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Deviant Art - Post your username here!


Veteran smartass

Although I have a thread here with links to my art on devianart too.

I'm creating fakemon.
I do this probably for more than half of my life already. But this is the 1st round where I decided to do my art on the computer.
Some of my older fakemon where also in a thread here somewhere, but that was long ago xD
But those who have seen these, will soon find out that I have evolved and some of my still repeating concepts have gained on originality from being redone every 2 years heheh...
My fakedex plan is huge, but I'm currently done with:
-starters (although I'll redo Rabburst soon)
-common bird (stork)
-common bug (waterbug & mosquito)
-common grasser (burdock, hoppips counterpart)
next up:
-common normal mammal (donkey / zebra, 3 staged)
-replacements for zubat and geodude (dark/flying bat and rock/fighting golem-like poke)
I'm trying to add up some exotic type combinations but still holding it a bit too make it more realistic. So there will be for example most of my electrics only as secondary (as now everything except Chinchou is primary), more ghosts and dragons than usual (but mostly not pure->like Kingdra) etc.


87% Indubitable.
It's right there in my signature. XD
You ever wonder what the other side of my boringness looks like? Well BAM, there it is. I know, that was very unfunny. XD
I draw about 50% Pokemon, 50% other. I'm much more active there than on here.


Addict of the Knife


I go by theycallmespookz on deviantART.

Though I don't have any pokémon fan art, I have plenty of other series featured in my gallery. Most of it is from Hellsing, but there's also some FLCL, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, etc. Probably best to just look for yourselves.

Captain Noob

Feelin' Sleepy
This is my account: Jacktoon is the name I go by!

I only gotta couple of Pokémon pics, but planning to do more if people appreciate my other stuff. Most of the rest is just general Nintendo. I especially prefer drawing Links, Ness/Lucas and Gold. I've got a cartoony approach, hence the play on my nickname, Jackton.