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DESTRUCTIVE LOVE // Comashipping General Discussion Kai

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Sweet May, Mar 30, 2011.

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  1. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    Greetings there, lovely random shipper to the phenomenal land of Comashipping-land! Also known as Comaland!

    This is the 2nd Comashipping thread I've own. Sorry for the delay, this was supposed to be up a month ago, LOL. All old links and members were taken down but you can simply post everything again and by posting, you'll be added to the list. ;P

    Warning: Slim possibility but there may scattered spoilers that haven't aired outside of Japan. Fortunately we have covered the evidence with huge red hearts and adorable fan art spam.

    So what is this thread and Comashipping about? This place is where shippers who pair up the superstar Ash/Satoshi and his Sinnoh grumpy rival, Paul/Shinji. Here you can talk about their chaotic rivalry or you can simply gush on how AMAZING they look standing next to each other. The old thread had its fun and with permission from our lovely Shipping Goddess Skiyomi, I'll be your hostess yet again! Awesome, right?! No? Aw...

    (a.k.a. the bittersweet lovers)​
    Ash / Satoshi / サトシ
    A wild child whom is devoted to Pokémon battles, his friends and all Pokémon. Hails from Pallet Town and enjoys battling a lot of trainers, going through various regions and collecting badges. He dreams of being the best trainer there is so he works hard to train his Pokémon, participating in many battling events.

    Paul / Shinji / シンジ
    An introverted boy whom shows no respect to almost anyone except his elders. He wants to be the strongest trainer and by doing so, he collects strong Pokémon that are able to fight without fainting. If they fail in surviving the battlefields or meet his strength tests, he insults them without mercy and even goes far as releasing them.​

    (and it's explanation)

    Well it can be supported in any way you wish.​
    Ash first met Paul at the beginning of his Sinnoh adventures, remarking over Paul's idea of scanning for top Pokémon attacks using the Pokédex. Paul asks for a 3-on-3 battle but Ash quickly flees the scene and refuses due to missing one more member. They meet again shortly and have their first battle, ending in a draw. However Paul releases the newly capture Starly and Ash is angered to see his new rival and new friend act that way with his Pokémon. During various other encounters through the Sinnoh region, Ash continues to impress Paul with his battling techniques that include praising his teammates. Meanwhile, Paul finds that strategy as "pathetic" and continues to use that term towards Ash while mistreating his own Pokémon, stirring the tension between them. Both of them later on face huge battles against each other; their biggest battle being their last at the Sinnoh League. Ash wins and their rivalry ends when Paul decides to head to Kanto and Ash travels to Unova.

    (Read or Satoshi will be upset and Shinji will... kill you?)​
    1. All SPPF Rules and Shippers Community Rules apply.
    2. To join in, simply post! Answer a topic or contributing is fine! :)
    3. Do not bash any character or shipping. It will result in a warning and then a ban if it's consistent.
    4. Any fan art must be provided with a source link to the original artist.
    5. Don't stray away too much from the purpose of the thread.
    6. Please use the SPOILER tag if you're going to share information of the anime that has not been shown outside of Japan.
    7. If you want to make a new topic, go ahead but don't create one every other minute. Let a number of people answer the current topic before moving on!
    8. Have fun posting and let's all be a lovely group of happy shippers, yes!

    Comashipping Day -- October 25
    Let's celebrate with many gifts, yush?

    Activity Daily
    (optional but it's in case you want to do some themed activity for the day)
    Sunday is Caption Sunday
    Grab a screenshot or two and make shippy or silly captions. Make they're they're PG-13 or less.​
    Monday is FanArt Monday
    Drew a cute picture of the two trainers? Or have a fanart you want to share? Post it on Monday.​
    Tuesday is AMV Tuesday
    Share Comashippy AMVs on this day.​
    Wednesday is Drabble Wednesday
    Unleash your weekly inner writing self with small ficlets that taste like Comashipping~​
    Thursday is Fanfiction Thursday
    Share the latest awesome (or terrible) Comashipping fics you find anywhere on this day!​
    Friday is Crack Friday
    Spam Comashipping lulz all day. Make sure your crack is rules-safe.​
    Saturday is Streaming Saturday -- to start July 2nd or 9th!
    Livestreaming an episode every week with chat on the side! PM me what time is good for you all!​

    Important / Useful / Lovely Links
    Bulbapedia's Article on Comashipping
    Semi-Active Comashipping Community on LiveJournal
    Comashipping Relay: A FF.net community with many Comashipping fics
    Comashipping Guild on deviantART
    Comashipping Group on deviantART

    Comashipping Fan Art Sites
    Suggest some by posting or via PM!

    Fan Art

    Starry Nights and Unpaved Dreams by CommanderPigg
    comashipping - Telescope by Endless-Summer181 of deviantART
    Comashipping by lapikkolaemo of deviantART
    pokemon - stalker by galacta of deviantART
    Coma - No battling by Endless-Summer181 of deviantART
    Pokemon: Brotherly Love...? by Vulpixi-Misa of deviantART
    Endless linearts COLO by Zinoman of deviantART
    Comashipping- hug by Endless-Summer181 of deviantART
    Arttrade: Comashipping by Vulpixi-Misa of deviantART
    Coma - Just...being there. by Endless-Summer181 of deviantART
    Comashipping fan art by Zino
    Suggest some by posting or via PM!

    Fan Fiction / Drabbles

    The Wonders of Marriage by QueenZoroark
    Love and Its Adventure by Pikapi72
    By vulpixi-misa of LiveJournal
    Suggest some by posting or via PM!

    AMVs / Other Media

    Comashipping (October and April) by AnnaAsakura24601 of YouTube
    Suggest some by posting or via PM!

    Banners / Icons / Wallpapers / Other

    n/a -- Suggest some by posting or via PM!

    Topic List - you are free to make one if we really need one!
    1. Introduce your shippy self and explain why you're interested in Comashipping!
    2. What do you think would be a good reason, or excuse, for Paul to come to Unova (aside from being madly in love with Ash lol)?
    3. Who tops, Ash or Paul and why?!
    4. What do you think was the best Comashipping moment in the anime?
    5. What's your favorite type of AU -scene for Ash and Paul (like Paul being a police and Ash being a robber or something like that)
    6. Do you think that if Paul and Ash were to meet up sometime again, Do you think Paul would be mean like he was before? Or lighten up to Ash?

    • Sweet May
    • pokefan#493
    • QueenZoroark
    • catzeye
    • Espeon_114x
    • CommanderPigg
    • Simon Alexander
    • Pikapi72
    • Oceanus119
    • Satoshi's girl
    • ~SkyHigh~
    • Zino
    • Foxkrystal
    • MayandDrew46
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2011
  2. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    I am apalled that there has not been a single post here yet! Where did all the Comashippers go? ):

    Even though there is a slim chance we will see Paul again in the future of the anime, it's always fun to reanalyze all the glorious aspects of the ship, including it's unique flavor amongst all other hero/rival pairs. Coma is special in that Paul was able to get under Ash's skin like no other before, and their conflicting ideals was a nice, refreshing change in Ash's usual interactions with other people. Besides, it's obvious that if Ash were any other weak dude, Paul wouldn't have spared a second glance; you could tell he was interested from the beginning~

    I do hope more people post; Comaland needs more residents!
  3. QueenZoroark

    QueenZoroark Burn, baby, burn!

    Hm, there's almost nobody here! D:

    I'm a huge Comashipper, although I like to switch their usual positions, with Ash as seme. I don't know why! It just seems more functional that way. So sue me.
    I really hope Paul appears again in the anime. I mean, he was, no wait, IS, the best rival Ash has had. I love his *****iness xD He MUST appear again in Unova, maybe after winning all the Frontier Symbols. Hey! That gives me an idea for a topic!

    What do you think would be a good reason, or excuse, for Paul to come to Unova (aside from being madly in love with Ash lol)?

    I know its a tad lame. I think he'd return because he's just been informed Ash is in Unova and has 3 badges! Imagine it, he just can't STAND knowing Ash is ahead of him and gets on the first ship to Unova! Lol, I can picture him arriving at Castelia and Ash being like: "O.O PAUL! THANK YOU, ARCEUS!"

    Anyway, I hope this places expands and all the comashippers can enjoy Comaland! I'll be posting links to nice fanart and fics the next time I post. Just not now, cuz I have to go!

  4. catzeye

    catzeye Writer's Block

    Comashipping thread has been revived? No way! Sign me up again!

    I've been out of shipping for awhile now but Comashipping is one of the few ships I can safely say I still claim...

    What do you think would be a good reason, or excuse, for Paul to come to Unova (aside from being madly in love with Ash lol)?

    Well actually I have two reasons/excuses:

    1. A meet-the-regions festival. Since Unova is so far away the could have a festival to showcase different regions. So they would have representatives from these regions coming to tell native Unovans (is that a word?) about other sites. Paul could be one of the representatives along with Dawn, Barry, Misty, Brock, May, Gary and Max.

    2. Battle Subway. Knowing Paul, he would've beaten Brandon and probably all of the other Frontier Brains. This would imply him travelling to Kanto once more. After defeating all 7 he could hear about the Battle Subway in Unova and hear that Ash was in Unova as well. It would be an excuse to showcase both the Battle Subway and one of Ash's most well-known rival.
  5. eryyy

    eryyy Ace Trainer

    YES!! A new Comashipping thread. I'm so in this time around :)

    What do you think would be a good reason, or excuse, for Paul to come to Unova (aside from being madly in love with Ash lol)?

    Aside from his stalking Ash habit huh? xDD
    I can mostly see him coming to Isshu (I don't call it Unova) for the battle subways. Maybe also to compete in the Isshu league. Paul most likely has beaten Brandon by now so I could see him coming to Isshu to challenge the gyms and the league and stuff.
    Paul is Ash's most well-known rival so I definitely see him coming to Isshu for those reasons.
  6. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    Glad to see you guys come back. :D

    What do you think would be a good reason, or excuse, for Paul to come to Unova (aside from being madly in love with Ash lol)?

    ASIDE from being madly in love with Ash? Aww, that should be the only reason! ): *jk*

    Anyway, I was thinking.. After he beats Brandon, maybe he hears about Cynthia being in Unova (and Ash as well?) and travels there to find more powerful Pokemon to add to his arsenal. There, he meets Ash, and stuff happens, and so...yeah. I'm not very creative at this stuff. XD

    By the way...today is Comashipping CRACK Friday~ Just sayin'. ;)
  7. QueenZoroark

    QueenZoroark Burn, baby, burn!

    Nobody posted during the weekend? Weird ._.

    Anyway, I'm working on a Comashipping fic, but I'm on a huge hiatus. I was planning on writing a lemon on the next chapter for my reviewers to forgive me, but I'm too scared to :\ Can any of you awesome people give me any advice? Erm, here's the link to my fic. Review! Btw, I SUCK at fluff, so the fic has almost no fluff at all. :( http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6320236/1/The_Wonders_of_Marriage

    Let's keep posting to make this place grow!
  8. CommanderPigg

    CommanderPigg Well-Known Member

    May I be a resident of Comaland? :<
    Comashipping is my OTP for life, no other shipping has touched me quite as much as it has...There's just so much potential for it, especially when they grow older and become Champions of their own (Approved by Champion Cynthia, BTW ;) ).

    What do you think would be a good reason, or excuse, for Paul to come to Unova (aside from being madly in love with Ash lol)?

    He wants to know what the deal is with this "Cilan" dude.

    Well, I too have my own share of corny ideas, haha. Cynthia's in Unova in the games, right? Perhaps he wanted to meet up with her again, challenge her to a rematch, or just say "hi." :p

    Well, that and the fact that the guy never seems to stop moving. I mean, he has to do something after battling Brandon, right?

    This is just a silly little fantasy of mine, but I'd like to believe that Ash and Paul go their separate ways after Sinnoh and not encounter the other until, let's say, 10-ish years later? By that time, they've already won their respective leagues and train alone (much like Red did at Mt. Silver). And they just meet up randomly during a sunset or whatever and act like close friends for the rest of the day...buy ice cream together, go swimming, have pokemon battles...then camp out with each other while catching up (telling tales of victory muddled with solidarity) and then leave in the morning. You can fill in the blanks with other "activities" they might have performed that night ;P.

    I dunno...it seems like a cute way to end the series almost *is silly*

    EDIT: Oh! I just realized it's fanart Monday! I drew something kinda comashippy over the weekend:
    Starry Nights and Unpaved Dreams
    (yes, Ash's face is majorly derp :p)

    I have the speedpaint for it in my YT, if anyone's interested ^^
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2011
  9. Simon Alexander

    Simon Alexander basalit-an


    Hey guys, I lurve this pairing ^_^ I am all over this thread like a sunburn

    What do you think would be a good reason, or excuse, for Paul to come to Unova (aside from being madly in love with Ash lol)?

    Well, it's simple: Paul hasn't been to the Unova region yet! In DP, he said he'd been to the other three regions, but he hasn't been to Unova yet! So of course that would be his next destination! This is one reason I think Paul showing up in BW is more likely than any other cameo, since his presence would be easily explained. I want that to happen so badly.

    Edit: OH YEAH, I was wondering, perhaps there could be a little spring/Easter theme going on this week? Like, we should all post springish or Easter (if you celebrate it) -themed fan material. I think it'd be cute!
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2011
  10. QueenZoroark

    QueenZoroark Burn, baby, burn!

    I should really stop forgetting about this thread.
    There's nothing new...so why not a topic?

    Who tops, Ash or Paul and why?!

    I'm going to answer this one after seeing what everybody else thinks. I already know my answer...******...
  11. Simon Alexander

    Simon Alexander basalit-an

    What do you mean by "tops"? Like, who is the more dominant one or who is the better trainer...?
  12. catzeye

    catzeye Writer's Block

    Who tops, Ash or Paul and why?!

    I think it depends on the situation. If it's a touching romantic situation then it would be Ash, since he's the more sensitive of the two. Now if it's a bit more kinky then Paul, since he probably wouldn't like to be dominated.
  13. Pikapi72

    Pikapi72 Pokemon Getto Daze!

    Hello Comashippers! I was in the older thread of this and now I'm here! Can I join? Well since DP is over it's kind of inactive here.

    Paul tops! He seems like he would dominate more and he wouldn't want to be bottom anyway.
  14. Oceanus119

    Oceanus119 ɢσттα ɢσ вιɢ тιмє! ❤

    Hey Comashippers! This shipping has really grown on me and I like it. Mind if I join in?

    Who tops, Ash or Paul and why?!

    Do I really have to say this? Yeah, I guess I probably should.
    Paul tops, hands down. I can't ever see Ash dominate Paul because he's too clueless and dense. So yeah, Paul's my answer.
  15. Ash would dominate. He only looks 10, where as Paul actually is.

    The older man is always on top.
  16. Simon Alexander

    Simon Alexander basalit-an

    Um, no.

    Plus, it never says in canon what Paul's age is, whereas we do know that Ash is 10 (BW ep 1). Besides, even if you want to ignore BW, it could be argued that Ash and Paul are the same age, as Paul has also traveled through Kanto, Johto and Hoenn.
  17. Pikapi72

    Pikapi72 Pokemon Getto Daze!

    Hmm It would depend on the situation though so how about they both top! Hmm I know Paul wouldn't be thrilled but he would atleast let Ash have a chance ;).
  18. QueenZoroark

    QueenZoroark Burn, baby, burn!

    Actually, Ash does only look 10 years old. No wait, he doesn't. He looks around 13.
    I can whip out his real age. Let's see, he's traveled 4 regi0ons. Each region would be one year. PLUS, he went to the frontier and the orange islands, so that gives him 2 more years. In conclusion, Ash could be 16. Paul, however, has only traveled Johto, kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, and he hasn't competed in the Frontier yet nor the Orange Islands (he never mentioned it) so that would make him 14. He doesn't look older than that anyway. They are both too short for their age! Even I'M taller and I'm only 13!
    Also, I don't know which of you has seen the Spell of the Unknown movie, which contains a short Pikachu film in which Ash throws a party for Pikachu stating that it's their 1 year anniversary. So Ash CANNOT be 10. The anime screwed up.
    So yeah, to answer my own question, Ash tops. Paul is so emotionless he doesn't have what it takes to be a seme. Now, if Ash comes to be all romantic with Paul, he'd go like "OMG WHAT'S HE DOING JDOTHKNVGS". Of course Paul would just hate being bottom, but Ash just insists (because he is persistent). C'mon, it's cuter like that anyway :p
    Okay now I'm rambling...better go before I explode into words!
  19. Simon Alexander

    Simon Alexander basalit-an

    Ash never ages. No one ages. We should all understand this now.

    Paul is not emotionless. We've seen how emotional he can get, actually, and quite a few times. For instance, in Pokeringer, Paul was panicking when Honchkrow started losing, which was obvious when he yelled out "STAY CALM!" for no apparently reason. Obvi, his honchkrow wasn't panicking. He was. Then there's the Brandon battle, when his emotions caused him to just crumble under Brandon's trio. Paul doesn't express his emotions too much, but you can see them if you pay attention.

    Besides, just because someone is reserved in their emotions doesn't make it impossible for that person to be dominant; actually, it could make them far more likely to be dominant. They can remain cool, calm and act apathetic. It's hard for someone to get a handle on someone like to dominate them.


    I think Ash is more dominant over Paul. I'm not saying Paul is submissive, but he would submit to Ash, though not without making Ash work for it.
  20. Satoshi's girl

    Satoshi's girl Cafemocha <3

    <33 HI THERE Can i join i love this shipping x
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