fall into one.
    All in the name of love * sighs *
    ( hope there won't be baby bedrocks )
    ( better now ^.^ )
  17. Dragalge

    Dragalge Leaked footage

    I make the bedrock plagiarize.
  18. General Nonsense

    General Nonsense Star Glider

    I tell the bedrock a secret. And then tell everyone else.
  19. Superteletubbies64

    Superteletubbies64 MAHINA-PEEEAAA!!!

    I throw a potato at the bedrock
  20. kawaiiconcept

    kawaiiconcept TOP OF THE MORNIN'

    is this a DBZ thing? -5
    *hugs bedrock* -4
    OBEY -3
    space doesn't do damage -1
    sugarsugarsugarsugar -5
    the bedrock takes a nice nap-3
    is that like ember -5
    don't forget to wipe! -6
    you got lucky -7
    who? -1
    and this helps? maybe? -7
    (great ^.^)
    unfortunately there are baby bedrocks
    they got BUSAY
    no damage though (maybe to the bedrocks sanity from the crying) -2
    it gets an A anyway -3
    the bedrock TRUSTED YOU -4
    just one?
    same though -5
    Current Damage Range: 0-10, 0-20 beginning on page 6.
    Damage Done this Post: 66
    Total Damage Done: 727
    HP Remaining: 773/1500
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