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Detailed (pokemon) Pencil Drawings (Entei and Ivysaur))

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So... I haven't made a post here in a while, mainly because the air around the place seems so, how should I say it, uninviting? Well, something like that. Anyway, I bring you the fruits of my reference work, and of course its all donw with permission from the original artists, and when not, well it can't harm a big*** company to make a freaking sketch now can it?

and now to make some other big company spend some domain money...


Yall know where I based it off, I don´t have time to explain much, but yes I chose to give it bigger toenails, how else could it stand its ground???

I ended up taking a picture of it and ditched the scan because it sucked. Hardest thing to do were the skintones, which contrast a bit more in real life, you know how digitalisim ruins things =P

The thang belongs to Nintendo

Entei - Ashuras200

You can click on that one to see the description​

Anyway, there's lots more around my page, I just feel particularly fond of these two, the later which I gave to a friend for his birthday, he seemed to like it ^^

Please comment, I'm one of those needy artists, I enjoy comments : )
Wow. Checked out your deviantart gallery and I was even more impressed there. I especially like your Charizard, nicely done.

I'd like to see Ivysaur done in a different light, too. I'm not so much a fan of the static art, more dynamic appeals (Though I guess that's pretty much commonplace).

And when I really look deep into that Entei, and really try to find some constructive criticism, the only thing I can really think of it that the paws don't look so much like paws as they do fingers extended off the legs. The one that's outstretched most does, at least. All I'm sayin' is, more definition on where the paw starts and the leg ends is all I can constructively comment on. And the hair's maybe too wispy for an Entei. Nah. xP
Dimentio, Which charizard? The one I did using Profesco's sketch in pencil, or digitally?

Dynamic is awesome, but dynamic is hard to do D:

The entei I based my entei on looked pretty wispy xD, and there's actually a few details that were left out when I scanned this, which includes a lot of shading on the "smoke", and some details on the paws, which I doubt would have changed your opinion on them anyway :p

The other two, thanks for commenting


These look fantastic! Your shading always look so professional.

Here's some critique for you:
On your Ivysaur, it's left front leg seems to be out of angle, it doesn't seem to be fully flat on the ground to support it's weight. But other than that, it looks totally handsome ('saur family is <3).
On the Entei, I gotta say that it has a problem on the front right leg, it's slightly dislocated; a little too far into it's torso area. I could say that leg looks too straight, but that would go to the original drawing.
Also, Entei's left front leg looks too bent, a little noodle-y, comparing your's and the original.
And lastly, the fur on it's hind leg is too fish scale-like, the hairs are too thick, making them seem like little shapes. I suggest doing the same fur-darwing technique you did on it's chest hair for most of it's body, only shorter.

And don't worry, you can have a try at dynamic poses anytime! Practice makes (almost) perfect!


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(o)_(o) Holy sha-moley... this is fantastic pencil work!

As for constructive crit, I don't have much to add. kiogrey pretty much said all of the nit-picky things you could improve on, though I must add that Entei's left paw (the one on the right) looks a bit stiff. Maybe a little research into joints would help...

Anways, again, this is amazing!


Dear god, I just choked on my candy bar. These are awesometastic.
kiogrey, I'm glad someone got that. Anatomy, structure, and proportions aren't really what I'm good at, as you can tell xD

luxrayess, I actually had a book on anatomy for the artist... I lost it x.x

Ludicologuy, ... *smacks on the back to try and clear your airway*


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my friend you have don it once again!
hey do you use the technique where you smudge the pencil markings with your finger to do shading or are you just really awesome at controling how thick the graphite goes on?
How you don' KS?

Actually, I don't use the finger smudge technique anymore, since it leaves stans, is messy, and not very precise. I use tissue paper for blending now, although it is a long tedious process at times, and other places it's all about the pencil. On ivysaur's leaves and Entei's hair fur, there was no blending, just pure precision xD
FASJKFASDLFK; Fuuuuuuudge. This is just...WOW. Words cannot properly describe how awesometastic these are. FFFFF, I wish I had your skills. |D




I envy you MS. I really do. How on earth do you shade so smoothly? My mind sort of skims over the anatomical faults because i'm currently just gaping at how brilliantly you can use a pencil.

I feel inspired XD


Follow my lead!
I am doing good.

Anyways, I never woulda thought of using tissue paper. Weird. Anyway.. Did you base the Ivysaur's pose off of the Brawl version, cuz that's the vibe I'm getting.


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O_O *Jaw Drops* These are... Incredible! Im the best artist in my class, but my art can't even compare with this... How long did it tale you to do this?


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Awesome work! I love how you shade, the texture is flawless. Do you use shading pencils or something?

All I have to say is that you're at that level to be able to do more work without reference. I mean, reference is fine but you could easily make up poses without copying directly.


Once again, I'm impressed by your work ;_;

These are probably the BEST pencil sketches of Pokemon I've ever seen. The Pokemon themselves appear as if they could literally jump off of the canvas and start battling. I love them, truly flawless, even I can't complain about them. Wow, talented indeed. Keep it up!
Thank you all for the constructive criticism and nice comments :)
I read all of them, but I'm not always sure what to say Xd

Some people seem to wonder how I shade so smoothly, well, I shade with a combination of pure mechanical pencil experience, and sometimes I'll use softer drawing pencils if I feel too lazy to work the tones out myself. Also, to smooth everything out, I use tissue paper, yes charmin and all that xD, Klinex would be nice but I can't find any :<

If I need to add more darkness to something, I lightly shade with one of the softer pencils, or carefully with the mechanical pencil, and smooth it out with the tissue. Tissues get rid of a lot of the darkness, but they even out the tones. If you use them carefully, you can create some awesome gradients.

And yeah, I do sometimes create my own poses without reference, but it is very difficult to erase the markings you make while sketching out the pose, which is the main reason I don't do that.
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