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Deviant Art - Post your username here!

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by musicscifigirl, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. musicscifigirl

    musicscifigirl Pokemon Photographer

    I can't believe there isn't already a thread for this! For those of you fanart people who use Deviant Art, this is the place to share your page! You can either post links to your individual pokemon fanart (if you've only done a few), or you can just post the link to your general page.

    It's cool if you have a Deviant Art but don't have pokemon fanart. Just make sure that when you post your link, specify whether or not you have pokemon fanart.

    I, for one, have just started drawing Pokemon fanart within the past couple months. I'm a total noob at drawing anime, but I think so far I've been doing pretty well. So far, most of my drawings are of my original trainers and some of the anime characters. No pokemon yet, just people.

    Here is the link to my Deviant Art!
  2. Rika_of_Thunder

    Rika_of_Thunder a sleepy creature

    *Points to sig*
    Then there's my other account, lilith-memorial, that I post only pokemon stuff on. :3
  3. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    my deviantart :D
    Just a bunch of fanart involving Pokémon and maybe a few other fandoms. Updated whenever laziness is defeated~ \o/
  4. klnothincomin

    klnothincomin Kyogre ate Leafeon.


    Sprites, pixel art, fan art, animations, videos, my own anime, and also, most importantly, showcasing imfo and art on my most contributed fangame ^^
  5. Dattebayo

    Dattebayo Banned

  6. xspicysnowballx

    xspicysnowballx Woof, meow, moo!

  7. sweet_piplup123

    sweet_piplup123 I lost the game?!?!


    Have fun laughing at my crappy works, peeps. :D

    Hand drawings, digital work (sometimes) and nature photography, along with a whole bunch of random stuff.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2009
  8. ungulateman

    ungulateman Miltank Man!

    Here it is.

    It's just a pile of recolours / fusions, with a bonus Caterpie on fire.
  9. Ryn

    Ryn Growlithe Lover

  10. mangaeyes

    mangaeyes Well-Known Member

  11. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur Konoha's FMA Ninja

  12. Shinji_Charizard

    Shinji_Charizard Well-Known Member

  13. diablo_200525

    diablo_200525 ミッドナイト ミュウツー

    Uh-oh... My Da page...

    I barely go on it anymore... But i am working with the digital feild atm... Updating page soon
  14. dawsoc

    dawsoc Yes, I'm still alive

    mines the same as here:dawsoc
  15. Lucariofan-atic

    Lucariofan-atic avant ǝpɹɐƃ painter☆

  16. ArteMagica

    ArteMagica Love. Honor. Truth

    My deviantart

    You would have to look at old Pokémon pictures because I haven't been able to draw Pokémon much since I started my webcomic.
  17. hmongboy337

    hmongboy337 Pokemon Artist

  18. Raunchy_fad

    Raunchy_fad Ooh, maaaan!

  19. eeveerose

    eeveerose Well-Known Member

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