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Dethrone Pikachu sprite comic.


My sprite comic, hosted by freewebs, is a sprite comic in which a rebel band of cool-looking pokemon attempt to overthrow pikachu as the king of pokemon, Mewtwo and his followers seek world domination, and a group of extraterrestrial pokemon plan to destroy Earth. Jigglypuff bursts, pops, or otherwise deflates every issue, and we're planning a Darth Vader cameo.

I will warn you, all I have up now is issue one, which isn't very funny compared to most of the ones I'm planning.


P.S. I am already making issue 2. as to keep with a schedule I won't add it to the site until next saturday, but will post it here tomorrow.
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Paras is the shiz!
Sorry to say, but this doesn't look good at all. It's blurry the hats and crowns are terrible and backgrounds need major improvement. It just looks really bad.