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Detective Pikachu Movie Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by AuraChannelerChris, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    It's been greenlit, yes, wonderful. Films, especially sequels to films that did okay but not great, are greenlit all the time and often don't make it to production.

    It's great that they say they have a script and that Reynolds has said he has seen it (neither of these statements have any tangible value), but they are certainly not filming it right now or any time in the immediate future. Actors have schedules and commitments that have to be taken into account.

    It's great that the first steps for a sequel are happening, but until they get as far as announcing it, dating it, and filming it, keep an eye open, is what I'm saying. Maybe do five minutes of research before you so blithely declare "pay no mind, this is definitely all happening."
  2. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    When has the crew ever said they're back for the sequel and that Reynolds has read a script for the sequel?

    A sequel isn't happening. A cinematic universe is probably dead, let it go.

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